Winter Camp XXXII - 2008

Currently, we plan to have Winter Camp XXXII and it will be called Operation: Winter Camp. It will have a military theme as voted on by the youth of Winter Camp XXXI.

Leader:Robert FountainSteve Donohue
Kitchen:Andrew FountainJeff Rand/Doug Wilson
Activities/Program:Joe Fountain/Gabe Churchvacant
Newsletter:Gabe ChurchMark Bollman-->

The Schedule has been set and now we need some help making sure everything succeeeds.

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on planning for Winter Camp XXXI!

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On Tuesday, 06-Jan-2009 11:09:26 EST, K2 said
Does anyone have a picture of 4 way volleyball? I was too busy playing to take any pictures of it and I think that would be a good one to include in the article.

Feel free to email it to me if you have one:

On Saturday, 03-Jan-2009 08:01:29 EST, K2 said
Just a few FYI's...

- The 8ft board used for the MASH style signpost is in the BC attic. I'm planning on putting up the signpost again with more signs next year. Let me know if you have any suggestions for signposts. Anything from in camp to a different galaxy.

- The last of my pictures from Wintercamp XXXII were just uploaded on my picasa page ( Check'em out! Also if you have any pictures you'd like to be included in Wintercamp history let me, or Steve Donohue, know so we can arrange for the pictures to be posted online.

- As some of you know, I declared myself the adult advisor for Wintercamp XXXIII. I just want to let everyone know that I have the ability to sell se... I mean, appoint advisors (if the price is right). If you're considering joining the advisor team for Wintercamp XXXIII, please send your completed application, with your updated resume, and make all checks payable to K2's "Advisor Fund" (Or just send me an email or give me a call). Cash is also acceptable in large, or small, unmarked bills. Please contact me on my secure line for more information, either via email or 313-600-7983. In the event we can't find anyone to pay for an advisor seat, volunteers will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Don't wait for the Christmas rush! Secure your advisor seat, and your place in Wintercamp history, today!

On Tuesday, 30-Dec-2008 09:15:45 EST, Eric, Haley and Monica said
Happy Birthday Mark Bollman!

On Monday, 29-Dec-2008 16:22:31 EST, Kupser said
Hello from the Caribbean. The weather here is at a nice Sunny 80 degrees, with a slight wind to keep it cool. The food is bountiful and all first class. Pizza and Pop/Cola/Soda with the use of a Fountain fun card is available 24 hours a day. Wish you were here to enjoy the next few days with me in the warm waters of Scuba Diving Excursions. Enjoy Winter Camp.

On Saturday, 27-Dec-2008 21:16:29 EST, K2 said
Somehow I doubt we'd get away with a still... but yeah Clearwater is pretty much the swamp. Literally. Everything is melting here and about 2 steps out the front of the door is a swamp about 3" deep.

More pictures posted!!

On Friday, 26-Dec-2008 21:52:01 EST, Lou said
So who is making the still? And would clearwater be the "Swamp"?

On Friday, 26-Dec-2008 19:55:37 EST, K2 said
Link to pictures...

On Friday, 26-Dec-2008 16:41:24 EST, K2 and time capsule crew said
Posting from the CHR Memorial site.

On Friday, 26-Dec-2008 12:57:27 EST, Zach said
It is Zach Stockwell who is going, Not Eric.

On Thursday, 25-Dec-2008 19:49:07 EST, Steve said
Will this become the motto/slogan for Winter Camp XXXII?

Where is the board?

On Thursday, 25-Dec-2008 19:16:29 EST, K2 said
Jeff has it in his minivan :)

On Wednesday, 24-Dec-2008 15:32:08 EST, John said
So where is the board?

On Wednesday, 24-Dec-2008 08:34:41 EST, k2 said
"the winter camp kitchen is a bizarre combination of thrift and extravagance"

Ethan Rein

On Wednesday, 24-Dec-2008 07:51:21 EST, K22 said
I have the supplies for capture the objective. I also picked up something we could try using for carrier landing but we will see.

On Wednesday, 24-Dec-2008 07:33:55 EST, Steve said
I think our number should be 20. We have 20 paid including Paul and I heard a reliable rumor there are two more youth planning to attend.

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2008 23:12:04 EST, K2 said
Roger wilco hawkeye pierce!

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2008 19:42:45 EST, Jeff said
K2, bring the board to shopping.

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2008 15:52:12 EST, Steve D said
Add Eric Stockwell too.

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2008 12:56:20 EST, Steve D. said
Add Ethan Morlock to the paid list. He's the only paypal so far this year...

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2008 09:10:30 EST, K2 said
Yeah it's in Wixom right now. I can bring it with me shopping if someone will have a vehicle that can take it then?

