Winter Camp XXIX - 2005

Except where noted, all times are given WCST (EST + 77 minutes)

Tuesday, December 27

7:30 am (EST)Congregate at Bollman's (19009 Philomene, Allen Park Phone: 313-386-1146)
8:00 am (EST)Depart for Camp; adjust watches
1:00Hot Irish Potato Lunch
2:00British Assay Battle Chess
4:00Pit Crew for Lemans
4:30Lemans Grand Prix of D-A
6:00Free Time
7:00Bavarian Bistro
8:00Baking & Blind Hike A
9:30Baking & Blind Hike B
11:00Vatican City Arrowman Bingo/Bakery Snack
12:00Quiet Hours

Wednesday, December 28

8:30Polish Breakfast
10:17Soviet Service
1:17Greco-American Lunch
2:17Slovakian Service
7:17Tripoli Dinner
10:00Hobby Demo/Draw
12:30Quiet Hours

Thursday, December 29

9:004 Way Desert Volleyball
10:00Isreali Breakfast
11:00Tibetan Golf
2:00Indian Lunch
3:00Yeti Dodgeball
4:00World Games Emporium
7:00Chinese Dinner
8:00Capture the Daimyo
9:30Tropical Casino Night, Casino Snack
12:30Quiet Hours

Friday, December 30

9:00Boomerang Bash!
10:00Bali Brunch
11:00Bolas throwing
12:00Brazilian Snow soccer
2:00Mexican Lunch
3:00Time capsule opening
4:00Free time
7:00Conglomerate Dinner
8:00Time Capsule Hike
11:30Time Capsule Snack & slideshow
12:30Quiet Hours

Saturday, December 31

9:00Frisbee Ultimate
10:00Demo Derby
10:30Jackpot Grits
11:00Pack & Go

Except where noted, all times are given WCST (EST + 77 minutes)

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