Winter Camp XXVIII - 2004

Log your progress for this year.

Keith KingWinter Camp computer racing game
Gordon DraperWalk Ebony 20 km/week by WC XXIX
Ethan ReinSilk screening
Maurice OmaitsCreate a Web site
Scott McHughNovel writing ( = 40,000 words)
Ethan MorlockAstronomy--learn about Uranus
Mike HodnickiHandwriting--Must pass 2nd grade test graded by Gordon D.
Derek TamsenCountry line dancing with women over 250 #
Ricky NaidaBookbinding
Steve DonohueFinish other 15 projects
Dennis McHughDriftwood craftwork
Aaron AnkielEarn Painting MB
Ron DonohueArcade design & construction
Doug WilsonComplete previous hobbies
Rob MurphyEarn Home Repairs MB
Lucas TilleyWrite WC poetry
Eric BrakeBuild a trebuchet--beat WC XV record
Phil KurdunowiczTranslate WC catchphrases into Latin
Aaron WilliamsEarn Skating MB
Sam DietrickCalligraphy
Jeff RandWatch 20 episodes of South Park
Sean OmaitsLearn to sing "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Paul KupserSilversmithing
Ross SchmaemanCollect elongated coins
David Oakley "Oak"Unit origami
Gabriel ChurchEarn Personal Management MB
Jamie WhiteFlash programming
Mark Bollman-->Build a WC abacus

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