Winter Camp XXIV - 2000

Ryan Brake1783Youth
David Butzin231Youth
Steve Clark231Youth
Sean Gray1783Youth
Robert Hartwig?Youth
Mike Hodnicki1783Youth
Keith King842Youth
Robert Klabis842Youth
Alex Leach1104Youth
Tom Lee825Youth
Ryan Lindow842Youth
Zach Polifroni231Youth
Mike Quirouette1373Youth
Philip Roscoe872Youth
Sam Stocker?Youth
Mike Walters825Youth
Andrew Whaley1721Youth
Mark Bollman1373Adult
Ron Donohue1373Adult
Steve Donohue1373Adult
Gordon DraperDMALAdult
Roger HornOCAdult
John Howey1373Adult
Mark Hunt1373Adult
Tim Hunt1373Adult
Paul Kupser1783Adult
Gary Leach1104Adult
Dave Milon842Adult
Adam Pezet842Adult
Lou Pezet842Adult
Jeff Rand842Adult
Tom Ray1373Adult
Doug Wilson1373Adult
Dave Woods842Adult


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