I know it's coming... how come you can bring it shopping but not to camp? Because I'd rather take my jeep up to camp. The board fits in my Journey but as far as camp roads this time of year, my Jeep is more suited. I could put it in my jeep but it'd be sticking out the window and I don't see that working out very well...

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2008 07:38:27 EST, Steve D. said
Duh. I'm pretty sure Keith's board is in Wixom since that's where he is.

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2008 05:43:35 EST, Steve said
The board?

On Tuesday, 23-Dec-2008 02:31:32 EST, Jeff said
Where is the board?

On Monday, 22-Dec-2008 20:38:46 EST, Steve Donohue said
So if you think you're coming to Winter Camp and haven't paid yet, now is the time!
At the moment, I have attendance as 15:
Joe Fountain
Robert Fountain
Andrew Fountain
Lucas Kuzala
Mitch Turcotte
Robert Lippus
Gabe Church
William Gagnon

Doug Wilson
Dave Oakley (3 days)
Mark Bollman-->
Steve Donohue
Jeff Rand
Roger Horn
Keith King

On Monday, 22-Dec-2008 11:58:27 EST, Steve said
Pretty much all dimensional lumber is sold that way. 2 x 4 are really 1.5 x 3.5

I don't have any room for it (I drive a contoour).

On Monday, 22-Dec-2008 08:46:37 EST, K2 said
Can anyone take an 8ft 4x4 (its actually 3.25" x 3.25" despite the label stating 4x4, no i'm not bitter...) up to wintercamp? It won't fit in my jeep (at least not safely) so I was hoping someone would be able to transport it up there for me. Please let me know if you can! Either email ( or call me, 313-600-7983.

On Monday, 22-Dec-2008 08:25:30 EST, Ethan said
Is 9:30 the right time?

On Sunday, 21-Dec-2008 13:46:33 EST, Steve said
Yes. And it is still in business.

On Sunday, 21-Dec-2008 11:36:08 EST, Jeff said
Are we planning to meet at 9:30 at Sam's in Southgate on December 24 for shopping, assuming it is still in business?

On Thursday, 18-Dec-2008 09:03:21 EST, K2 said
I'll get the supplies then.

I think glow in the dark or maybe a flashing one would be good for the flag and i'll make sure the defender's ball are brightly colored.

On Wednesday, 17-Dec-2008 23:20:41 EST, Steve said
I'm for it (both the meeting and the K2 CTO). better make sure the balls are bright since we're playing at night.

On Wednesday, 17-Dec-2008 22:25:28 EST, Ethan said
WCFS meeting to be held the evening of Monday, December 29, 2008 following Capture the Objective

On Wednesday, 17-Dec-2008 16:37:40 EST, K2 said
Shall I prepare for Capture the Objective then?

On Wednesday, 17-Dec-2008 12:02:05 EST, Steve said
Probably have to add a "Once the ball hits you, you aren't allowed to mess with it" rule.
Other than that, I think it could be fun.

On Wednesday, 17-Dec-2008 08:19:07 EST, K2 said
I was thinking about Capture the Objective and I was wondering if anything like this has been done before.

Capture the flag with the following changes:

- Defenders must throw a ball and hit an attacker to capture him.
- If an attacker catches a ball thrown at him, he can keep it while he is in the enemy's zone. An attacker cannot carry the defender's ball outside of the enemy's zone.
- Nobody can carry both the flag and a defender's ball.
- An attacker with the flag can only be stopped if he is hit with a defender's ball. The flag will go directly to the defender's base if this happens.

If this sounds good then put me down for capture the objective and I'll get the supplies for it.

On Saturday, 13-Dec-2008 21:18:57 EST, Steve said
Got a call from Paul today, his flight is very early on the 27th. We're planning to take the trailer up on the 20th, for the D-A staff party. We'll either unload it or leave it parked nearby depending on weather, timing, and cooperation of those also attending the party.
Paul is checking with Kevin. We may leave the trailer up there for a while. He hopes to come up sometime after his cruise and spend a day or two sanitizing everything in the D-A dishwasher instead of spending 3 weeks using his home dishwasher.
More on that part later...

On Thursday, 11-Dec-2008 16:39:28 EST, K2 said
Planning for the 4 way volley ball was a brutal task but after 5 grueling text messages with Paul I was able to plan the event.

I'm trying to come up with some ideas for the vacant events. If i come up with anything worthwhile i'll be sure to sign up for one. (Anything is better than doing actual work while you're at work...)

On , said

On Wednesday, 10-Dec-2008 10:02:44 EST, Steve said
Do officers get jackpot grits?

On Wednesday, 10-Dec-2008 08:16:46 EST, Jeff said
Grits are for enlisted men only.

On Monday, 08-Dec-2008 09:49:43 EST, Steve said
How is everyone doing on their planning for events? Anyone need help?

