Winter Camp XXXII - 2008

This year's hobby draw added the coach, whose job it is to provide encouragement throughout the year.

Log your progress for this year.

Mark Bollman-->Form a blackjack team
Jeff RandCollect hotel toiletries
Steve DonohueDevelop a Winter Camp game based on time travel
Gabriel ChurchJuggling
Andrew FountainCollect umbrellas
Adrian FelderLearn to pack light for camp
Keith KingHelp with redesign of Winter Camp website
Scott FultsCheese-making
Doug WilsonElectroplating
Ethan ReinUnicycling
Joe FountainRead the collected works of Edgar Allan Poe
Mitch TurcotteMeasure Kevinís receding hairline
Dave OakleyLearn 4 new dice games
Bob FountainWrite a treatise on appropriate attire for winter camping
Kevin FoxSleep in every structure at D-A Scout Ranch
Zach StockwellCollect 5 CDs of German folk music
Lucas KuzalaCollect grass
William GagnonMake Winter Camp logo in latch hook
Dougald McEachrenWrite cross-country golf manual in Latin with English translation
Ethan MorlockSoup design
Robert LippusBecome an Eagle Scout

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