Minutes 11/2/2003
Winter Camp XXVII - 2003

The meeting came to order a bit late with Zach Polifroni(4) presiding. In attendance were Mike Hodnicki(3), Paul Kupser(6), Dave Milon(12), Mark Bollman(25), and Steve Donohue(26). Kristie, Syd, Dora and Snuggles (all 0) provided occasional interuptions.

It was determined that based on last year's performance we would keep pricing the same. Paul solicited input on types of soda he should provide and root beer and commercial flavors (Mountain Dew, Coke, etc) were the leading choices. Paul inquired about cups and with 50 in hand, the number was deemed sufficient.

The meeting bogged slightly as we reviewed theme suggestions which had been made in recent years. Some discussion ensued and it was decided to go with a single theme. Further discussion resulted in the selection of "channel surfing" as a theme.

The premise is simple: each activity will be held as if it was being viewed on a particular channel. The plan is that some will be "normal" (like Cross-Country Golf on ESPN) and some will be unexpected (like Ultimate Frisbee ala MTV).

Further discussion led to a need for video equipment as it was felt activities should be taped and commentated (at least in part). Another idea led to the creation of "reviews" for each show to be published in the paper. The final refinement was the idea of "remote control" cards which allow changes to the activity. The expectation is that each camper will get a random (or semi-random) mix of assignments and remote control cards at the start of the week.

A few Activities were suggested:

The final item was the creation of "offices" to supervise the various activities. Thus far they look like:

Position Leader Adviser
Overall Zach Polifroni Paul Kupser


Trading Post
Mark Bollman


Reviews (Newsletter)

Beaver Creek


High Point

Please talk to Zach or Paul if you'd like a position as youth leader or adviser respectively.

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