Winter Camp XXVIII - 2004
November 7, 2004 Minutes


Last year we made 24.24. Cabin costs are up; last year we paid 380, this year it's about 424. Cost for this year to be increased to 38.38 for youth and 42.42 for adults.

Cabin Leadership/Responsibility

Youth Adult
High Point Open Open
Clearwater Ricky Naida Paul Kupser
Beaver Creek Open Steve Donohue

Other Leadership Opportunities

Youth Adult
Kitchen Aaron Ankiel Open
Activities OpenOpen


There was some discussion about themes which might be used during the week. No decision was made but several people were assigned to do some research/prep work on specific themes

ZombiesExcitement seemed to come primarily from the opportunity to shoot a Zombie movie.Steve
70'sA sort of anniversary/tribute theme.Ethan & Ricky
Wild WestCowboys and Native Americans?No taker
AfricaSteve noted we had never really focused on African events and thought there might be some interesting meals and activitiesSteve

Early/Set-up Day

Must prepare a duty roster showing tasks to be accomplished and people to accomplish them. If you aren't on the duty roster, you can't come early. What is the insurance risk if we don't have a permission slip for the 26th? Maybe that's the answer. Special invitation letter and form. Duty roster will be completed prior to end of meeting. No one who comes early and isn't on the list can stay.

Trading Post

Pop Cost - increase cost to $10 for a fill cup. Costs to fill are about 42 per 25 gallons.

Other Discussions

Menu - several suggestions for smaller meals, particularly lunches with easier/less cooking

LAN Gaming without an internet connection was suggested

Computers - no IM. Not online?

Next steps

Looking to secure additional leaders for Winter Camp.

Those assigned to complete theme research for 11/26 meeting.

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