Winter Camp XXXI - 2007

Currently, we plan to have Winter Camp XXXI and that's close to all we know other than the following:

We'll have better versions later, but here are the schedule and assignments for WInter Camp so far. If you'd like to volunteer, now's your chance:

The Schedule as voted on at the planning meeting.

Assignments - as you can see volunteers are still needed.

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on planning for Winter Camp XXXI!

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On Tuesday, 25-Mar-2008 16:40:09 EST, said

On Thursday, 27-Dec-2007 19:13:25 EST, Kevin Fox said

Winter Camp is impressive! i had the chance to visit on day 1 in the afternoon. It was really cool to finally see what goes on. Hopefully, i will get a chance to stop by for some more action as the weekette goes on.

On Wednesday, 26-Dec-2007 11:56:15 EST, Martin Church said
After reading the mail here I thought I would add a few words.
first events at Clearwater:
1. baking would be great there and it will give you lots of room. Also you can clean this area up on the 30th first and have all parties involved.
2. having this as a lounge area will be great. and with the numbers I have seen so far everyone should be able to sleep in BeaverCreek. (I see 22 attending and BC sleeps 36)
3. Cheesburgers are a desert item in the church household. don't believe me ask my dad. Cheeseburgers beats Cheescake.
3. I love the idea of doing more baking. And I hope you send some up to Kevin Fox and I in the dinning hall on Saturday.
Also remember the council has invited cubs to visit the camp that weekend, so remind everyone to use care around these new adults and youth.

On Wednesday, 26-Dec-2007 11:55:28 EST, Ethan said
what are the conditions like at camp?

On Saturday, 22-Dec-2007 19:13:01 EST, Steve said
To answer your question Jeff, I've been telling everyone to meet at 9:30 at Sam's in Southgate. I'm thinking now that maybe we should try Gordon's Food Service instead of Sam's as a first stop.
Gordon's is on Telegraph just north of Goddard in Taylor. I'm not sure I can really make the change this late although maybe we could meet at Sam's and consider going there.

On Saturday, 22-Dec-2007 15:15:20 EST, Steve said
yes. I sent you one back. I'm hoping you can open it or Doug and I may have spent alot of time last Saturday for nothing.

On Saturday, 22-Dec-2007 10:02:02 EST, John said
Steve, did that file work for you?

On Friday, 21-Dec-2007 13:16:59 EST, Jeff said
What are the plans for food shopping on Monday?

On Thursday, 20-Dec-2007 23:57:04 EST, Pat Williams said

On Monday, 17-Dec-2007 15:05:03 EST, GWD said
I have to admit that this is the first time I have read any of this. As to Ethan's comment on XII Oct MMVI, is there really a wish for a Roman slide show? I again have to admit that I haven't found time to put away the "round the world in LXXX slides from last year. If it is desided I will try to put one together, time being, as always, the evil limiting factor. Steve mentioned it to me at the OA Lodge CLXII Banquet, but that was the first I had heard of it. One reason is I didn't make the planning meeting.

On Monday, 17-Dec-2007 14:58:51 EST, GWD said

On Monday, 17-Dec-2007 14:06:31 EST, John said
Good Roman foods are then: Meatloaf, Pudding, Applesauce and Chocolate Chip Cookies and Peach Cobbler got it.

I am calling "the King" to the battle square...

The Clearwater fun lounge is a pretty decent idea...

On Thursday, 13-Dec-2007 20:21:14 EST, Jeff said
I really like the idea of an expanded lounge for everyone. However, I wouldn't have anyone sleeping there (unless it was Brian Mann). That it way it would not prevent someone from going to bed. As a practical matter, I agree with Steve that we often have trouble getting people to participate who are not in Beaver Creek, and I suspect it is more difficult to get people out of Highpoint. But, we need to be able to close the lounge during scheduled activities. This way, since baking is a scheduled activity on the first night, Clearwater would have some vacant space that could support it.

On Thursday, 13-Dec-2007 16:11:16 EST, Steve said
The reason I thought the lounge might be better at Clearwater is the proximity. People who are lounging may have to be retrived for an activity. People lounging at Clearwater are close enough to make it practical to get them. Clearwater is also in easy sight of BC making it less likely that strangers would be found in our lounge.
The baking thing is interesting but if we go with our usual plan of doing most of the baking on the first night of camp, it may not be as practical.

On Thursday, 13-Dec-2007 14:34:39 EST, Ethan said
I'm for using all of the space we have. Separating baking seems like a good way to avoid crowding. Pizza baking might still belong in the main kitchen.

