Winter Camp XXVII - 2003

Currently, we plan to have Winter Camp XXVII and that's close to all we know other than the following:

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On Wednesday, 03-Dec-2003 02:12:06 EST, roberto said
me gustaria saber el correo electronico de Zach Polifroni para escribirle ya que somos familiares

On Monday, 29-Dec-2003 19:53:16 EST, Steve D. said
You can check out some images here. There will be more later.

On Friday, 26-Dec-2003 01:01:09 EST, Steve said
At this point, I believe it will be me, Ricky, Jeff, and Ron with Dave and Keith possibly joining us.

On Friday, 26-Dec-2003 00:57:29 EST, Steve D. said
It's probably too late to get an answer, but who does plan on being here in the morning?

On Thursday, 25-Dec-2003 23:45:41 EST, John said
Its important to leave as early as possible, so that we can get setup, eat lunch then nap for 3-4 hours before dinner. Seriously, I will not likely be there around 8...10ish is more likely. Since I am pretty sure you guys aren't gonna wait that long..I will get up there when I can.

On Thursday, 25-Dec-2003 20:46:49 EST, Steve D. said
That's why I was asking - this feedback should at least make it on NEXT year's version.
I believe the plan is to meet here (my house) at 7:30 for an 8:00 am departure.

On Thursday, 25-Dec-2003 18:50:44 EST, Dave said
Are we planning for a 9am departure?

On Thursday, 25-Dec-2003 14:44:58 EST, Dave said
I'm in favor of Chicken Strips--those seem to work out well. I'm not as sure about the mixing Med/Hot/Pepper, but not like we have much choice now.

On Thursday, 25-Dec-2003 12:20:02 EST, John said
Yes, HOT is the only way to go. The first year we made both med and hot, no one wanted the medium. We could probably get a few jars of hot, and mix them and add some cayenne pepper would probably work.
We also had to cut the wings..I can't emphasize enough: It SUCKED. If they aren't cut this year, yes we need a hatchet. Also, we need to make sure the Wings are thawed so they are easier to cut. I don't know what the diff would be if we just did chicken strips (sans bones). It would certainly be alot easier, tastier and would probably make the sauce go longer...

On Thursday, 25-Dec-2003 10:33:50 EST, Dave said
Merry Two Days before Wintercamp!

On Thursday, 25-Dec-2003 00:27:29 EST, Steve D. said
I bought fresh. There are philly cheesesteaks on the menu and I bought 3 roasts for conversion to steaks. I just thought there was another issue with the chicken.

On Thursday, 25-Dec-2003 00:23:19 EST, Dave said
The other thing to note for the future incarnations of the 'hooters meal' is that we need to get PRECUT chicken wings. Last year we cut the frozen ones by hand it S-U-C-K-E-D bigtime. I'm serious in that we'll need a hatchet or a freaking bowsaw to do it this year--everyone's hands were frozen last time. Not one of my more pleasurable memories.

On Thursday, 25-Dec-2003 00:20:31 EST, Dave said
HOT is the only one to get. The last times we've made them, the 'medium' were totally left over (and weak) and the HOT ones went like, well, hotcakes. We'll need to get HOT sauce inbetween now and whenever that meal is. We did get items for Philly Cheese Steaks (at least I can account for Buns and Steak Sauce.) I don't know about the roast beef.
If no one is real hot and heavy on the Ark Dinner deal, I dont't mind just taking the lead on making the meal. Either way is cool with me.

On Wednesday, 24-Dec-2003 23:57:32 EST, Mark--> said
I seem to recall that we purchased at least some fixings for Philly cheesesteak sandwiches (Provolone cheese, extra green peppers--don't know about buns, but we could probably bake those up). And if the ingredients are still lurking about on Day Four, a caffeinated onion ring or two would be a good thing.

On Wednesday, 24-Dec-2003 20:07:33 EST, Steve D. said
Okay, so what's the deal on the Hooter's Dinner? The menu says wings and Hot Sauce. I think Dave was saying we should have purchased the HOT hot sauce instead of the medium. Is the "all wings" approach wrong? I'd like to at least note it for next year.
The other problem is that I've only seen one person who appears to be planning for the Ark Dinner and that's Dave. Is there another person who wants to lead a team?

