Winter Camp XXXIII - 2009

Log your progress for this year.

Dennis Root Jr.Master winter survival techniques
Dave OakleyTie 40 knots with rope
Keith KingExtend Winter Camp postcard collection
Gabriel ChurchCrochet the Winter Camp logo
Joe WarrenBecome an Eagle Scout
Robert LippusRifle shooting - join the NRA
Gordon DraperExercise and train Ebony (his dog)
Steve Donohue"The Quarter Pounder"
Timmy KasprzakPhotography
Will GagnonGet a job
Jarod HaapapuroEarn the Russell Neynaber Award
Mike WilliamsBecome a ceremonialist
Mitch TurcotteLearn Hebrew
Ryan SklodowskeLearn Japanese
Zach StockwellTrapshoot a perfect score
Brandon JonesHunt deer successfully
Kyle KeezerCollect belt buckles
Ethan ReinCider making
Mark Bollman-->Convert music collection to MP3 files
Matt EliasLearn a new word every day
Jeff RandVisit islands
Roger HornBecome a merit badge counselor for SCUBA and Robotics MBís
Lucas KuzalaCurling
Tom SalliotteGolf
Scott FultsTree identification
Joe SalliottePaper aviation

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