Winter Camp XXV - 2001

Gallery photos for everyone! As a bonus, we have movies, but they're so large, we plan to wait until we get back to upload them (we're getting a slow connection here).

Day Zero, December 26
Pictures of the huge (20 in attendance) set up day.
Day One, December 27
Everyone's here now except for one no-show we don't expect and one no-show we do. Lots of action today with battle-chess, axe throwing, shield construction and plenty of meals including Hooter's
Day Two, December 28
Service projects, baking, and other stuff
Day Three, December 29
It's mostly all about the Dinner, but there's some golf shots too. We pretty much missed every other activity today in the flurry to get the 162 Dish dinner done.

Day Four, December 30
At last we burn the village!
Day Five, December 31
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