On Wednesday, 24-Dec-2003 13:04:18 EST, John said
I thought Ron was the Kitchen advisor...

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2003 22:59:33 EST, Steve D. said
I gotta get me a driver.

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2003 17:00:01 EST, Jeff said
I will be arriving directly to the store from the east, assuming I can get up, my flight makes it, and my driver finds me.

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2003 13:50:58 EST, Mark--> said
Provided that the weather doesn't get significantly messier, I'll be coming in from the west, and heading for Steve's. See you tomorrow.

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2003 13:42:14 EST, Ron Donohue said
I think that the kitchen coordinator (Steve) is responsible for the food list. He is probably the one you ought to ask.

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2003 13:29:54 EST, Dave said
Did Paul make any arrangement to have like a list of stuff to buy? Or are we gonna just pick at random?

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2003 13:27:48 EST, Dave said
That's cool with me--and yeah, feel free to come to chez Dave at 8-8:30. I'll have coffee ready =).

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2003 13:01:46 EST, Steve D. said
I was thinking about showing up at Sam's around 10, but after going there today, I'm thinking 9:00 am might be better.
Let's plan on meeting at my place at 8:30 if you live north of me or just want to bother Kristie or at Dave Milon's at 8:30 if you live south of him (sorry Dave, but I think you were the first one to suggest it would help you get up <g>).
If you don't want to meet anywhere, then meet at Sam's (on Northline) at 9:00 am.
It would be helpful if those who were planning to help with shopping chimed in and said where they were planning to join us.

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2003 12:12:49 EST, Dave said
Any plan for tomorrow morning??? Paul--did you do the list?

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2003 10:47:44 EST, Dave said
I have an air popper and I *may* have an oil popper as well. (Does anyone have an old fire-type popper?)

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2003 10:43:18 EST, Mark--> said
I have an air popper, and it will make its way to camp.

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2003 00:34:01 EST, Steve D. said
Well, now that you mention it, we have an infomercial snack and I think it needs some thought. I'm sort of envisioning a "Popcorn Maker" showdown (since I don't know what infomercial tools we have or what snacks we'd make with them). I'm sure we have a regular pot and our special popcorn pot. I bet we could come up with some microwave popcorn (Mr. Wilson is bringing a microwave). Does anyone have an old school popper with oil, and/or a functional air popper? That would give us 5 or 6 possible entrantes into our "popcorn showdown infomercial".

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2003 00:04:45 EST, Dave said
Has anyone made any arrangements for 'other' video cameras to be available? I don't own one.
Anything else that needs to be done prior to camp Paul? Only 2 shopping days til Christmas...

On Monday, 22-Dec-2003 21:41:49 EST, Kupser said
Sorry to here about the cameras hopefully things will still go well at camp.

On Saturday, 20-Dec-2003 12:38:34 EST, Steve said
Owing to a theft from the classroom, Ricky won't be able to borrow any cameras for Winter Camp. Is there anyone who can bring a video camera to Winter Camp? Ricky can still bring some mixers and other items, just no cameras.

On Saturday, 20-Dec-2003 12:35:07 EST, Steve said
Oh yeah, I sent out about 150 emails today reminding people about Winter Camp.

On Saturday, 20-Dec-2003 12:24:00 EST, Steve D. said
Okay, so we seem to have lost quite a few people from last year. We seem to have lost a bunch of guys from 1783 (Alex & Rob Noble, Jacob Young, Robby Murphy and Kevin Selke). Anyone know if they're coming? I kind of thought we'd see Jake and Robby since they've come to a few other things this year. We're also missing Rob Hartwig (who volunteered for an event) and Rob Klabis. Anyone know about them? Mike Zanon and Mike Smith are missing too. Whaley too?