On Thursday, 13-Dec-2007 12:18:28 EST, Doug said
Here is a different spin, how about leaving the people in Clearwater and putting the “gaming lounge” at Highpoint?
I had also thought of setting up the “bakery” in the Clearwater kitchen for bread, cookies, cakes, etc. of course there are obvious drawbacks like not having running water and having two kitchens to clean on the 31st, among others. Baking could be separated from the general meal preparation.
The original thought was to add some common activities to help remove the isolation whether real or perceived from staying in Clearwater. Maybe it would even help combat the odor that has been known to develop there later in the week.

Just some random ideas. (no pun intended Jeff)

On Wednesday, 12-Dec-2007 22:59:02 EST, Mark--> said
I think that's worth trying.

On Tuesday, 11-Dec-2007 22:45:03 EST, Steve said
I've been doing some thinking about Winter Camp and the attractive nuisance. We've always had a few of them. Recently it's been computers again. We also may have a pinball game, an asteroids machine and who knows how many other games that could be classified as 'attractive nuisances' - fun to have, but they may cause more trouble than they're worth.
I wonder if we shouldn't consider creating an "attractive nuisance room" at Clearwater and then have more people sleep at High Point. The idea would be to make Clearwater into more of a lounge area, with maybe only a coupe of people (if any) sleeping there. The idea would be that if that gear was there it wouldn't be so intrusive on those who live there and the items mignt be more easily shared. Those who didn't want to share their fun could leave it at home...

On Tuesday, 11-Dec-2007 21:26:47 EST, said
John, that may be an excellent idea, but we've already voted for this year's menu and I don't think Cheeseburgers fit our Roman theme.
Maybe next time.

On Tuesday, 11-Dec-2007 09:34:59 EST, John said
True, they would really be more of a main course... ;-)

On Monday, 10-Dec-2007 18:43:58 EST, Ethan said
Cheeseburgers are no good for dessert at Winter Camp.

On Monday, 10-Dec-2007 09:42:36 EST, John said
I'll bring the Cheeseburgers...

On Sunday, 09-Dec-2007 10:35:58 EST, Steve said
What about for dessert?

On Saturday, 08-Dec-2007 17:56:37 EST, Kupser said
I like fresh peach cobbler with vannila ice cream.

On Saturday, 08-Dec-2007 17:56:37 EST, Kupser said
I like fresh peach cobbler with vannila ice cream.

On Sunday, 02-Dec-2007 18:25:53 EST, Jeff said
Ican provide beef jerky.

On Friday, 30-Nov-2007 12:21:55 EST, Ethan said
I like fried chicken, applesauce (I can bring a food mill), and chocolate chip cookies

On Friday, 30-Nov-2007 10:47:49 EST, Steve said
One of the ideas this year was to have "camper's favorites" as part of the meals. To accomplish this, we need to know some favorites. I think if everyone gave us a favorite entree (main dish), favorite side, and favorite dessert we could take a stab at making this go. Probably whatever you choose ought to be something we could afford. This doesn't guarantee you'll get the things you want - it just means if we're looking for a dessert, we'll try to pick one off the list.
I like meatloaf, green bean casserole, and chocolate pudding.

On Tuesday, 27-Nov-2007 18:43:39 EST, Etan said
In Bavaria, the local rumor mill claims the pope buys his mustard and sausages here and takes them back to the Vatican

America’s Polish News reports that Benedict XVI’s favorite foods are strudel, spaetzle (small, warm German noodles), and bread dumplings in broth

That's from the Catholic Digest website.

I volunteer to help with that cake.

On Tuesday, 27-Nov-2007 13:55:11 EST, said
I think we have to make that cake...

On Tuesday, 27-Nov-2007 12:09:33 EST, John said
h t t p://

On Monday, 26-Nov-2007 10:56:24 EST, Steve said
From an interview with a Priest who spent some time with the pope:
Do you know what his favorite foods are? What is his favorite music?

Father Fessio: I don’t know what his favorite foods are but Mozart is his favorite composer. While he leads a simple life, he’s a Bavarian who enjoys a good meal, and he does love to listen to classical music. He also plays the piano.

Robbed I tell you! Of course we know what the music during the lunch should be I guess.

On Sunday, 25-Nov-2007 23:11:54 EST, Steve said
I believe I may have eliminated a bunch of the spam we were seeing come through.

On Saturday, 24-Nov-2007 13:03:50 EST, Steve said
The agreement that was reached yesterday was that there would be no change but if the youth of Clearwater denied other kids access to the building or threated them poorly, they'd have to move to Beaver Creek.
In happier news, X Marks the Spot is back. I know there were some problems with locations last year and I'll try to fix that this time. Any other suggestions?

On Thursday, 22-Nov-2007 13:55:21 EST, Lou said
Is the plan still to have the adults in clearwater?

On Thursday, 22-Nov-2007 10:34:56 EST, Kristie said
Steve and I would like to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving! May your travels be safe, may your food be plenty, and may your homes be filled with laughter and fellowship!

