Winter Camp XXXII - 2008

The Schedule has been set and now we need some help making sure everything succeeeds.

Here is our current list of activities and volunteers. If you'd like to help make Winter Camp XXXII a success, please volunteer.
4-Way VolleyballRobert FountainKeith King
Blind HikeRobert FountainJeff Rand
Arrowmen BingoGabe ChurchMark Bollman-->
Scout's Ownvacantvacant
Cross-country Golfvacantvacant
Improvised ArtilleryRobert FountainDave Oakley
Artillery BattleshipRobert FountainDave Oakley
Carrier Landingvacantvacant
Hobby Demo/DrawGabe ChurchMark Bollman
Capture the Objectivevacantvacant
Himalyan Expeditionvacantvacant
Battle ChessGabe Churchvacant
War Gamesvacantvacant
Commando StalkingvacantJohn Howey
Time CapsulevacantJeff Rand
Mentos ContestvacantSteve Donohue

In many cases, these tasks are as simple as being in charge of forming teams and getting to work.

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