On Friday, 19-Dec-2003 23:52:54 EST, Mike said
I have done it as well

On Friday, 19-Dec-2003 17:16:31 EST, Dave said
Me too

On Friday, 19-Dec-2003 17:06:27 EST, John said
I have completed it as well

On Friday, 19-Dec-2003 15:54:52 EST, Steve D. said
I sent an email on this earlier, but we need everyone over 18 to complete the Youth Protection training prior to Winter Camp. If you haven't already done so, you can take it online. It takes less than 10 minutes and is pretty simple.
Please let me know if you've completed the training. Thus far I've heard from Jeff, Ethan, Paul, Mark Bollman, and Ron. This applies to anyone who plans to attend. If you aren't registered in our council, you need to find the site for your council.

On Friday, 19-Dec-2003 15:39:43 EST, John said
Yep that was me

On Friday, 19-Dec-2003 15:39:12 EST, said
I paid today...the earliest I have paid in ten years.

On Friday, 19-Dec-2003 11:43:45 EST, Steve D. said
We had about 12 people pay yesterday. I'll try to post the beginnings of our roster tonight. Most of those who paid yesterday were youth (8 youth, 4 adults).

On Thursday, 18-Dec-2003 12:42:53 EST, Steve D. said
You can add former Migisi member Frankie Righetti to the list of those paid. Maybe we should make a new rule that holders of the Participation Award may always attend Winter Camp as long as they are members of the BSA and an OA Lodge. It adds even more to the prestige of the award and provides another tangible benefit. It might even be worth factoring it in to the pecking order. Certainly if two people were tied the PA earner should win, but maybe it should add some factor to the total score instead.

On Thursday, 18-Dec-2003 10:44:23 EST, Ron said
Just joined with Roger in overpaying for Wintercamp via PayPal. I hope everyone gets their payments in, as I know how much of a pain it is to have to plan for shopping with an uncertain count.

On Wednesday, 17-Dec-2003 19:53:35 EST, Steve said
You might want to check the registration form. I don't think there's as much time left as you seem to believe there is.

On Wednesday, 17-Dec-2003 18:43:00 EST, John said
I can bring a few(5-6) clubs some r leftys. We probably wanna make sure others are bringing some.
Hey there's plenty of time left to pay..gotta get that float on my money

On Wednesday, 17-Dec-2003 13:41:30 EST, Steve said
I've now heard from
36.97 Eric Brake
36.97 Ryan Brake
36.36 Frankie Righetti

On Wednesday, 17-Dec-2003 01:18:36 EST, Mike said
i paid kupser for camplaast week.
pop good to go
golf clubs are good (not sure bout any for leftys)

On Tuesday, 16-Dec-2003 13:17:33 EST, Steve D. said
I've reaped an additional 1.71, not to mention the bragging (or should that be nagging) rights we all get for seeing Mr. Horn pay an extra 2.02

On Tuesday, 16-Dec-2003 13:13:03 EST, Dave said
Cash is always better than an interest bearing account {g}

On Tuesday, 16-Dec-2003 12:50:27 EST, Mark--> said
You may be leading in youth, but I've got all my payments in cash--none of this PayPal stuff...

On Tuesday, 16-Dec-2003 12:47:19 EST, Steve D. said
I'm leading 5 youth to none <g>. I've also got a promise from John Weipert to pay for Zach this week.

On Tuesday, 16-Dec-2003 11:14:13 EST, Mark--> said
Paid so far (to me):

40.40 Jeff Rand

40.40 Doug Wilson

40.40 Paul Kupser

40.40 Mark Bollman

On Tuesday, 16-Dec-2003 09:36:28 EST, Steve D. said
Paid so far (to me):
40.89 Roger Horn (Paypal)
36.97 Keith King (Paypal)
36.97 Jamie White (Paypal)
36.36 Alex Lemanski
36.36 Williams
36.36 Ankiel

On Tuesday, 16-Dec-2003 08:42:34 EST, Dave said
Is there anything we still need to get done Paul? (Other than worrying about our daily soda intake?)

On Tuesday, 16-Dec-2003 01:15:52 EST, ethan said
I just wanted to make sure we have golf clubs for cross country golf on the 28th. Is John Howey Bringing them?

