Winter Camp XXXIII - 2009
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On Thursday, 24-Dec-2009 20:42:29 EST, Steve said
Shopping is done...

On Wednesday, 23-Dec-2009 15:34:30 EST, K2 said
OK, I think I've got everyone a ride to camp. However... two of the people giving rides up to camp (each taking 3) cannot bring anyone back. So I'm at least six seats short on the ride home.

On Wednesday, 23-Dec-2009 12:30:15 EST, K2 said
I just spoke with Kevin Fox and he said it should not be a problem for us to use the dining hall for pizza and movie on monday night.

On Wednesday, 23-Dec-2009 11:01:42 EST, Steve said
And for those looking at the menu, it just dawned on me that I missed putting in the recipe for the big pretzels.

On Wednesday, 23-Dec-2009 10:51:52 EST, Steve said
The roster is short two people, Kyle Keezer and Tim Kasprzak. Of course, some of those shown may not be present on any given day and the meal may need some people to distribute alms to the poor blind beggars.

On Wednesday, 23-Dec-2009 08:10:09 EST, K2 said
That gives us 18 blind folds. If anyone can provide more blind folds please bring them up to camp. We need 8 more according to the roster.

On Wednesday, 23-Dec-2009 08:08:12 EST, Ethan said
I can provide three.

On Tuesday, 22-Dec-2009 20:50:09 EST, Jeff said
Found 9 more items that should work.

On Tuesday, 22-Dec-2009 19:11:09 EST, K2 said
I stand corrected.

Can anyone provide blind folds?

On Tuesday, 22-Dec-2009 18:27:50 EST, Jeff said
I have 6 blindfolds.

On Tuesday, 22-Dec-2009 18:00:29 EST, K2 said
I do believe Mr. Rand will be providing blind folds for the hike, including a sign-out sheet.

Do correct me if I'm wrong.

On Tuesday, 22-Dec-2009 16:33:44 EST, Ethan said
Have we blindfolds for the blind beggars banquet? The 'hat over the eyes' method of blind hiking might be uncomfortable for a dinner enviornment.

On Tuesday, 22-Dec-2009 13:00:20 EST, K2 said
If anyone is able to provide rides up to winter camp please give me a call on my cell phone: 313-600-7983 or email me

On Monday, 21-Dec-2009 21:17:25 EST, Jeff said
I looked at the pictures of the Giant Jenga, and it appears that Paul is champion.

On Monday, 21-Dec-2009 16:27:00 EST, Steve said
I think testing the game may be a violation of Winter Camp conventions.

On Monday, 21-Dec-2009 13:06:47 EST, Steve said
10:00 am on Thursday at Sam's is good by me.

On Monday, 21-Dec-2009 09:07:05 EST, K2 said
Also, I forgot, pictures from the Giant Jenga Event...

I also forgot to mention, the script to actually display the picture on a website still needs to be written. But I don't expect too much trouble with that one. At least not for something simple.

On Monday, 21-Dec-2009 09:06:07 EST, K2 said
10am @ Sams club on the 24th right?

On Monday, 21-Dec-2009 08:05:56 EST, K2 said
Paul Kupser and myself loaded up the trailer at my house on Saturday. He took the trailer up to camp and unloaded it into the BC cabin. (Thank you Paul!)

I came up Sunday to test Winter Camp Live and it works! I've got some software bugs to iron out but I'm pretty confident we can make it work reliably. The problem I'm having right now is that windows thinks to repeat the scheduled task every hour means repeat it once and quit. So either I've got it mis-configured or Windows has issues with time. Note: I just looked and yes, I had it misconfigured. One bug down, one to go...

I was able to take a picture every 30 seconds in the BC cabin, upload it to the computer in the front of camp, and then the computer in the front of camp uploaded the pictures to my website. I originally had it set to take a picture every 10 seconds but it basically clogged up the line. I forgot how slow dial-up is. We might be able to do it if we can find a way to make my laptops talk @ 56K instead of 33.6K. I'm thinking its a limitation of the phone system / phone lines, but I'm not sure since it's been over 10 years since I've seriously used dial-up.

The other bug was with the computer up front not uploading. I think I'll get a better FTP software (using built-in right now) so it doesn't have any kind of error handling. I'm hoping to find some kind of FTP software that will monitor a directory and upload files that appear in it, or if it would just scan a folder on a schedule and upload anything in it every minute or so. Either way would work. Note: After telling my plight to my buddy, he found a program that will work. The only bummer is that it costs $69. Even so, it comes with a 30 day trial (fully functional it claims!), so we're in business 8-) I'll test it tonight to see if the upload portion works and fix my scheduled tasks. Then we should be solid!

