Winter Camp XXVII - 2003

This is the Hobby Log for Winter Camp XXVII. The logs for previous years are still available. Check the Hobby Center for details.

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On January 4, 2005, Steve Donohue checked progress
This is where I think I got to in 2004.
Finish the activity descriptions for Winter CampComplete thru Winter Camp XXVII
Update activity list for xxvii for Winter CampCompleted
Finish the meal descriptions for Winter CampComplete thru Winter Camp XXVII
Update meal list for xxviiCompleted
Add pictures from xxviiCompleted
Process older pictures (xxv, xxvi) for Winter CampCompleted for XXVI
Convert projects pages for Winter CampAbandoned due to lack of interest/usage
Complete Postmark Project for Winter CampCompleted
Convert Migisi.Org to PHPCompleted
Remodeling/Redesign of Migisi.orgCompleted more than once
Ride board for Migisi.orgAbandoned due to lack of interest
Ceremonialist listing for Migisi.orgCompleted.
UE form/Leader's page for Migisi.orgCompleted.
Page of interest for committee/chapters for Migisi.orgCompleted, but need maintenance tool for page owners.
Planbook for Migisi.orgAbandoned.
Rules for Migisi.orgIn progress - posted but voting not completed.
Develop mib area for Mibnorth.comCompleted.
Poetry contest for Mibnorth.comCompleted.
Munchkin or not? for Mibnorth.comAbandoned
Make Orcishlumberyard.com more than a placeholderNo Progress
Make Weissreunion.com more than a placeholderLimited progress
Make MrsDonohue.com more than a placeholderTurned project over to Mrs. Donohue
Make Randinstituteofleadership.com more than a placeholderLimited Progress
Make Saynotogrampajoe.com more than a placeholderCompleted.
Make Vanityday.com more than a placeholderAbandoned
Make Magicmimesandmore.com more than a placeholderIn limbo.
Restore Greeting cards (twilightcreationsinc.com, wintercamp.com, ampleandtrite.com)Completed.
Garage OrganizationTried and failed.
Kitchen Remodel/reorgIn progress
Living room/Hall RemodelSome progress
LandscapingExtensive work on front flower beds.
Home NetworkCompleted.
Watch unwatched movies (yikes!)Some progress
Study Buddhist teachingsAbandoned but studying Tao instead.
Pursue Weight LossPursue is a great word.

On 12/8/2004, Dave Oakley explored Curling Stones on the Web.
With some web research (Google), I found a Michigan club
in Ferndale that does Curling. Now I do not have to travel to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to get these and claim them at
the bridge!!! I will be bringing some Curling stones to
camp. Keep in mind these cost $300ea and weigh 42lbs-polished Granite. A sheet of rules and facts will be shared. Happy Holidays!! Dave Oakley.

On October 27, Ethan explored the Ypsilanti GFS
This one brings the total visited GFS's to 5 out of 47. THis probably wasn't a great hobby for a guy with little time to go places. On the plus side, I'l be bringing lots of salt to WInter Camp

On November 1, 2004, Steve checked Cruel.Com
and found that Say No To Grandpa Joe had been selected as the Cruel Site of the Day, accomplishing another of his informal and unstated web goals. Cash flow remains positive too.

On October 31, Steve completed www.saynotogrampajoe.com
I finally finished my site explaining why Grandpa Joe (from Willy Wonka) is really the villain of the movie.

On 10-31-2004, Kupser continued Writing things out in Caligraphy

On October 22, 2002, Steve continued posting project info
Vanity Day.com was allowed to lapse deliberately.
The Home Network has been installed.
Migisi Ride Board and Plan book are abandoned due to lack of interest.
MrsDonohue.com is no longer my project - Kristie is taking web development courses this semester and plans to develop it herself when she completes the courses.

On July 1, 2004, Steve reported serious progress
Okay, so this didn't appear on my list, but it probably should have. Since April, my websites have paid for themselves by displaying ad banners on one of them. I feel like one of those home renting guys whose just realized he has positive cash flow for the first time (which I sort of am).

