Pre-Planning Meeting
Winter Camp XXV - 2001

As expected, the Pre-planning meeting was held on November 11. In attendance were Mark Bollman-->, Steve Donohue, Sean Grey, John Howey, Mark Hunt, Tim Hunt, Paul Kupser, Dave Milon, and Lou Pezet. Despite the shortage of youth, the meeting proceeded as many decisions needed to be made prior to the Chapter Meeting and to help ensure a successful meeting on the 23rd.

First order of business was cost. After some discussion of last year's surplus and the suggestion that we include program budget, it was decided to increase fees by 1.01 for youth (making their cost 33.33) and adults (making theirs 39.39). It was also determined that the trading post should consider raising the price of soda and other items - no one on hand could remember the last time the trading post had raised prices.

Further discussion was held on the 162 dish banquet and it was determined that the real decision should be made at the actual meeting. Steve Donohue agreed to put a tool for posting suggested menu items on the web page. It was felt by those on hand that the WCFS funds could be best used to offset these costs. The WCFS funds total $262.00

Dave Milon agreed to research pricing on screen-printed t-shirts. It was expected that these shirts would NOT include anything more than the camp logo. Other shirt vendors and/or quotes are welcome. Some discussion was held and it was felt that we might take pre-orders for sweatshirts and specialty items depending on cost and interest.

After looking at evaluations from the previous year it was agreed that we should look at having a single theme for this year with one or two thematic activities each day. The "film a movie" at camp suggestion might be part of the theme. The suggested themes all revolved around historical themes, mostly from about 1000 AD to 1600 AD. One suggestion was to try a Lord of the Rings type theme although no further suggestions were made.

John Howey and Dave Milon agreed to look into finding an inter-cabin communications solution and Paul Kupser also offered to help.

Paul Kupser also explained that he had improved his brewing system and could serve and carbonate up to 6 different beverages if required. He also informed us that he had 48 souvenir bottles of root beer for camp and presnted those in attendance with a sample.

The meeting was then adjourned and pizza was enjoyed by all.

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