On Sunday, 14-Dec-2003 11:38:28 EST, John said
Dave, messed up my

On Sunday, 14-Dec-2003 11:38:00 EST, said
I hear that we have a Service Project picked out. Paul, anyway to find out what it is beforehand?

On Tuesday, 09-Dec-2003 20:31:45 EST, Kupser said
Happy Birthday to Joe and Myself. I hope everyone is looking forward to Winter Camp XXVII as much as I am.
The final Pop selections have been made for the five gallon containers there will be Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Red Pop, Rock and Rye, Vanilla Cream Soda, and Diet Coke. For the 13.2 Gallon kegs the selections will be Coke (Gut Rot), and Root Beer. This brings the total to 61.4 Gallons of Soda available at this years Winter Camp. Your collector cup for the Soda can be purchased from the Winter Camp trading post for the low price of 5 dollars.
I also plan to hold a WCU College class on Winter Camp Engineering. It will also welcome its first students at 4:00 PM the same time as the other classes. Anyone interested in pursuing a degree in Winter Camp Engineering may want to bring a note pad and a pencil. All other supplies for the class will be provided

On Thursday, 04-Dec-2003 01:16:54 EST, ethan said
Congratulations are in order for winter camp pioneer Steve Donohue, who revieved the Founder's Award at the annual lodge dinner.

On Monday, 01-Dec-2003 10:23:41 EST, Mark--> said
The WCU College of Historical Studies will welcome its first students at roughly the same time. A winter-weight sleeping bag isn't a prerequisite, but prospective students should be ready for a fair amount of writing. (Translation: Bring your own pencil.)

On Saturday, 29-Nov-2003 18:13:12 EST, Jeff said
The College of Winter Camping will be holding thr first session of Introduction to Winter Camping at 4:00 PM on December 27. Arrowman interested in pursuing a degree in Winter Camping may want to bring a warm sllepimg bag to Winter Camp.

On Tuesday, 25-Nov-2003 14:38:21 EST, Steve said
Hmm. Maybe not. Hopefully you've all got your thinking caps and your volunteering hands ready for Friday.

On Tuesday, 25-Nov-2003 14:38:21 EST, Steve said
Hmm. Maybe not. Hopefully you've all got your thinking caps and your volunteering hands ready for Friday.

On Monday, 17-Nov-2003 12:15:14 EST, Mike said
No steve it was the one for stareing at a dog butt the longest but ryan was not suggesting it be a dog but a winter camper who will remain nameless so they don't kill ryan.

On Monday, 17-Nov-2003 00:37:10 EST, Steve said
Bring it! Even if it's too hard we can soften it up a little and try it (unless it's that spitball shooting thing - that is right out).

On Monday, 17-Nov-2003 00:19:34 EST, mike h. said
no way in hell would anybody want to do that it could kill somebody nbesides i think that was from the peoples champion show

On Sunday, 16-Nov-2003 16:44:43 EST, narbeh said

On Sunday, 16-Nov-2003 13:26:40 EST, Pablo said
my idea. We have a fear factor type kind of contest. Hodnicki knows the idea I said at our scout meeting but I dont wanna do that

On Wednesday, 12-Nov-2003 08:28:17 EST, said
Yes, but what if your household has more than one person? Steve's household is probably closer to that number, while Steve doesn't personally watch. That number is easily achieved here (do DVDs count?)...with two TV and two (almost three) young boys.

On Tuesday, 11-Nov-2003 17:20:07 EST, Dave said
Me too...maybe if you include hockey, I might hit that a week.

On Tuesday, 11-Nov-2003 16:17:00 EST, Steve D. said
See that's probably closer to my weekly average (not counting watching a DVD or three).

On Monday, 10-Nov-2003 20:14:45 EST, Jeff said
The average household has a TV on eight hours a day.

On Monday, 10-Nov-2003 10:24:52 EST, Steve D. said
I'm almost postitive there are people who watch more tv than me.

On Wednesday, 05-Nov-2003 18:34:43 EST, Steve said
I've been thinking about the remote control cards and I think for the most part they should only swap activities for another similar activity, like Snow Soccer for CC Golf or something like that. Maybe there'll be one called "Alternate Viewpoint" that lets you change the channel of an event without changing the event.

