Dune Day
Winter Camp XXIV - 2000

Although the movie was nearly impossible to follow, the books, I am assured, are awesome.

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On Wednesday, 01-Nov-00 13:23:09 EST, Lou said
I like the quest idea. The various houses do lend themselves to teams quite easily. Maybe even different events you compete at as a team with scoring for the day.(kindof borrowing the war idea.)Maybe even keep the same teams of CTO.

On Wednesday, 01-Nov-00 11:54:40 EST, John said
Be sure to watch the Remade Dune on Sci-Fi beginning of December. Reading the book (which fills in alot of holes in the movie) also helps. Possible events here, include a "quest" type event. Pitting the Various Houses against each other (and the Emperor). Dune is repleate with "Plans with in Plans" so maybe some sort of "spy" arragement, CTO would also fit well in this day.

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