Winter Camp XXIV - 2000

Gallery photos for everyone! As a bonus, we have movies, but they're so large, we plan to wait until we get back to upload them (we're getting a slow connection here).

Day Zero, December 26
Includes pictures of my dog sleeping in my gear, some shots of a kangaroo rat found in our sink (and now living in a tub 'til he's dry, and a few others. Despite appearances, no camp rules were broken in any of these shots.
Day One, December 27
Plenty of snow for Four-Way Volleyball and Snow Soccer, our two big outdoor activities today. We also had the Mog Lunch, KFC Dinner and the Sim City game with Pizza Snack. Lou's new pizza cooking spinny gadget proved darn cool. We also sold our first patch to Tim Hunt and went commercial with our listing of a patch on ebay.
Day Two, December 28
Still lots of snow, including some fresh stuff. Spent most of the day insulating and cleaning the new museum (former Ad building) and painting. The meals for today included a hearty breakfast of pancakes, some scorching sloppy joes, and the luau feast. No one could possibly be hungry today. This evenings activities revolved around Real Genius and included the mutant hamster contest, bunny slipper relay, and the hobby demo. The patch could still be yours for a bid of $2.50 or more!
Day Three, December 29
Spyday was pretty cool. We started the day with cross-country golf, followed by the Spy Games, and Capture the Objective. The CTO game was cool because of the spies; Ron Donohue, working as a spy turned his team's objectives over to Roger Horn, the team he was really on. Unfortunately, Roger was also a spy and not for either of the teams Ron was supposed to be on. Casino night followed that.
Day Four, December 30
Matrix Day began with a lovely breakfast of tasty wheat. Following that teams were assigned, rumors were spread and Agent's Pursuit was on. Following that we had dodgeball, the cube meal, the time capsule, and the blind hike.
Day Five, December 31
Last day! Not too many photo opportunities, but we did get shots of the Partcipation Award presentation (mostly). We didn't do much besides eat and clean up.
See exciting(?) Volley ball action, watch Jeff destroy a CD and more!
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