On Wednesday, 21-Nov-2007 20:34:41 EST, Ethan said
can't stop that lion-hearted Gabe

On Tuesday, 20-Nov-2007 20:52:59 EST, Steve said
I think it worked out pretty well last time, so I'm all for it. We'll probably use the same rule. Everyone who pays at or before the planning meeting counts as the planning meeting and resolves using normal pecking order.
Gabe Church is way out in front...

On Monday, 19-Nov-2007 22:58:42 EST, Ethan said
Does bunk priority follow payment order in the sense that it has in the last two Winter Camps?

On Thursday, 15-Nov-2007 19:03:23 EST, Steve said
I posted the form today. Should have the paypal link up later tonight.

On Wednesday, 14-Nov-2007 22:26:14 EST, ddppQTLtC said

On Wednesday, 14-Nov-2007 22:25:58 EST, rzUIOtIjqjNykws said

On Wednesday, 14-Nov-2007 22:25:46 EST, caFExjusrmW said

On Wednesday, 14-Nov-2007 22:25:35 EST, vnvNSBYV said

On Saturday, 03-Nov-2007 08:43:19 EST, Ethan said
Looks like nYJWYImnYBy has some interesting ideas about Winter Camp. It seems they mainly involve prescription drugs.

On Thursday, 25-Oct-2007 22:24:19 EDT, Ethan said
I hope Shaun Range appoints a horse to an important leadership position.

On Tuesday, 23-Oct-2007 09:58:00 EDT, vfqfaqii said
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On Monday, 22-Oct-2007 11:45:56 EDT, Steve said
We thought of chariot racing, but not sleds. I think the lack of snow for so many years made us nervous.
I guess I need to post up our meeting minutes soon so everyone knows what's going on.

On Saturday, 20-Oct-2007 21:34:03 EDT, Oak said
Roman theme has lots of potential!
How about chariot races with sleds)
Greek dressing on the salads)
Roman numerals put out in the Snow for a geo-cache course)
Horse ride for guys interested) no togas there.
Just some ideas to fill the days...try to make it to the next planning. Cool ideas Ethan / team.

On Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007 23:09:09 EDT, Ethan said
Hot dog. I'm sure you'll love it.

On Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007 23:08:51 EDT, Ethan said

On Wednesday, 17-Oct-2007 12:43:20 EDT, Kevin said
I thinks that i will plan to be at wintercamp this year. After many years of nagging by Paul, i will be able to attend.

On Sunday, 14-Oct-2007 23:40:41 EDT, Steve said
It went pretty well. Rob Murphy, Aaron Ankiel, Shaun Range, Paul Kupser, Mark Bollman, Pawel Jarosz, Ethan Morlock, and I were members in attendance. Kristie was also there to serve as my responsible adult.
We settled on a Roman theme and made some homework assignments in preparation for our next meeting in November. I should have the homework posted to the website in the next couple of days.
Rob Murphy agreed to be the Kitchen leader and Shaun declared that he should be known as "Emperor" of Winter Camp XXXI

On Sunday, 14-Oct-2007 22:27:05 EDT, Ethan said
how did the meeting go?

On Friday, 12-Oct-2007 13:56:47 EDT, Ethan said
I also vote casino night and something the ceremony committee needs

On Friday, 12-Oct-2007 13:55:38 EDT, Ethan said
Non theme Related activities that would be awesome. I can't be at the meeting, so I've got to get my votes in.
Scout’s Own on Sunday
Work Day on the 30th (Monday)
Cross Country Golf
Get acquainted game (Arrowman bingo)
Time Capsule and Hike

On Friday, 12-Oct-2007 13:53:49 EDT, ethan said
I think a Major Activity would be cool, like “City building” (Romulus and Remus style) with lashing – I can bring rope, and I bet I charge less than Jeff. This could also involve setting up the cabins in a competition. It would have to be done well so as not to split up the camp into two warring factions. The Murder Game might tie in somehow as well. Then, it could be a weekette long deal.

On Friday, 12-Oct-2007 10:11:44 EDT, ethan said
Here's some more roman themed events:
Javelin toss (we can use Jarts, which I can provide)
Snow Soccer (The Italians are defending World Cup Champions)
GWD Roman Slideshow – I bet he can put one together for us
Also, I heard the ancient Romans were Blokus enthusiasts.

On Friday, 12-Oct-2007 10:08:35 EDT, Ethan said
Here's some food to go with a roman theme:
Meatball sandwiches for lunch
Caesar Salad worked into a dinner
Pizza – dinner and a movie with a movie. Probably not Gladiator or Ben Hur
Caveman dinner with Pasta
Antipasto Salad with some dinner
“Italian” Rand Stew

On Friday, 12-Oct-2007 00:38:46 EDT, Steve said
Maybe some kind of game or activity about Roman trivia or Roman numerals. Ice and snow are often marginal at Winter Camp, but maybe we could do something with a trireme or two on the lake.

