Winter Camp XXVII - 2003

Youth Protection is whether or not Youth Protection Training is complete. A ? means the person needs training but hasn't told me yet if he's taken it. Form refers to whether or not the registration form has been turned in.

Name TypeAmountYouth ProtectionForm
Aaron AnkielYouth36.36Y
Nick BibeeYouth36.36Y
Eric BrakeYouth36.97N
Ryan BrakeYouth36.97N
Sam DietrickYouth36.36Y
Rob HartwigYouth36.36YesN
Mike HodnickiYouth36.64YesN
Keith KingYouth36.97YesN
Phillip KurdunowiczYouth36.36Y
Alex LemanskiYouth36.36Y
Scott McHughYouth36.36Y
Ricky NaidaYouth36.36N
Sean OmaitsYouth36.36Y
Zach PolifroniYouth36.36N
Ethan ReinYouth36.36YesY
Frankie RighettiYouth36.36Y
Lucas TilleyYouth36.36Y
Andy WhaleyYouth36.36YesN
Jamie WhiteYouth36.97YesN
Aaron WilliamsYouth36.36Y
Mark BollmanAdult40.40YesN
Ron DonohueAdult40.89YesN
Steve DonohueAdult40.40YesY
Gordon DraperAdult40.40YesY
Roger HornAdult40.89YesN
John HoweyAdult40.89YesN
Paul KupserAdult40.40YesN
Dave MilonAdult40.89YesN
Dave OakleyAdult25.25YesY
Jeff RandAdult40.40YesN
Doug WilsonAdult40.40?N
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