On June 28, Ron reported a tragedy
and he is now waiting for a new circuit board for his new treadmill. Thank god for warranties. Total miles walked prior to expiration of second treadmill's electronics
445 miles. On the bright side, I bowled a 700 series this weekend (3 consecutive games 256, 248, 214).

On June 21, Ron continued
rubbing his ankle and sobbing about his low walking distance lately. He then reported total distance walked as of 6/20 at 435 miles.

On June 20, Steve explored new options
I picked up a book on Genealogy websites over the weekend (it was $4.00). I'm going to use it in connection with weissreunion.com

On June 13th, Paul continued buying books
I stopped buy a Waldens and bought another book on Caligraphy to continue studying.

On June 10, Steve continued making progress
Web Projects
      Substantial content added, site is live with much more to come.
      Domain reregistered after accidental lapse, still a placeholder
      Considering selling/not re-registering.
      Message to the site's owner about usage.

On June 1, Dave began planting stuff.
More to come...

On June 1, Steve reported several completions
  Ceremonialist Registry is complete.
  Redesign is complete (for now).
  Munchkin Poetry contest complete.
  MIB Content complete (for now).
  Munchkin or not? scrubbed due to lack of interest.
Kitchen Project
  Kitchen has largely been reorganized (thanks to Kristie)
  Basement has been cleaned and tidied, although not yet reorganized.

On June 1, Ron continued walking and reported total distance to date as of 5/31 at 413 miles

On May 25, Ron continued walking and crossed the 400 mile mark.
It is all downhill from here.

On May 24, Ron continued walking and reported total miles walked as of 5/23 at 394 miles.

On May 22, 2004, Paul received Chinese Caligraphy set
I bought the set as to continue to learn the different styles that exist.

On May 17,, Ron hung his head and shame and reported
that due to a combination of an injured leg and a 80 hour work week he walked no miles on the old treadmill this week, leaving total distance walked to date as of May 16 at 378 miles. But, I am planning on getting right back in the saddle. The leg is feeling better and work has let up a little.

On May 16, Steve and Kristie continued landscaping
We put up some lattice in the area destroyed by the convicts and planted some climbing vines. Kristie also edged the lawn and trimmed some bushes. I need to pick more projects someone else will actually complete for me. Either that or I need 3 or 4 more wives.

On May 9, Ron continued walking but
reported an injury resulting in a low total this week. Currnt miles walked to date 378 miles.

On May 3, Ron continued walking and reported total distance walked
as of 3/1/04 at 365 miles.

On April 26, 2004, Steve completed a lawnmower purchase.
The first step in any project is to get the right tools. This one is a cordless electric model that was highly rated on Amazon.com. I bought mine at Home Depot.

On April 16-18, 2004, Steve and Kristie completed landscaping the front of the house.
We added a row of bricks along the front edge of the exisitng planting area, replaced the weed barrier, and threw down about 50 bags of rocks. As soon as I mow the lawn there will probably be some pictures on KristieandSteve.Com.

On April 26, Ron continued walink and reported total distance as of April 25 of
339 miles.

On 4/19, Ron continued walking and reported total distance walked at
318 miles as of April 18.

On April 12, Ron continued walking and reported total distance walked
as of 4/11 at 302 miles

On April 5, Ron reported the death of his original treadmill
and purchase of a replacement (actually a swap for the old one with cash) and total miles walked this week of 15 miles. This weeks total reduced due to demise of previous treadmill. Total walked to date of 281 miles.

On April 4, Steve completed work on www.mibnorth.com
At the moment, www.mibnorth.com is "complete". There may be some minor changes as others begin using the site, but for the moment, it's done.

During March, Steve coached Paul at the chapter meeting
Paul reported he was making progress, albeit slow progress, on his calligraphy.