On Sunday, 07-Dec-2008 10:38:32 EST, Steve said
Sent via email.

On Friday, 05-Dec-2008 16:52:13 EST, lucas kuzala said
i need the form to sign up can you contact me with the info asap.

thanks, lucas

On Friday, 05-Dec-2008 08:56:52 EST, Ethan said
I'm sure they'll do a great job. I'm hoping to see some grits on the officer and enlisted breakfast.

On Friday, 05-Dec-2008 04:58:18 EST, Steve said
I think the kitchen team is working on it...

On Wednesday, 03-Dec-2008 08:34:14 EST, Ethan said
Has the menu been set?

On Thursday, 04-Dec-2008 06:18:14 EST, Steve said
I spoke with Dave last night. He's good with us working on Monday. He's planning for us to do some clearing, grinding, chipping, and burning at the new Jack Lord Firebowl (where the old chapel was) and on the new disk golf course (near the Friendship Center).
He's also promised us 10 lbs of sausage.

On Wednesday, 03-Dec-2008 15:12:48 EST, David C. Oakley -"Oak" said
Heck, Steve, just put me in for Activities Adviser and I can assist the "Youts"...
Call me later for golf club location, etc...or have Paul Kupser give me a call. 12-03-2008..
Keep working on those hobby draws!!!

On Wednesday, 03-Dec-2008 15:11:12 EST, David Oakley said
OK put me in for Carrier landing advisor / x-ctry golf advisor....Thanks. Dave Oakley "Oak".

On Monday, 01-Dec-2008 05:27:45 EST, Pat Williams said
Cool site.

On Thursday, 27-Nov-2008 11:30:00 EST, Jeff said

On Thursday, 27-Nov-2008 09:34:41 EST, John said
I am planning on being there.

On Thursday, 27-Nov-2008 08:48:48 EST, K2 said
I will be at the planning meeting.

On Wednesday, 26-Nov-2008 17:03:20 EST, Mark--> said
I expect to be there. At least that's the plan right now.

On Wednesday, 26-Nov-2008 08:36:46 EST, Ethan said
I won't be there. I hope to hear about the meeting at the dinner next week.

On Wednesday, 26-Nov-2008 06:18:16 EST, Steve said
Anyone planning to come besides me, Paul, and Robert?

On Sunday, 09-Nov-2008 23:58:28 EST, Kupser said
My address is 25966 Matilda, Flat Rock, Mi 48134. Even though I will not be attending Wintercamp this year I will still host the planning meeting.

On Sunday, 09-Nov-2008 22:04:53 EST, Kupser said
I had suggested earlier this year that I would have the planning meeting at my house again. Let me know if this is still good and we shall go from there. Kupser

On Wednesday, 22-Oct-2008 09:39:46 EDT, Ethan said
I vote for some kind of potato peeling contest followed by a meal that involves potatoes.

On Monday, 03-Nov-2008 21:07:00 EST, Jeff said
Is there a location for the planning meeting on 11/28? Also, to renew the discussion from earlier in the year, I believe there was some interest in an overnight outdoor experience. There is merit in the concept of having two teams establish their bases and spend the night without being discovered by the others. I could imagine a theme of covert operations, with the idea of finding and mapping the other base without being discovered. Some of the other ideas such as geocaching and twilight golf could work well with this theme, as well.

On Wednesday, 22-Oct-2008 18:13:23 EDT, Kupser said
There could be also a Geocashing type theme attached to each X. A scout themed question on each one so that the leaders of the game would know who actually found and went to that X. Score to be added up later with the correct answers added up after they were turned in.

On Wednesday, 22-Oct-2008 09:39:46 EDT, Ethan said
I think we should work the highest point in camp into a camp wide X finding game.

On Tuesday, 07-Oct-2008 12:16:59 EDT, said

On Saturday, 13-Sep-2008 20:58:17 EDT, Dave Oakley - "Oak" said
I like the Pedro trail idea - with an "X" in the middle for a meal. I like the idea of twilight golf. I just got rolling on my hobby draw - Star Wars items and it is FUN!
Looking forward to WC XXXI. Anybody else doing their hobby draw? Post the planning day and time. Good job Will on the degree. NEWS editor -You might be a winter camper if....are great! "Oak".

On Friday, 05-Sep-2008 15:11:00 EDT, Ethan said
I vote for eating some scrapple for breakfast.

On Wednesday, 23-Jul-2008 20:29:55 EDT, John said
I like grits. Grits with cheese is yummy

On Wednesday, 09-Jul-2008 22:43:00 EDT, Kupser said
The two other sub camps could be used in the looking for the Xs. Also as far as I know the Cub Scout thing last year was considered a success and it is suppose to happen again during XXXII. This might be needed to take into consideration in the planning of events and activities. They might ask us again to help out in some sort of way.