In other news, the Giant Jenga blocks made it to the BC cabin. Paul and I took a break from moving containers around to play the first game ever. As of 2:08PM on 12/20/2009, I am the World Champion of Giant Jenga with an undefeated record of 1-0. I'd like to take this opportunity to retire from Giant Jenga, with my record untarnished.

On Monday, 21-Dec-2009 08:47:48 EST, Ethan said
What time are we grocery shopping?

On Monday, 21-Dec-2009 00:52:16 EST, Steve said
Got one more check from a youth yesterday. I'll update the roster tomorrow. I haven't finished meals yet, another thing I'll be trying to do tomorrow.

In better news, our pulled pork has been donated (by my boss) who wanted us to name some event after his wife. He also asked that it be associated with the bathroom (no, I don't know why).

Anyhow, I think naming a daily "Lianne's Latrine Liaison" with responsibility for sweeping out and stocking the latrine is a good idea and meets the requirement.

Any volunteers to be the first L3?

On Friday, 18-Dec-2009 15:35:35 EST, Steve said
Roster has been updated.

On Friday, 18-Dec-2009 09:00:00 EST, K2 said
I'll add a video camera to my list of stuff to bring, so we could record the movie at camp if we come up with any ideas.

On Friday, 18-Dec-2009 00:04:54 EST, Steve said
Updated roster coming soon.

One other thing upcoming is that our lodge is dong the Saturday show at Section. We're thinking about doing a short-film contest with about 5 minute movies. The theme of the show (and the movie) is "Transforming for Service"

Any thoughts about trying to do a short movie at Winter Camp?

On Thursday, 17-Dec-2009 14:20:56 EST, Steve said
I'll have forms at tonight's chapter meeting if anyone is interested in paying there.

On Tuesday, 15-Dec-2009 15:18:52 EST, Steve said
Now I remember. Palamedes is credited as the inventor of dice.

On Tuesday, 15-Dec-2009 14:25:24 EST, Ethan said
I think that was voted on as the 'random lunch.' It's the one where you roll a dice that tells you what to eat or drink for each bite / swig

On Tuesday, 15-Dec-2009 12:45:29 EST, K2 said
Was this potentially the idea behind the Palamedes Lunch?

On Tuesday, 15-Dec-2009 01:49:41 EST, Steve said
Haven't updated the roster yet, but Messrs Draper and Bollman are both paid participants.

On Monday, 14-Dec-2009 14:05:10 EST, Steve said
The Roster was current as of Saturday's mail, so I haven't received your check yet. I'll let you know when I receive it.

On Monday, 14-Dec-2009 10:41:16 EST, Gordon W. Draper said
I presume my late check arrived after the attached roster was written.

On Monday, 14-Dec-2009 10:15:00 EST, Steve D said
Yes, we need to get forms even if you paid online. We need your photo release and medical information.
I checked and should receive the 28 balls for Kick in Hole today.

Light sticks are widely available on Ebay and can be had for about $25 for 200. Here's a link to 100 for 14.99 shipped.

I didn't look very hard, I'd guess there are better deals.

On Monday, 14-Dec-2009 09:23:06 EST, Jeff said
Small light sticks will work, providing they can last about three hours.

On Monday, 14-Dec-2009 08:47:05 EST, Ethan said
Do we need to fill out forms if we paid online?

On Sunday, 13-Dec-2009 21:47:44 EST, Steve said
What are the light sticks for? Can they be small or do they have to be the typical 6-8" size?

- Palamedes Lunch
I think I named it but I don't remember the theme.

- Game Meal (Ethan might be working on this one)
We're going to do a puzzle and I think I have this one in hand.

- Nautillus Lunch
I hadn't given a lot of thought to theme here. The name was mostly around having subs.

- Roaster Lunch
I have a 17 qt roaster, I think that's all we need.

- Southern Hospitality Dinner
Again, I don't think there's anything special we need although if someone has some atmosphere suggestions we can go for it. I am thinking about getting my boss to do the pulled pork for us ahead of time. He has two roasters and loves to use them. When he fires them up, I'll post his egg's twitter feed so you can read about them cooking - it'll be kind of like the old-school latrine thing.

- Mold meal (do we already have enough molds?)
I have 5 jello molds and I think camp has 2. 7 might be enough as some things they'll be used more or less as cookie cutters (ie, make the shape and move on).

