11/10 Meeting
Winter Camp XXVI - 2002

The meeting started at about 7:15 at stately Rein manor. There was 1 youth (Ethan) and 5 adults (Steve, Dave, John, Paul, and Brad) on hand.

We reviewed the dead and live meal lists, then decided (after some debate) that it would be better to just pick a meal for each slot rather than vote them in then try to fit them. The decision making process went well and it did a good job of compensating for our voter shortage. Several meal themes were created on the spot and there was only one serious argument which involved only the advisers.

There were a few meals which needed additional work and a few items were determined to be of "general" interest. Some work assignments were made:

  1. Dave Milon agreed to research some basic ingredients to use in creating the Ark Meal, which is a cooking contest similar to Iron Chef.
  2. John Howey agreed to find additional easy dishes for use in a Cajun meal.
  3. Paul Kupser reported that he had 35 gallons of beverages for use at camp.
  4. Steve Donohue agreed to find more items for the G vs E meal and to construct the Jackpot Grits spinner. Several good ideas were offered and the spinner may be useful for other activities
  5. Dave and John are going to work on improvements to the Hooter's Meal.

Existing activities were discussed only briefly and everyone wondered if anyone had a bingo ball randomizer for Arrowmen Bingo. Mark Bollman--> was deemed a likely suspect.

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