Winter Camp XXIX - 2005

Log your progress for this year.

Keith KingLandscaping
Ron DonohueCataloging
Scott McHughEnhance Winter Camp autograph collection
Corey CurtissAdd 50 hobbies with measurable outcomes to WC list
Chris CorbinCatapult design
Mark RosiekMake homemade SPAM--taste test at WC XXX
Jason LichtPerform 1 ceremonial speaking part by WC XXX
Dave OakleySmall rock/gem collecting
Steve DonohueRedesign WC Web site
Ethan MorlockEarn Cinematography merit badge
Rob MurphyBecome an Eagle Scout by El Mediodia
Pavel JaroszAluminum sculpture
Ramsey AllanGlass art
Ryan TamoshunasHacky sack--reach 52 kicks
Larry BibeeBecome an Eagle Scout by Winter Camp XXX
Gabriel ChurchWater bottle art
TR EvangelistaWoodworking
Ethan ReinOpera enthusiasm
Paul KupserMint Winter Camp coins
Doug WilsonR/C modeling
Gordon DraperCataloging
Nick BibeeMake a longbow
William GagnonLearn about Canadian bowling
Jamie WhiteMetal art
Sam ChomicCollect Scouting memorabilia
Aaron AnkielRewrite Murder Game program
Mark Bollman-->Confectionery

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