On Monday, 07-Jul-2008 08:47:40 EDT, Ethan said
I was in the South this weekend, and I hear that they eat cheese in their grits down there. I don't think cheese is one of our standard jackpot grits ingredients. It might be good to add, unless people think it wouldn't go well with our other ingredients.

On Monday, 09-Jun-2008 20:31:00 EDT, Jeff said
Twilight golf sounds interesting. As to the string maze, I have a couple ideas as our result of our first experience.

On Friday, 06-Jun-2008 09:23:04 EDT, Ethan said
I also vote for twilight CC golf. perhaps if it works well, we could go into nighttime golf, as suggested on The Wall.

On Sunday, 20-Apr-2008 22:52:32 EDT, Ethan said
I vote for another go at the rope maze this year

On Wednesday, 19-Mar-2008 17:43:19 EST, alaa said

On Tuesday, 11-Mar-2008 19:45:27 EST, Kupser said
First I would like to say hello to everyone. Now and then I am able to log on at work and see what is up.
I have both some good news and some bad. First the good, I will still be able to host the Winter Camp planning meetings at my house if that is what is desired by the youth. Now the bad, I will not be able to attend this years Winter Camp due to a much needed vacation in the Western Caribbean. With some sun and fun, Scuba tanks, dolphins and, little umbrellas. I might miss Winter Camp a little. More news later. Kupser

On Friday, 29-Feb-2008 19:37:02 EST, Kupser said
Happy Leap Day to everyone.

On Tuesday, 26-Feb-2008 11:33:39 EST, Ethan said
I vote for soup on the menu

On Wednesday, 30-Jan-2008 13:15:13 EST, Steve said
I think the key might be to have the grid not in either sector. Two teams each with a sector. Some x's are earned (they have a judge with them) and some have to be found. Successfully cooking dinner by some time nets an X. Everyone being in bed by some time nets an X (to reduce the all-nighter effect). There could be a search either at night or in the morning or both where you could find them capture the flag style. With two earned by successfully camping, that would leave as many as 3 to be found.
There could even be a trail with the remainder on it (like the Pedro). You hike the Pedro and at the mid-point is the grid perhaps... The two teams start from opposite ends and maybe the first X is at the spot where they should eat or camp...

On Saturday, 12-Jan-2008 10:13:38 EST, John said
True, and I think less than cunning is probably overly generous.

Maybe each team should have a grid. That way each team has to play defense and offense.

On Thursday, 10-Jan-2008 14:33:57 EST, Steve said
Or, in a less than cunning move, an explosion in a fire...

On Thursday, 10-Jan-2008 08:37:52 EST, John said
Sounds like a fun activity....and no that group was never found, despite making a fire and explosions.

On Tuesday, 08-Jan-2008 22:53:58 EST, Steve said
That might be the way to get interaction between the teams. One team has to guard the grid, the other two want to put their marks on it.
Sneaking in and putting the mark in place would be quite a challenge.

On Tuesday, 08-Jan-2008 16:28:14 EST, Ethan said
I'm all for outdoor things at Winter Camp. I think splitting up into groups with missions is a good idea. We could tie in the X marks the spot equipment somehow. The more we use it, the better, I think

On Monday, 07-Jan-2008 21:03:19 EST, Jeff said
The College of Winter Camping is prepared to assist in any preparations for overnight outdoor experiences. There was much enthusiasm generated for the impromptu ice camping experience held at Winter Camp XXXI.

On Monday, 07-Jan-2008 11:54:21 EST, Steve said
My troop had a winter campout a few years ago where a small group was allowed to make camp on Friday night and then had to survive the weekend without being found by the remainder of the group.
I think we could probably do something similar with perhaps two or three patrols trying to find each other while avoiding being found. Think of it as an overnight capture the objective, perhaps starting when the teams leave the cabins at 6:00 pm and ending with lunch the following day.

On Saturday, 05-Jan-2008 13:08:05 EST, Jeff said
I believe there is an interest among the youth in conducting an overnight experience, but with the twist of establishing a hidden rebel base.

On Thursday, 03-Jan-2008 16:22:20 EST, Ethan said
I suggest a Bivowac themed event, not unlike the going west event from Winter Camp XXVIII. We could get to camp, get settled, have a hearty lunch, then back some overnight gear and hit the trail.

On the trail we could have some activies, like 4-way volleyball or something else. We could cook a small-ish dinner at a campsite, like Migisi, then spend the night and go back to BC in the morning.

This event could also take place on a day that is not the first day.

On Tuesday, 01-Jan-2008 20:59:13 EST, Steve said
Just making sure this works.

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