Pre-Planning Minutes
Winter Camp XXIV - 2000

I. Welcome and Introductions
Several minutes were spent on introductions, although Alex Leach was the only newcomer. Also in attendance were: John Rahrig, Steve Clark, Zach Polifroni, Brian Lenz, Mike Quirouette, Robert Hartwig, Steve Clark, Sean Gray, Mark Bollman, Steve Donohue, John Howey, Dave Milon, and Lou Pezet. Adam Pezet arrived just about at the end and John Weipert was there but did not parcipate.
II. Youth and Adult Leadership
It was decided that we would have several leaders for camp this year:
Mike Quirouette will be the Youth Leader
Alex Leach will take responsibility for Activies
Steve Clark will be Treasurer
No one volunteered for Head Cook although we hope to fill the position. Mark Bollman will advise the treasurer, Steve Donohue remains the primary adviser and volunteers are sought for Activities and Kitchen responsibilities.
III. Fees and attendance
After some discussion of last year's results and surplus, combined with an evaluation of our current plan (renting three cabins) it was decided to leave the fee at $32.32 for youth and $36.36 for adults.
It was further decided that December 22 would be the last day to pay with no exceptions.
We additionally decided that we would open Winter Camp to those outside Mahican chapter only on an exception basis. Exceptions were immediately made for Jeff Rand, Roger Horn, and Gordon Draper. Others could be considered
IV. Activities and Themes
The meat of the matter. Many suggestions were bandied about including:
  • Sci-Fi Week votes
  • Pizza Day votes
  • Spaceballs Day votes
  • Horror Week votes
  • Mystery Week votes
  • Cities Week votes
  • Dune Week votes
  • Movie Week votes
  • Decades Week votes
  • Robo Day votes
  • Career Day votes
  • Monster Movie Day votes
  • Aliens Day votes
  • Matrix Day votes
  • Star Trek Day votes
  • Star Wars Day votes
  • Ceremonies Day votes
  • Horror Day votes
  • Bill & Ted's Day votes
  • Blues Brothers Day votes
  • Heavy Metal Day votes
  • Rap Day votes
  • Anime Day votes
  • Bambi Day votes
  • RoboCop Day votes
  • Scary Movie Day votes
  • Movie Parody Day votes
  • Blair Witch Day votes
  • Python Day votes
  • Python Week votes
  • History Week votes
  • Egypt Day votes
  • Greece Day votes
  • Rome Day votes
  • Renaissance Day votes
  • Dark Ages Day votes
  • Classical Day votes
  • 19th Century Day votes
  • War Day votes
  • WW I Day votes
  • WW II Day votes
  • Turkey Day votes
  • Holiday Day votes
  • World Affairs Day votes
  • Music Week votes
  • World Affairs Week votes
  • Western Week votes
We eventually decided to go with a theme for the week and then a related theme for each day. The weekly themes considered were:
  • Movie Week - 14 votes
  • City Week - 7 votes
  • Mystery Week - 7 votes
  • Horror Week - 9 votes
  • Sci-Fi Week - 7 votes
  • Music Week - 2 votes
  • Western Week - 9 votes
  • Decades Week - 12 votes
  • Pizza Week - 4 votes
  • Monster Movie Week - 8 votes
  • Python Week - 6 votes
  • Dark Ages Week - 9 votes
  • War Week - 13 votes
  • Turkey Week - 8 votes
  • Holiday Week - 10 votes
Some discussion ensued and we decided to go with Movie Week and the themes shown on the planning page.
V. Promotional Flier
Mike Q and Steve Donohue will take care of it.
VI. Next meeting
November 24. Alex Leach will run it as Q won't be able to attend.

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