- Last Breakfast
I don't think we need anything.

On Sunday, 13-Dec-2009 21:47:44 EST, Steve said
What are the light sticks for? Can they be small or do they have to be the typical 6-8" size?

- Palamedes Lunch
I think I named it but I don't remember the theme.

- Game Meal (Ethan might be working on this one)
We're going to do a puzzle and I think I have this one in hand.

- Nautillus Lunch
I hadn't given a lot of thought to theme here. The name was mostly around having subs.

- Roaster Lunch
I have a 17 qt roaster, I think that's all we need.

- Southern Hospitality Dinner
Again, I don't think there's anything special we need although if someone has some atmosphere suggestions we can go for it. I am thinking about getting my boss to do the pulled pork for us ahead of time. He has two roasters and loves to use them. When he fires them up, I'll post his egg's twitter feed so you can read about them cooking - it'll be kind of like the old-school latrine thing.

- Mold meal (do we already have enough molds?)
I have 5 jello molds and I think camp has 2. 7 might be enough as some things they'll be used more or less as cookie cutters (ie, make the shape and move on).

- Last Breakfast
I don't think we need anything.

On Sunday, 13-Dec-2009 21:02:36 EST, K2 said
Regarding the sealant, I have PVC cleaner and glue that I can bring, I just wasn't sure if that was the type of sealant we'll need or not.

On Sunday, 13-Dec-2009 20:59:58 EST, K2 said
I've been working on the schedule today and this is basically what I've come up with that we need ...

- Lantern for the latrine
- 66 light sticks
- Time capsule sealant? (PVC Cleaner / Glue?)
- People to volunteer to coordinate events
- Soccer Ball
- Ideas for "records"

Also, I need to know if we need to bring anything ahead of time for the following meals:
- Palamedes Lunch
- Game Meal (Ethan might be working on this one)
- Nautillus Lunch
- Roaster Lunch
- Southern Hospitality Dinner
- Mold meal (do we already have enough molds?)
- Last Breakfast

Also, is there a Casino Snack? I didn't see one on the schedule but I wasn't sure if this was omitted intentionally.

On Sunday, 13-Dec-2009 11:26:39 EST, Steve said
I'm sure with real golf there's some formula for it. We just picked a par of 162 the first time and then reduced it when it became clear we were beating par by 90+ strokes some years.

I looked it up and the most authoritative source I found said you figure par by allowing 2 strokes per green, then the rest of them are based on how many strokes it would take you to hit the green. Strokes to the green seems to be mostly a matter of how far it is to the green (using the fairways) and how far you think an average golfer will hit the ball.

I guess we can either go with our standard Par 62 and see how it works out or do some comparisons to see how far the tennis ball gets hit vs. the golf ball. My guess is the tennis ball will turn out to be worse to hit with a club than the golf ball.

On Sunday, 13-Dec-2009 11:15:15 EST, K2 said
Since we're going to be using tennis balls for CCG this year, do we need to make any adjustments to the Par of the course? I don't know how they determine it for normal golf but maybe we could make that a sub-activity to determine the par of the CCG course when using tennis balls?

On , said

On Saturday, 12-Dec-2009 20:27:15 EST, Gabriel said
I forgot to put my name, but that last message was me

On Friday, 11-Dec-2009 22:45:46 EST, said
I have a couple possibilities for leadership if they would would register
James Mountour and Josh Hermman

On Thursday, 10-Dec-2009 13:30:26 EST, K2 said
Not that I know of. I'll call Gabe and see where we're at.

On Thursday, 10-Dec-2009 10:47:49 EST, Steve said
Have we had any progress on youth leadership?

On Thursday, 10-Dec-2009 10:46:19 EST, Steve said
I'll try to pull the registration numbers together tonight. I've recieved 4 or 5 checks in the last few days from youth.

On Thursday, 10-Dec-2009 09:24:34 EST, K2 said
Not yet. I had to take off before they were completely finished, but I'll probably pick them up this weekend and have a go at it.

Maybe this game will require some kind of protective gear...

On Wednesday, 09-Dec-2009 22:46:29 EST, Ethan said
Those blocks look great. Have you had a chance to play?

On Wednesday, 09-Dec-2009 01:01:32 EST, Jeff said
Impressive Jenga blocks.

On Tuesday, 08-Dec-2009 22:06:41 EST, Ethan said
How are the registration numbers looking?

