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Why yes, it is stolen from our normal Add an activity thing. Even more entertaining, I plan to take everything suggested here and put it over there later. Suggest away!

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Submitted by: Lou on Monday, 13-Nov-00 12:20:08 EST
Skills required: Physical,Social
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Unimportant
Timeframe: Unimportant
Work as: Individuals
Equipment Needs: Light
Basics of the activity
A day long(?) activity where you get into quickdraw shootouts with any on that will accept your challenge. people carry rubberband (Nerf?) guns and try to call people out. Keep track of who has called the most people out and who has won the most.
Potential Variations
You could have it where you try to be the last person alive at the end of the day. Once you shot dead your dead.

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Bounty Hunter!

Submitted by: Steve on Thursday, 02-Nov-00 21:00:27 EST
Skills required: Physical,Mental
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Outdoor
Timeframe: Night
Work as: Teams
Equipment Needs: Light
Basics of the activity
Basically, a reworked version of Predator. There are a couple of desperados and the rest of the gang is a passle of wannabes. The wannabes have to commit enough crimes to become true desperados. The Bounty Hunters are, of course, out to clean up the territory (maybe they're really US Marshalls) by rounding up the Desperados and they're wannabe friends.
Potential Variations
There could be sheriffs (usually a county), US Marshalls (a territory), Deputies, marshalls (a town) who are all on the same side but score points in different ways and perhaps have to protect specific objectives (like one town marshall only really cares about purple cups while another worries about red ones). Maybe some want to only arrest desperados, so they don't mind seeing the wannabes grow up as much, that sort of thing.

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