Spaceballs Day
Winter Camp XXIV - 2000

Spaceballs is a parody of the movie Star Wars. It's made by Mel Brooks and features a lot of his characteristically broad humor.

7:30 am (EST)
Congregate at Bollman's (19009 Philomene, Allen Park Phone: 313-386-1146)
8:00 am (EST)
Depart for Camp; adjust watches
12:00 noon
Barf the Mog Lunch & meeting
1:30 pm
Four-Way Volleyball
3:00 pm
Snow Soccer
5:00 pm
Free Time, Pizza Dough Prep.
6:00 pm
KFC Dinner
7:30 pm
Sim City Market
9:30 pm
Pizza Restaurants
12:00 midnight
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On Friday, 27-Oct-00 09:42:45 EDT, Tim said
Don't foget to give PAW!!!

On Friday, 10-Nov-00 17:04:20 EST, Steve Clark said
Anyone have any thoughts?

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