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Why yes, it is stolen from our normal Add an activity thing. Even more entertaining, I plan to take everything suggested here and put it over there later. Suggest away!

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Mistaste Test

Submitted by: Steve D. on Thursday, 02-Nov-00 20:36:35 EST
Primary Concept: Cuisine,Ambience
Difficulty: Demanding
Served as: Any
Cost range: Average
Preparation time: Over an hour
Equipment Needs: Substantial
Basics of the meal
Another homage to the Neo's first meal - as he's eating they ask "what if the computer got the taste for this wrong?" What if we did that - the goal is to create food that looks like one thing but tastes like something else altogether. I'm not sure what candidate foods would be but I bet we could come up with a few things. Mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes for example.

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Sensory Illusion

Submitted by: Steve D. on Thursday, 02-Nov-00 20:34:16 EST
Primary Concept: Cuisine,Ambience
Difficulty: Moderate
Served as: Lunch
Cost range: Cheap
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Equipment Needs: Light
Basics of the meal
The meal consists of something relatively bland and uninviting (like grits or raman noodles) and the participants try to convince each other that they're eating the most wonderful thing they've ever had, sort of an homage to Neo's first meal.

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