Real Genius Day
Winter Camp XXIV - 2000

Real Genius is a classic 80's movie about smart kids at Pacific Tech who use their brains for everything but useful pursuits. They're eventually put to work by their corrupt professor (Dr. Jerry Hathaway) building a laser which he has been working on for the Pentagon. When they finally figure out what he's up to, much hilarity ensues; hopefully, our day will be the same - hard work early followed by a good time at the end.

9:00 am
Engineering Breakfast
10:17 am
Classes Start (Service Projects)
1:17 pm
Electric Lunch
2:17 pm
Classes Continue (More Service)
Launch or Design Problem
(In case we're done early)
6:30 pm
Luau Dinner
7:30 pm
Hobby Demo
8:30 pm
Bunny Slipper Relay
10:00 pm
Mutant Hamster Races
11:00 pm
Giant Popcorn Snack
12:00 midnight
Quiet Hours

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On Friday, 15-Dec-00 13:38:25 EST, Mark--> said
I've never been to Nebraska, but I am pretty sure that it's not located in the Orient. That, to me, is a bigger curiosity.

On Friday, 15-Dec-00 01:30:07 EST, Steve D. said
Why yes, as a matter of fact, I have been to Nebraska. About the only part I really remember though is Lincoln, Nebraska.
Well that and Radar Love played at volumes that would not have been approved by the vehicle's owner while travelling at speeds he probably would have considered best reserved for his own privat use. I think that might have been Omaha though.

On Friday, 15-Dec-00 00:56:05 EST, Dave said
Does it seem odd that we're getting hawaiian stuff from the oriental trading company, located in Nebraska? LOL..ever been to nebraska? not very exotic or tropical at

On Thursday, 14-Dec-00 22:28:50 EST, Steve D. said
So I thought "Hey, we're having a luau, let's get some luau stuff". I went to everyone's favorite source for cheap junk, Oriental Trading, the day after we decided to have a luau (November 25 for those keeping score) and ordered a bunch of stuff, including 4 dozen poly leis.
The order arrived on the 6th of December (or so) and I was delighted to find my tropical lights, some inflatable pineapples, a couple of palm trees and some beachballs, but no leis. Obviously, the leis are critical to separate our luau from some other tropical event.
I called oriental, spoke with a customer service rep and was very happy when he agreed to just send the leis without any additional questions.
Today, about 9:00 pm, my mom went out and discovered that sometime after 6:00 pm we had received a delivery from Oriental. I was kind of surprised since I couldn't imagine what I'd be getting in two very large boxes; I had figured the leis to be kind of teeny and easily packable.
Well, I was right - no leis, but we did get 4 dozen beachcomber hats in assorted colors. I just got off the phone with the customer service rep in Nebraska who, after hearing my sob story (poor little boy scouts who can't get leied at their christmas luau), decided to express ship the leis and throw in the four dozen hats or, as she so eloquently put it "You can keep them hats at no charge". In short, even when they screw up, Oriental does okay by me <g>

On Thursday, 30-Nov-00 13:09:37 EST, Steve D said
There will be a meeting at 1:00 pm Sunday, December 3 to discuss some detailed plans for Real Genius day, particularly the Engineering Breakfast and the Hamster Races. If you're interested, you're welcome to attend. If you're not sure where I live, there's a Map to my house on the site, or you can drop me an email. Anyone who wants to help is invited.

On Tuesday, 28-Nov-00 09:33:54 EST, Steve D. said
We had planned to serve orange juice using the screw. We're still debating the use of a lever/catapult to launch things; we may try to make this into more of a semi-automatic breakfast, where the cooking of food is done by humans, but the serving becomes an automatic thing. If we do that, the catapult would be too risky and we'd probably stick with stuff like the screw and perhaps a ferris wheel contraption for pancakes and some sort of dumping device (like a hopper) for sausage or something.

On Tuesday, 28-Nov-00 09:22:34 EST, Steve Clark said
Also, I can talk to Mr. Weipert and get the plans for our troop's catapult.

On Tuesday, 28-Nov-00 08:54:25 EST, Ron said
For the engineering Breakfast, it might be fun to buy some tubing and make an Archimedes screw to pour the pancake batter.

On Monday, 27-Nov-00 21:44:14 EST, Steve D. said
Most of our data is up. If you'd like to volunteer to help with something (especially youth!) or you can bring something we're looking for, please email Steve Donohue who'll be sure to let Tom know what's going on.

On Friday, 24-Nov-00 09:37:36 EST, Steve Clark said
I say we use a giant "laser" and pop popcorn for a far in Michael's troop's cabin. Laughs all around. Anyway we should have popcorn.

On Friday, 24-Nov-00 00:30:44 EST, Dave said
Battle Bots Battle Bots

On Thursday, 23-Nov-00 15:27:36 EST, Steve D. said
In addition to the activities I've listed, we could coopt any number of "smart" activities we've discussed before. Some of the suggestions from Physical Sciences day or Robotics Day would seem particularly apt, but there are certainly more.

On Thursday, 23-Nov-00 15:26:29 EST, Steve D. said
Much better.

On Thursday, 23-Nov-00 15:26:03 EST, Steve D. said

On Thursday, 23-Nov-00 15:22:46 EST, Steve D. said
How about now?

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