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Why yes, it is stolen from our normal Add an activity thing. Even more entertaining, I plan to take everything suggested here and put it over there later. Suggest away!

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Matrix Quest

Submitted by: Steve D. on Thursday, 02-Nov-00 20:44:46 EST
Skills required: Physical,Mental,Social
Difficulty: Demanding
Location: Indoor/Outdoor
Timeframe: Unimportant
Work as: Teams
Equipment Needs: Substantial
Basics of the activity
Run a Quest style activity - the teams are challenged to complete their quest in both the virtual and the real world. Essentially, they defeat some opponent (representing system security) in the virtual world which points them to their challenge in the real world. Between the pc skills available to us and the number of Palm OS devices likely to be available to us, this could be a pretty cool event, with teams able to combine the mental skills of problem solving in the real world with technical skills on computers and physical activity to obtain their goals.
Potential Variations
the virtual challenges could be made as simple as solving a level at some game and earning a clue, but that wouldn't be nearly as sweet.

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Virtual Combat

Submitted by: Steve D. on Thursday, 02-Nov-00 20:34:13 EST
Skills required: Physical
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Indoor
Timeframe: Unimportant
Work as: Individuals
Equipment Needs: Light
Basics of the activity
Combat using pretty much any old video fighting game.
Potential Variations

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