Winter Camp XXXI - 2003

This year's hobby draw added the coach, whose job it is to provide encouragement throughout the year.

Log your progress for this year as Coach or hobbyist.

Joe RobertsUnderwear Collecting
Doug WilsonLearn at least 3 card tricks.
Gordon DraperPrepare Antarctica Slideshow
Joe FountainFencing (with swords, not chain link)
Shawn KupserCornhole
John HoweyLearn Spanish
Gabe ChurchIce Skating
Alex FerenczJuggle fire while unicycling
Robert FountainPaintball
Andrew FountainCollect Hooter’s Memorabilia
Pawel JaroszLearn Linux
Lucas KuzalaCrayon Making
Bob MontourBuild Amphibious Vehicle
William GagnonBecome an Eagle Scout
James MontourCollect Switches
Nick TrevinoEarn Music merit badge
Mitchell TurcotteVisit Canadian Provinces
Paul KupserFire-eating
Jeff RandAglet Repair
Shaun RangeRainbow fire coloring
Ethan MorlockWord a day, use all in a story
Roger HornCounty Airstrip collecting
Ethan ReinMake Balloon Animals
Dave OakleyCollect Star Wars items
Mark BollmanBallet
Steve DonohueSaying No

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