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Why yes, it is stolen from our normal Add an activity thing. Even more entertaining, I plan to take everything suggested here and put it over there later. Suggest away!

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Zan-Tec's Game

Submitted by: Ron Donohue on Friday, 03-Nov-00 08:36:36 EST
Skills required: Mental,Social
Difficulty: Average
Location: Indoor
Timeframe: Unimportant
Work as: Teams
Equipment Needs: Light
Basics of the activity
Maybe we could break out Zan-Tec's game, a game about cooperation,
the use of scarce resources and reconciling different goals.
Once upon a time, it was a pretty big hit, even getting Wintercamp
mentioned in a scholarly journal.
Potential Variations

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Language Barrier

Submitted by: Steve D. on Thursday, 02-Nov-00 20:28:03 EST
Skills required: Mental,Social
Difficulty: Demanding
Location: Unimportant
Timeframe: Unimportant
Work as: Teams
Equipment Needs: Moderate
Basics of the activity
Each team devises their own language which could consist of words, gestures or whatever. The language must have a set number of verbs and nouns, perhaps a number of total words. The team then tries to communicate to the other teams which also have their own unique languages. The language can not be any known tongue, but the words could be (so I could use the word eat, but it couldn't mean "consume food").
Points could be awarded based on speed of translation.
Potential Variations

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