On Monday, 07-Dec-2009 16:09:20 EST, Oak said
I vote we go with Bollmanos' Pizza during the Giant movie night!
Winter camp would not be the same. Where else can you see skittles go on a pizza and get eaten?

On Monday, 07-Dec-2009 16:07:59 EST, K2 said
The Giant Jenga blocks are made. There's also an added bonus my dad was able to do. You'll have to look at the pictures to see though...

On Thursday, 03-Dec-2009 11:41:15 EST, Ethan said
I take it there are no objections to the WCFS meeting on the 30th. Mark your calendars!

On Wednesday, 02-Dec-2009 06:13:32 EST, K2 said
I believe that was the idea with the pizza but I could be wrong. I don't know if we worked out the logistics yet as far as where to have the movie, which would affect if we can do pizza during the movie or not. There was talk of having it at the dining hall.

I second a WCFS meeting on the 30th.

On Tuesday, 01-Dec-2009 16:11:26 EST, Ethan said
Does anyone object to WCFS meeting on the evening of the 30th?

On Tuesday, 01-Dec-2009 16:04:50 EST, Ethan said
Did we plan to have pizza with the Giant Movie? I see there's no snack on the schedule for that night. (the 28th)

I'm sure we did talk about it. It may have just been left of the draft of the schedule.

On Tuesday, 01-Dec-2009 14:24:40 EST, K2 said
If it makes you feel any better, Bollmano's Pizza did get a respectable 31 votes. Little Ozzie's pizza beat it with a score of 32. I think you have a person with the initials J. R. to thank for that one, but that's just a rumor...

On the plus side you did beat out the Peewee Herman Meal which only got 29.

On Tuesday, 01-Dec-2009 12:42:07 EST, Mark--> said
No Bollmano's Pizza on the schedule?

Man, miss one planning meeting and suddenly you're Little Ozzie...

On Monday, 30-Nov-2009 17:22:01 EST, K2 said
I think that would work out just fine.

At those dimentions, it would stand 27" tall (2' 3") when the game starts.

It's theoretical maximum height is 81" tall (6' 9") with one block on each layer. Odds are slim it will reach such heights, but I think that means we've got it sized just about right. It wouldn't hurt to have them a little thinner even.

When I first told this to my dad he was concerned about people getting hurt if the tower fell on them. Winter Camp... the only place a board game could hurt you.

On Monday, 30-Nov-2009 17:20:03 EST, K2 said
It'll give my dad something to do :)

I'll make up 54 blocks out of 2x4 pieces of pine. We're going to plane them, edge them and cut to a length 3x the width. So it should be somewhere in the neighborhood of what we talked about before (if they're 3.5" across, we'll make them 10.5" long)

On Monday, 30-Nov-2009 16:18:44 EST, Steve said
If you're ready to make Jenga blocks, then I will happily cede the battle to you.

On Monday, 30-Nov-2009 15:43:44 EST, Ethan said
Are we all set to gather on Philomene?

On Monday, 30-Nov-2009 07:35:45 EST, Jeff said
It is WCST. This is the normal start time.

On Monday, 30-Nov-2009 13:37:54 EST, Ethan said
Sometimes, the schedule has the departure from Allen Park on it.

Winter Camp XXIX had: "7:30 am (EST) Congregate at Bollman's (19009 Philomene, Allen Park Phone: 313-386-1146). 8:00 am (EST) Depart for Camp; adjust watches." It also had the note: "Except where noted, all times are given WCST (EST + 77 minutes)"

I think those would be useful on this schedule, if they are accurate. I think they are accurate.

On Monday, 30-Nov-2009 13:37:54 EST, Ethan said
Sometimes, the schedule has the departure from Allen Park on it.

Winter Camp XXIX had: "7:30 am (EST) Congregate at Bollman's (19009 Philomene, Allen Park Phone: 313-386-1146). 8:00 am (EST) Depart for Camp; adjust watches." It also had the note: "Except where noted, all times are given WCST (EST + 77 minutes)"

I think those would be useful on this schedule, if they are accurate. I think they are accurate.

On Monday, 30-Nov-2009 07:35:45 EST, Jeff said
It is WCST, but folks usually arrive by 11 WCST.

On Sunday, 29-Nov-2009 21:24:19 EST, K2 said
Did we start the schedule too soon? It starts at 12:00pm but is that EST or WCST?

