Matrix Day
Winter Camp XXIV - 2000

What is The Matrix?
This one is dedicated to The Matrix, one of the top movies of last year; it is estimated that half of all DVD owners own this movie. The story is of Neo, a young man who might be the One sent to free humans from their slavery.

8:30 am
Prison Breakfast
9:00 am
Team Assignments, Rumor Spreading
10:00 am
Agents Pursuit
3:00 pm
Dodge the Bullet
4:00 pm
Free Time
5:00 pm
Rumor Spreading Conclusion
6:00 pm
Cube Dinner
7:00 pm
Oracle Fortune Telling
8:30 pm
Time Capsule Assembly and Deployment
11:00 pm
Oracle Bakery Snack
12:00 midnight
System Maintenance

Activities Meals

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On Friday, 01-Dec-00 22:48:45 EST, John C. Rahrig said
I'm still coming to help Alex Leach, with this day.

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