Runaway Day
Winter Camp XXIV - 2000

Runaway is a cheesy mid-80's movie which pits good cops Tom Selleck and Cynthia Rhodes (as the robotics division, kind of like dogcatchers for mechanical men) against Gene Simmons as an evil genius with a penchant for robotics. Anyone who claims this day is on the list for any reason other than to get ROBOTS on the list is lying.

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On Friday, 27-Oct-00 15:32:32 EDT, Steve D said
First question I guess:
Does anyone have Lego Robotics or Construx or any of the various "build your own robot" type kits (particularly construction toy types)?
I have Robotics, but I don't think we'll be able to do much with only one (of course, I've been all wrong before).

On Friday, 27-Oct-00 15:28:19 EDT, Steve D said
Runaway was filmed in 1984, so some of you might never have seen or heard of it. It's set in the then not too distant future where robots have become pretty much commonplace as handlers of menial tasks. It stars Tom Selleck and Cynthia Rhodes as members of the "Runaway Squad", basically like dogcatchers, only for Robots. They try to foil the plans of Gene Simmons who plays an evil robotics genius in the movie.
As far as the main action goes, the movie might not give us much, but the idea could work out for everyone who loves Battle Bots and/or Robot Wars.

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