On Sunday, 29-Nov-2009 21:24:19 EST, K2 said
Put me down formentos supplies

On Sunday, 29-Nov-2009 19:39:42 EST, K2 said
Did we decide how we wanted the jenga blocks made? Should we each make a set and let the people decide which they like more?

On Saturday, 28-Nov-2009 15:59:13 EST, Steve D said
Just ordered 28 8.5" playground balls for kickinole. Also ordered 4 15" plastic cones since they were free. I ordered 14 each of two different colors. Expecting to receive them later this week.

On Friday, 27-Nov-2009 10:16:09 EST, Steve said
Hopefully people are avoiding the website in droves. I do know that Dr. Bollman won't be in attendance at this year's planning meeting.

On Tuesday, 24-Nov-2009 21:24:34 EST, Ethan said

On Tuesday, 24-Nov-2009 20:39:45 EST, Jeff said

On Tuesday, 24-Nov-2009 18:07:27 EST, K2 said
Yessir I'll be there.

On Tuesday, 24-Nov-2009 15:09:55 EST, Steve said
How about a quick sound off from those who are coming to the planning meeting?

I'm in. I believe Tim "Swine Flu" Hunt is out. Anyone else?

On Friday, 20-Nov-2009 16:11:12 EST, K2 said
Jack lord firebowl pictures:

On Friday, 20-Nov-2009 16:10:12 EST, K2 said
Yup, it's along the lake near the water front in a little cove. It's has a great view of the lake. Let me upload the pictures I have and I'll put a link here...

On Friday, 20-Nov-2009 15:29:45 EST, Ethan said
Is the new Fire Bowl on lockwood lake?

On Friday, 20-Nov-2009 09:59:38 EST, K2 said
Awesome on passing out the flyers! I got an email from one of our brand new members asking for more information, gave him what he needed. Hopefully we'll see him there.

I just saw what they did this past weekend with the firebowl. I took some pictures before they bulldozed and this past weekend I just took some of it after it was bulldozed. It's really coming along great.

That'll be great to see the new Council Exec at Winter Camp. Maybe we could get him to autograph something to add to our collection?? Something Bigger than Big?

On Friday, 20-Nov-2009 07:06:55 EST, Steve said
Gabe and I handed out forms and a flyer for the planning meeting last night. There's a hot rumor that John Reesor, our new Council Exec, maybe make an appearance at Winter Camp this year.
Before coming to our council, Mr. Reesor worked in the Western Region office alongide Jeff Rand. I haven't head yet what day/days he'll be out.
We have heard that at least one of our projects will be burning wood cleared from the new Jack Lord firebowl and a site in Trout Lake.

On Wednesday, 18-Nov-2009 22:26:40 EST, Steve said
I think we'd make them beforehand. I also think it wouldn't be that hard since I know a guy with an ultimate set of tools and not a lot to do (my dad).

On Wednesday, 18-Nov-2009 16:44:26 EST, Ethan said
Would we make the boxes at Winter Camp or before hand?

On Wednesday, 18-Nov-2009 09:05:40 EST, K2 said
Sounds like the boxes would be alot of work to make 54 boxes?

You don't think planing and sanding some 2x4's would be smooth enough?

On Wednesday, 18-Nov-2009 07:11:38 EST, Steve said
I was thinking it might be better to get some 1/4" plywood and build each piece as a box. then the size would be smooth and we could make the pieces in the size we want.

On Tuesday, 17-Nov-2009 10:14:49 EST, K2 said
My dad says we could probably do it for $20-$25 for the cheap pine. He said if we really wanted to do it nice then we could get this other stuff but it would be more expensive. I'm waiting to hear back how much it would be to do the really nice stuff. Because for something like this you want smooth wood. The cheap stuff is knotty pine and the knots would probably add to the difficulty factor.

Unless we want that factor I'm going to see how much it would cost to do the really nice stuff.

On Friday, 13-Nov-2009 07:28:17 EST, Ethan said
Giant Jenga would be awesome. I could make a drive to someone's house if there was help to be had when it comes to planing or cutting the pieces.

On Thursday, 12-Nov-2009 15:18:23 EST, K2 said
That's a great idea.

I could probably talk my dad into letting me use his planer. That would definitely improve on their consistency and hopefully put somewhat of a flat surface on them.

He also has a jointer so we could really go to town on these if we so chose...

On Wednesday, 11-Nov-2009 20:12:15 EST, Steve said
Surely you can still return the bottles...