On March 30, Steve reported some progress.
Web Projects
  Specific Domains:
      Update activity list for xxvii - Complete
      Update meal list for xxvii - Complete
      UE form/Leader's page - Complete
      Rules and Procedures - Complete (although being rewritten)
      Develop mib area - Complete
      Poetry contest - Phase 1 Complete
Around the House
  Mortgage - Made first payment, now it's complete for sure <g>
  Watch unwatched movies - Finished Outer Limits, first two shelves are all watched.

On March 29, Ron continued walking and reported total distance walked to date
of 266 miles.

On March 24, Ron noted that he had passed the halfway mark on his quest to 500 miles.

On March 23, Ron noted
that he had followed fellow old guys Rand and Bollman by taking his hobby on the road. Most of this week's miles were logged at the Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton about 20 miles South of San Fransisco.

On March 23, Ron continued walking and reported distance walked
as of 3/23/04 at 245 miles.

On March 15, Ron continued walking
and reported distance walked to date at 232 miles.

On March 11, 2004, Mark--> pursued matchbook collecting in Nevada
Following the path set by my current protege Jeff Rand, I am taking my collecting assignment on the road. And where is the best place to go to collect matchbooks? Why, the city where smoking is so legal, it's almost mandatory: Las Vegas, Nevada!

On March 8, Ron continued walking and reported
distance walked as of close of business March 7 of 205 miles.

On March 1, 2004, Ron continued walking
and reported distance walked at 182 miles as of close of business 2/29/04

On 2/23/04, Steve and Kristie completed refinancing
Little suprises everywhere, but none too dangerous
so far.
We're officially refinanced thanks to Ron and his friend Chip. You know you've got a good interest rate when the closing agent says "Wow, that's a great rate!"

On February 23, Ron checked in and reported total distance
as of 2/22/04 at 153 miles.

On Feb 22, Dave began compiling a list of potential herbs
Check on internet based websites for plant sources. Decided it would be better to purchase locally and made 4 store circuit looking for tips. Decided that my mp3 collection needed organization and began side project #2.

On February, 2-18 continued Coin Collecting
Collected an assortment of coins from Australia and New Zealand, including a 1-Florin coin from New Zealand. New Zealand uses dollars and cents.

On February 16, 2004, Ron continued walking
and reported a total to date of 125 miles, as of close of business February 15.

On February 14, 2004, Steve completed another project!
I fixed the greeting cards so they work here, on www.ampleandtrite.com and on www.twilightcreationsinc.com where they hadn't worked in so long no one even remembered them...

During January, Paul began purchasing Calligraphy equipment
Even though the hobby seemed easy there is a lot more involved. The book that I have purchased is about learning the Art and it is one. There is different styles or fonts. Pens, tips for pens, paper. The only thing that seems simple is the ink I have found only one kind in both black and red. So I will continue to read and learn more about this Art.

On February 8 and 9, Steve began watching unwatched DVDs
I watched The Bourne Identity which was okay, Bridge of Dragons (which completely sucked) and an episode of the new Outer Limits which was pretty cool.

On February 8 and 9, Steve began watching unwatched DVDs
I watched The Bourne Identity which was okay, Bridge of Dragons (which completely sucked) and an episode of the new Outer Limits which was pretty cool.

On 2/9/04, Ron continued walking and reported current distance
as of close of business 2/6/04 at 101 miles

During February, Steve and Kristie began preparing for an appraisal.
We're pretty much all set for a new mortgage (and another finished project); the appraisal is the last hurdle.

On February 3, Ron continued walking and reported
having walked 76 miles as of close of business Feb 1, 2004

On January 30, Steve reported his progress to date
Web Projects
 Specific Domains:
     Process older pictures (xxv, xxvi)
       XXVI is done.
     Postmark Project
     Conversion to PHP
       Largely Completed
     UE form/Leader's page
       Completed, needs to be deployed.
     Page of interest for committee/chapters.
       Completed, needs to be deployed.
Around the House
 Kitchen Remodel/reorg
   Some progress made.
 Gameroom Organization
   Some progress made.
 Living room/Hall Remodel
   Some progress made.
   Appraisal scheduled.

