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I Know What You Did Last Summer

Submitted by: Steve D. on Thursday, 02-Nov-00 21:00:46 EST
Skills required: Mental,Social
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Unimportant
Timeframe: Unimportant
Work as: Individuals
Equipment Needs: Light
Basics of the activity
Players draw from a list of random things they might have done during the previous summer; one (or more) of them killed someone. Through questions and whatnot, they attempt to identify who the killer(s) are. Killers, of course, try to hide their guilt. All the items people did would be related, like everyone earned a merit badge, but the killers wouldn't know what the commonality was. Headlines could be released at meals listing the horrible crimes and a further challenge would be matching the crime to the criminal. The paper might also give clues as to what the non-criminals did (probably several of them, mostly red herrings). Points would be scored for correct guesses on who did what or for fooling people.
Potential Variations
Players write down one thing they did last summer (summer 2000), the items get tossed in a hat, then the person drawing it tries to figure out who did it. Ideally, each thing would be strange and unusual enough that most people wouldn't know they had done it and that two people would be unlikely to have done it.

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