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Political Correction
This I learned from the Highpointers forum: Oregon has renamed Squaw Mountain to Latiwi Mountain.
Suggested by: Jeff on Tuesday, 11-Dec-01 17:30:59 EST

Charles Howell Memorial
I think that it holds a special place in the heart of us that would remember it and that know its location. Even thought there is the original signs there it could be re-dedicated. On the night of the 30th. Also it is the ideal night in that it holds true to the colors of wintercamp (white and blue). Being that it is the last full moon of the year (white) and that it is in the frigid blue of winter.
Suggested by: Paul K. on Sunday, 02-Dec-01 21:05:54 EST

Oatley Stump
Not sure where, but I think we need this one.
Suggested by: John on Saturday, 01-Dec-01 11:14:23 EST

South Cove
A small cove on Trout Lake at the bottom of the Hill behind the Small Cabin at the end of the road where Lakeside Cabin resides. This could be interesting since the name does appear on older maps--thus giving it some credibility.
Suggested by: John on Saturday, 01-Dec-01 11:12:00 EST

Squaw Point
That point that juts out on Beaver Lake opposite the dam, reached by passing through the BC Nature center and back through. We have even held a few pre-ordeals there. Also, provides a great view of the CAG Rock.
Suggested by: John on Saturday, 01-Dec-01 11:09:32 EST

Windy Ridge
This former campsite is just down the semi-road from Hawthorne Hill and is known to Winter Campers as a great place to stash Murder Clue clues. It has evaporated from the maps, but deserves to be marked.
Suggested by: Mark--> on Friday, 30-Nov-01 16:54:31 EST

Basar Memorial Lightning Rod
A sign that indicated that "On this spot, a false prince was crowned". We might call that spot Isengard, in honor of Saruman's tower in the Lord of the Rings.
Suggested by: Ron on Friday, 30-Nov-01 12:21:34 EST

Celebration Point
We might mark the Cag Rock with the name Celebration Point, "here the ultimate evil was consaigned to his fate." The idea (as I saw it) would be to commemorate spots that are significant in Winter Camp history with mythical reference signs that would interest people in that history. I do not know if that is what others envisioned, as I was not at the meeting, but my reading is as suggested above.
Suggested by: Ron on Friday, 30-Nov-01 12:21:34 EST

Old Faceful might be commemorated as "EarthSpring" where the earth power wells up from the depths."
Suggested by: Ron on Friday, 30-Nov-01 12:21:34 EST

Milton's Lake
A beach that was to hot because it was in the sun all day long might be commemorated with a sign identifying Milton's Lake of Fire, where the evil was cast. Beaver Creek or Clearwater might be Hero's Rest. The dining hall might be Valhalla, where the great feast occurs. You get the idea. We make it up when we get to camp. Any thoughts?
Suggested by: Ron on Friday, 30-Nov-01 12:21:34 EST

Big Pine
Important to identify for future activities.
Suggested by: Jeff on Thursday, 29-Nov-01 21:06:39 EST

Schwedler Fault Line
Okay, I don't know how to spell Schwedler, but I have heard that this particular staff member had identified a fault line in the BC Nature Area where the Earth sometimes rumbled or vibrated.
Suggested by: Steve D. on Thursday, 29-Nov-01 18:19:48 EST

The Face
I think the ceremony site needs a sign.
Suggested by: Steve Clark on Thursday, 29-Nov-01 18:18:23 EST

CAG Rock
The Rock definitely needs a name sign even if we don't explain anymore than that. Note that CAG is an acronym and should be all caps.
Suggested by: Steve D. on Thursday, 29-Nov-01 18:17:04 EST

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