Winter Camp XXVII - 2003

This year's hobby draw added the coach, whose job it is to provide encouragement throughout the year.

Log your progress for this year as Coach or hobbyist.

Dave MilonGardening - 8 HerbsAaron Ankiel
Roger HornAstronomyAndy Whaley
Aaron AnkielComputer ProgrammingDave Milon
Zach PolifroniCounted Cross-stitchEthan Rein
Ethan ReinVisit every GFS store in MI in full uniformRob Hartwig
Dave OaklyCollect Curling StonesMike Hodnicki
Jamie WhiteGuitar playingDave Oakley
Doug WilsonCoin MintingJamie White
Alex LemanskiPing PongDoug Wilson
Lucas TilleyGuitar playingAlex Lemanski
Nick BibeeTreadmill walkingLucas Tilley
Eric BrakeMetal CastingNick Nibee
Scout McHughBuild useful Winter Camp gadgetsEric Brake
Rob HartwigPoetry writingScott McHugh
Aaron WilliamsPhotographyRon Donohue
Mike HodnickiCooking - french pastryAaron Williams
Jeff RandCoin CollectingMark Bollman-->
Ricky NaidaComputer ProgrammingJeff Rand
Keith KingWalking his catRicky Naida
Sam DietrickPoker playingKeith King
Ryan BrakeChessSam Dietrick
Rico RighettiCompetitive ChessRyan Brake
Sean OmatisMovieMakingRico Righetti
Phil KurdunowiczBuild a catapultPaul Kupser
Gordon DraperDigital PhotographyPhil Kurdunowicz
John HoweyGolf - at least 12 timesGordon Draper
Steve DonohueFinishing Earlier ProjectsJohn Howey
Paul KupserCalligraphySteve Donohue
Mark Bollman-->PhillumenyRoger Horn
Ron DonohueTreadmill WalkingSean Omaits

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