On January 26, Ron continued treadmill walking and reported current distance
at a total of 57 miles, as of close of business, January 25.

On January 16, Steve created a list of his unfinished projects.
It was very extensive:
Existing Projects
Considers only projects started as of 12/31/03.
Web Projects
  Specific Domains:
      Finish the activity descriptions
      Update activity list for xxvii
      Finish the meal descriptions
      Update meal list for xxvii
      Add pictures from xxvii
      Process older pictures (xxv, xxvi)
      Weekly quiz tool
      Convert projects pages
      After the Apocalypse
      Postmark Project
      Conversion to PHP
      Remodeling/Redesign (technically, php was part of this)
      Ride board
      Ceremonialist listing
      UE form/Leader's page
      Page of interest for committee/chapters.
      Tool to add stories/content.
      Develop mib area
      Poetry contest
      Munchkin or not?
      More UMS content
      Improved calculators
      More than a placeholder
      More than a placeholder
      More than a placeholder
      More than a placeholder
      More than a placeholder
      More than a placeholder
      More than a placeholder
  General Usage:
    Greeting cards (twilightcreationsinc.com, wintercamp.com, ampleandtrite.com)
Around the House
  Garage Organization
  Kitchen Remodel/reorg
  Basement tile
  Gameroom Organization
  Living room/Hall Remodel
  Hot tub
  Home Network
  Watch unwatched movies (yikes!)
  Buddhist teachings
  Weight Loss

It also probably misses a few things I need to finish. Next step? Prioritizing the list.

On 1/19/04, Jeff continued Coin Collecting
Went through the cash drawer at the Scout Shop looking for rare coins.

On January 19, Ron continued walking and reported
total distance to date of 43 miles.

On January 16, 02004, Mark--> checked the Hobby Log ...
and agreed that building another photo CD would not be a waste.

On January 11, Ron corrected his entry
and reported 31.5 miles as of close of business 1/10/04

On January 12, 2004 reported mileage as of 1/10/04
The total as of 1/10/04 was 31.5 miles.

On 1/11/04, John received television broadcast of a Hawaiian Golf Tournament
Not much really, just watched some golf(Ball in Hole..according to Kyle) on TV

On January 10,11, Steve continued finishing
The Migisi.Org site is less than 10 pages from being completely converted to PHP, something I undertook as a step to a more complete conversion. Feel free to nose around and send feedback. Pages that have been updated have a more cranberry (as opposed to fire engine) header color.

On January 9, 2004, Steve pursued activity updates.
I updated all the activities and meals which were on sheets of paper at my house. At the moment, only some activities suggested via the website are NOT on the list. Those items and some detailed descriptions coming soon.

On January 8, 2004, Steve installed thresholds.
Back in March 2003 Steve tore out some carpeting in his hall and living room. He never installed thresholds in the four rooms that required them. He installed 2 of the 4 and needs to buy the other 2 before he can finish.

On January 8, 2004, Steve completed the postmark project.
After a two year (or so) hiatus all the postmarks are now mounted and stored in a binder with an explanation of each postmark.

On January 7, 2004, Steve completed Winter Camp XXVI picture updates.
In straightening the office, Steve found a disc of Winter Camp XXVI (2002) pictures Mark--> had given him. He added them to the website in hopes Mark--> wouldn't consider it a waste to get such a CD this year.

On January 6, 2004, Steve asked Paul for a current email.
Paul may have changed email providers as of 1/1/2004 and I don't have a new email yet.

On January 6, 2004, Ron checked in with his coach
He explained that he had already done about 14.5 miles and was on target for 500 by year end.

On January 6, 2004, Sean checked Ron's progress
Sean dropped a note to Ron reminding him of his hobby and asking how much progress he'd made in the first six days of the new year. He also encouraged him to get going.

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