On Friday, 12-Oct-2007 00:33:49 EDT, Steve said
I think if we did Rome we'd have to have Chariot Races and a Toga Party. I also have at least one boardgame that is believe to have been played in Rome.
We could also play Colloseum, a new game about putting on shows at the Colloseum.

On Thursday, 27-Sep-2007 16:06:15 EDT, said
Continuing with a Roman theme, we could do some kind of "Road Building," like clearing some trail on the service project or something along those lines. I know we usually just get told what to do for the service project, but I bet we could suggest something.

On Wednesday, 26-Sep-2007 13:44:06 EDT, Ethan said
I suggest canning as a time capsule related event. We can can something, like pickles or apple butter. Then, we bury it with the capsule. I know we've had time capsule food before, but have we had food designed for the long term? If we have, I apologize for the redundancy of this suggestion and vote for a repeat.

On Monday, 17-Sep-2007 14:54:06 EDT, Ethan said
We could build aqudeucts to take water from BC to Clearwater.

On Friday, 14-Sep-2007 18:37:11 EDT, Ethan said
If there were a city building competition, there could different parts, like building using lashings, and building using snow, and building with cardboard, or some other stuff we bring up.

On Wednesday, 12-Sep-2007 17:33:58 EDT, Ethan said
I think having a city building competition would be awesome

On Tuesday, 11-Sep-2007 19:55:54 EDT, Hugh Martin said
I like the Rome theme as well, in fact I think Scott McHugh could run the archery, that's what he does at CCB. As for Ethan's theme a day idea, maybe could do "Raise the Village" for invaders day, though maybe it would be "Sack the Romans", and for the first day we could do "Romulus and Remus" be building a mock city.

On Friday, 13-Jul-2007 07:08:35 EDT, Sally Kraus said
Cool site.

On Monday, 18-Jun-2007 19:18:16 EDT, Ethan said
Each day could have theme as well, like the punic war day with real elephants, or the decline and fall day with germanic invaders and the like.

On Saturday, 16-Jun-2007 09:37:19 EDT, Dave Oakley said
I like Ethan's idea of Romans - Now maybe I can bring back my "Viking" -wood shield and use it in a mock battle.
We could set up a Gladiator arena to do Games -hammer toss,
spear throw-(foam of course), toss the boulder, tug of war,
simple archery shoot, catapult targets. Just a way to have
fun. Hope you guys have a great summer - "Oak".

On Friday, 08-Jun-2007 12:39:24 EDT, said

On Monday, 04-Jun-2007 21:37:49 EDT, Ethan said
this time, I can be the first to suggest a Roman theme. If there's a movie to be watched, we'd have lots of choices, like Spartacus or Ben Hur.

On Monday, 14-May-2007 13:11:52 EDT, Ethan said
Have any theme ideas been kicked around? I don't really remember.

On Wednesday, 31-Jan-2007 13:58:47 EST, Allison said
I have a wintercamp in Chico its awsome check it out

On Sunday, 14-Jan-2007 22:08:56 EST, Ethan said

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On Thursday, 04-Jan-2007 15:21:02 EST, Doug said
For inclusion in the WC XXX financial report I will be sending a check for returned pop cans in the amount of $11.80.
Also I did an inventory on the remaining candy in the machine; there are 36 packages of Skittles remaining. Fortunately they are dated for “fresh” sale until 2008 so we can sell them at XXXI. Not only do kids like skittles apparently they have a long shelf life as well. Guess we could list these as an asset of $18.00.

On Tuesday, 02-Jan-2007 14:28:32 EST, Steve said
One of the key things we need to do is to get some youth active on this planning discussion.
The other thing we should do is an evaluation of Winter Camp since we didn't distribute one at camp.
Overall, I think camp went well. The meals were very good and I for one didn't miss the hot, complicated lunches that we've sometimes had in the past. Keeping it simple with even the hot lunches (meatballs and soup) made the event go much smoother.
I did miss baking something other than bread. We didn't make a strong enough effort to keep cookies, cakes, and pies on the menu. We also had a few menu errors.

On Monday, 01-Jan-2007 12:39:10 EST, Ethan said
We made electric candles at winter camp XXVII, I think. That was pretty cool. I think we should do something like that at Winter Camp XXXI. By "something like that," I mean something that could benefit the chapter ceremony committee.

On Monday, 01-Jan-2007 02:20:45 EST, Ethan said
I guess it's Shaun range. I plan to stay in Clearwater. is that one word?

On Friday, 29-Dec-2006 20:57:09 EST, John said who is the Youth Leader?

On Saturday, 25-Nov-2006 14:36:20 EST, Steve said
Is this thing on?

On Saturday, 25-Nov-2006 14:33:26 EST, Steve said
That's right, I'm declaring now!

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