Frisbee Ultimate

Youth: Open
Adviser: Open

Location: Outdoors
Participation: Teams
Equipment: Light
Synopsis: Frisbee Ultimate most closely resembles soccer in play style. Players throw a frisbee to teammates in an attempt to cross the goal line.

  1. On catching a frisbee, you have three steps to stop (may change due to weather).
  2. You must give a thrower distance to throw, generally about arms length (at Winter Camp we measure this with an attempted thunk on the head. If you get thunked you were too close)
  3. If the Frisbee hits the ground it goes to the team that didn't throw it.
  4. If the thrower takes too long and you can count to 5 mississipi loudly he has to give you the frisbee.
  5. The person with the frisbee may move only one of his feet once he has stopped.
  6. If your team catches it in the opponents goal, you win


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