Monster Movie Day
Winter Camp XXIV - 2000

This one could go one of several ways. We could concentrate on the classic monsters like Dracula, the Werewolf, and the Invisible Man, or we could go for the Godzilla giant monsters thing or we could combine the two or we could do something completely different.

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On Wednesday, 01-Nov-00 23:13:22 EST, Steve D. said
Hey now, let's not go mocking Buffy. Besides, I think we need to do more "classic" horror films.

On Wednesday, 01-Nov-00 11:45:54 EST, john said
Well one of the ideas that I had was to do a "Buffy" parody. Either something along the lines of satire/comedy, or maybe something where the "Slayer" isn't so talented and needs much help from the scooby gang. Either way we could work in the juggling, fire eating, monsters, demons etc. Its also a subject that many campers know well (or maybe too well). Also, I think we need a fairly tight script (depending on cast), but we need at least a story. We probably want to keep the "movie" short, I am thinking 20-30 minutes....Maybe we could do several such shorts, possibly related. (Like, life of a Vampire: When a Slayer moves next door!)

On Monday, 30-Oct-00 15:18:17 EST, Steve D. said
What if we put a page up here and had people suggest ideas? I don't think we'd really want to go so far as to write out every single scene and stuff. I do think it would be cool to have characters and scenes though, then let people sort of improv once the camera rolls. We'd probably also have to make sure we mixed in a few "ringers" in each scene to make sure we didn't have anyone scraping the surface of the earth for meager rations while the people around them were playing hockey and swilling coffee.
One thing that might be cool is to do some kind of "Cirque Macabre" scene - we have jugglers, fire eaters, etc and could probably make a reasonable show of it. How we'd work that into another story I'm not too sure of. Perhaps the investigators (fearless vampire hunters) first consider the performers there as suspects, since the killings started when the circs arrived. Maybe they did it, maybe the sinister monster follows them using them as cover, maybe it's just coincidence.

On Monday, 30-Oct-00 14:32:01 EST, John said
I like the movie idea, but this time: no pitchforks, and make sure there are batteries for the camera... For this to work though, we need a script developed before (avoid the cast of thousands)....I would be willing to help with this....

On Monday, 30-Oct-00 09:41:56 EST, Steve D. said
I think this might also be the easiest day for us to make our own movie during. We could have some kind of unexplained deaths, a scooby-do/blairwitch style search at night and then a confrontation with the monster(s) with some sort of resolution.

On Monday, 30-Oct-00 09:39:49 EST, Steve D. said
Okay, so we probably should (for maximum carnage) make some sort of decision today or tomorrow. If we're going to do movie monsters of the more classical vein (Dracula, etc) we can probably pick up some good deals on "program suppliers" (ie, Halloween crap) in the next few days.
There is, of course, some element of risk since we may not do this day at all. Suggestions are very welcome.

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