On Tuesday, 04-Nov-2003 22:52:21 EST, Steve D. said
I had a thought today that I was disgusted not to have considered before. Since one of the major complaints is that other cabin dwellers have to come to BC and wait around, why not start some activities "On Location" at other buildings? It's probably silly to start 4 Way anywhere other than BC or Clearwater, but events like the Blind Hike don't really have a required starting location and some events could be moved to make the starting location less odious. (actually High Point could probably host 4-way volleyball pretty easily).

On Tuesday, 04-Nov-2003 22:17:17 EST, Steve D. said
Minutes of the first planning meeting are now available. Several leaders and advisers are needed to round out the staff.
The biggest inflatable bowling pins I could find were 15.00 each and only 3' tall.

On Monday, 03-Nov-2003 18:44:47 EST, Dave said
speak for yourself

On Monday, 03-Nov-2003 18:29:44 EST, Steve said
Sadly, we won't be able to watch internet porn at camp.

On Monday, 03-Nov-2003 17:10:06 EST, Dave said
I'm sure Mr. Rand would be much happier with B&W Leave it to Beaver episodes...

On Monday, 03-Nov-2003 09:37:31 EST, John said
Maybe we should start with a Theme know like the old MTV block M with the little TV. Might be fun it we could get one and there could be some cafepress goodies and such.
Hmm..does this mean Dr. Beast will get his own show..ala Dr. Phil?
Maybe there could be WC Science Theater 2003.
Another idea might be to have a dinner where teams would put on a short skit based on an old TV show. The audience gets to guess the show, maybe some sort of prize for the winners...I dunno
Hmm..Wilson, Battlebots....we all know who'd win that one, but boy that would be fun to watch even if we only had one or two bots..
Just a few ideas of the top of my head
Maybe it would be entertaining to force Jeff and Mark to watch like an hour of cartoon network...Toonami anyone, or maybe SpikeTV?

On Sunday, 02-Nov-2003 18:12:00 EST, Steve D. said
The Cribs idea (where Winter Campers would do a show about their homes) was a popular one. If you're interested, you should say so. I think we're mostly talking video but it could be slides or a presentation too.

On Sunday, 02-Nov-2003 18:04:53 EST, Steve said
Consult your local listings because Winter Camp XXVII is all about channel surfing. The basic plan is to have our meals and activities be pulled from various tv shows and networks. So lunch might be an infomercial for the George Foreman grill followed by Rock and Jock Frisbee Ultimate (Mtv Networks) and Hollywood Squares ala Oxygen then Dinner and a Movie.
We're looking for new activities and meals and for ways to look at old ones through the right TV network. There's more to the plan, but this ought to get your creative juices started.

On Sunday, 02-Nov-2003 12:36:11 EST, Steve said
I think we're good as long as you aren't hungry.

On Sunday, 02-Nov-2003 12:05:53 EST, Dave said
Steve..You need me to bring anything? I'm audi 5000 in a about a 1/2 hour

On Sunday, 02-Nov-2003 10:21:23 EST, John said
After a certain point last year I fasted...eating was certainly the last thing on my mind...

On Saturday, 01-Nov-2003 21:28:15 EST, said
Oh, and Mark.

On Saturday, 01-Nov-2003 21:27:11 EST, Steve D. said
By the way, attendance so far appears to be Zach, Mike Hodnicki, Paul, John, Dave and Me. Pretty close to last year I think.

On Saturday, 01-Nov-2003 21:25:54 EST, Steve said
Obviously, some activities are always available, if optional. I think a number of people fasted during last year's Winter Camp, for example. I know I fasted for a day or two several years ago.

On Saturday, 01-Nov-2003 19:51:41 EST, John said
I might be there...depends on any new arrivals.

On Friday, 31-Oct-2003 20:42:17 EST, Dave said
I'm planning on it. And while the thought of a Fast to limit the amount of stuff in the Rand stew--I gotta go with no.

On Friday, 31-Oct-2003 19:33:43 EST, Jeff said
Sorry, I can't attend the planning meeting on November 2. I suggest we have a day of fasting at Winter Camp -- a real fast -- not just a few hours of half rations.

On Thursday, 30-Oct-2003 15:28:44 EST, Steve said
Hey, if you're planning to come to the planning meeting, please either say so here or email me. It would help me make sure I have enough chairs, pop, snacks etc.

On Sunday, 26-Oct-2003 23:07:57 EST, Dave said
John had a good idea last weekend for an activity. (Something some of the more ummm "esteemed" winter campers might enjoy, but I'm sure the youth would get into it too.) What could we do with 10-15 minutes of videotape and do a variant of MTv 'Cribs' that we could watch one night at dinner or as some filler. God knows we all want to see what the Beast's pinball room really looks like...

On Wednesday, 22-Oct-2003 12:51:04 EDT, Steve D. said
And hey, I'll go out on a limb and suggest pirates or maybe "undead pirates". I thought Pirates of the Carribean rocked and it could be a fun theme for the week. We did pirates before and it wasn't bad.
Another theme suggestion would be a week of Wild West.

On Tuesday, 21-Oct-2003 22:25:12 EDT, Steve said
There will be a Winter Camp Planning Meeting at my house on Sunday November 2, 2003. It will commence at 1:00 pm.

On Sunday, 19-Oct-2003 11:33:34 EDT, Dave said
or (perhaps) more importantly:

On Sunday, 19-Oct-2003 11:32:38 EDT, Dave said
If I can mold the impressionable minds of the youth to have the Ark Dinner again..........

On Sunday, 19-Oct-2003 00:17:38 EDT, Steve said
Recipe for what?

On Saturday, 18-Oct-2003 18:28:13 EDT, Dave said
MUAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHHA... I have a new recipie for thie year.
No one can oppose me!

On Saturday, 18-Oct-2003 02:57:55 EDT, Steve said
Sadly, it turns out that very few people read any part of the webpages they visit to see what they're doing.

On Friday, 17-Oct-2003 19:58:35 EDT, Dave said
Amazing that someone would post here, of all places, that we don't provide enough information...

On Thursday, 16-Oct-2003 10:14:49 EDT, Greg Adams said
I would like information about this camp

On Monday, 13-Oct-2003 16:14:59 EDT, Dave said
*joked* U.A.W. Training conference = "Union Good, Management Bad" *Repeat*

On Sunday, 12-Oct-2003 16:48:07 EDT, Kupser said
Sorry about getting back with you Steve but I was sent to a Black Lake U.A.W. training conference. I still do not have internet access but I do try to read the news here at Wintercamp at least once a week.

On Monday, 06-Oct-2003 15:17:34 EDT, Dave said
Or maybe you didn't make it through his personal Spam-detector (Steve Donohue ranks 5 out of 8?)

On Monday, 06-Oct-2003 06:59:35 EDT, Dave said
Ahh...the good old days, lol.

On Sunday, 05-Oct-2003 22:03:59 EDT, Steve said
Hey Paul, call me. I was in Indiana today and I think I was able to secure enough items for a serious half-time fireworks show. Last time I wrote you your email rejected and you don't seem to have voice mail...

On Saturday, 04-Oct-2003 15:02:55 EDT, Steve said
I hacked off the stuff from before October 1. It's under "old notes".

On Saturday, 04-Oct-2003 14:54:59 EDT, Dave said
Shouldn't some of the youth leadership or the advisor for this year start getting the ball rolling???

On Friday, 03-Oct-2003 19:28:30 EDT, John said
Ahh...well Tom should know the dates...its part of the Mahican

On Friday, 03-Oct-2003 18:28:34 EDT, Steve said
Well, Tom's a member of our chapter. I don't know about the other ones.

On Friday, 03-Oct-2003 16:24:41 EDT, John said
Hmmm...why do these people post here?

On Wednesday, 01-Oct-2003 20:43:30 EDT, Tom Pickering said
Just wondering when this year's wintercamp will be held. So if you could get me the dates so i could plan around them it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,

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