I was thinking today what about Giant Jenga? Pieces are made of 2x4 lumber. The basic jenga tower is more or less square, so the 3.5" width of the 2x4s would make the length about 10.5 inches to get a square. Official Jenga uses 54 pieces, having 18 levels of 3. I think that would make ours, if we used 54 pieces, roughly 45" tall.

I doubt we'd get a super tall tower because the Jenga pieces are milled and we probably would not spend that much on lumber.

On Monday, 09-Nov-2009 06:57:10 EST, K2 said

Couple of people here at work were talking about how nice the weather was this weekend and how it'd be nice if the whole winter was like that. I told them I would be very upset because I want it to be cold enough to be able to play Cross Country Golf across the lake.

The discussion led to an interesting idea. Have we ever involved row boats when it comes to CCG? I think it'd be a memorable experience if we could pull it off...

On Monday, 09-Nov-2009 05:40:12 EST, K2 said
Last night I had the first and second test of what I'm branding as an M1 (Mentos 1). I'm still toying with the name. Maybe MAS1 (Mentos and Soda) or MAP1 (Mentos and Pop).

It demonstrated a few things.

First that I need to come up with a better way to seal my valve on the top. I tried using a combination of PVC glue and caulking the gaps after that, but it proved to be too weak and leaked all over the place.

Second, my mentos dropper has some flaws but I think they can be fixed. The problem i'm having at the moment is they're getting stuck in the tube even after i've released them. The tube is 1" while the mentos are roughly 3/4". The problem though is the tube I have was joined together at multiple points. First it's attached to the 4" PVC barrel by screwing a threaded 1" pvc tube receiver through a hole I drilled. It's not the cleanest way to do it but it mostly works. I then used PVC glue and caulk to make a feeble attempt to seal it which it kind of did, right up until I accidentally twisted it and ruined any seal the caulk might of had. That threaded into a 1" valve. Then I threaded another 1" pvc tube receiver into the top of the valve which had a 6" long 1" pvc tube with a cap on the end attached to that. It looks pretty goofy.

So I fired it off twice. The first one was a bust because I'm pretty sure I accidentally left a mentos in the tube when I was testing the dropping mechanism, so it started foaming prematurely. That or I poured the pop too violently and it fizzed up something wicked. Either way when I dropped the mentos in not much happened.

The second time it was actually somewhat promising. At one point I had a 10'+ stream going, but it was fleeting at best. I'm confident this *could* work, but I need to fine tune a few things first. Like having a tube that doesn't leak, or a mentos dropper that actually drops them all in without having to rattle it, causing even more leaks.

Another problem I see so far with this design is that you lose alot of carbonation when you pour the pop. While writing this I had another idea for a much simpler design where you basically have a nozzle with a Y joint that has two ball valves that act as mentos stoppers. Basically you'd need something that could receive a 2 liter on each valve, then you'd turn the valves to drop the mentos into the 2 liters of pop. You won't lose as much carbonation that way, but it could be unwieldly...

At my current pricing (kroger Big K diet pop), it costs $1.87 + tax + deposit each time this is fired. It uses 4 liters of diet pop and 1 tube of mentos.

On Tuesday, 03-Nov-2009 09:50:06 EST, K2 said
What I was thinking was a 4" PVC tube thats 20" long. According to my rough calculations that should hold a little over 4 liters of liquid. That's just the tube, not counting any extra space that the cap / funnel allow for.

So what I was thinking was carefully pour in a couple two liter bottles of diet pop, then attach a funnel to the front, then somehow inject mentos into the back of the tube through some kind of a one-way valve setup (IE a check valve for a sump-pump).

I've got most of the materials to make one. I have some unused PVC tubing left over from my septic tank repair. I'll buy a cap for the back and somehow I'll funnel down the front of it so you get some range out of this badlad.

On Tuesday, 03-Nov-2009 06:57:06 EST, Steve said
Through school, Kristie can order a mentos tube for $5. It screws onto the bottle and holds mentos. there's also a release string. If anyone is intereste, let me know.

On Monday, 02-Nov-2009 15:39:07 EST, K2 said
I am currently in the process of researching a mentos super-soaker style gun.

On Monday, 02-Nov-2009 14:34:32 EST, Steve said
Clearly you've never dealt with a burro. It would make the hike a bigger than big pain in the butt.

Today's question: Could we redo the mentos thing only with a vat of cola and three or four packs of mentos? Bigger than big.

On Monday, 02-Nov-2009 11:33:06 EST, K2 said
I'm not sure how a burro would qualify as "bigger than big" unless we present it with a different perception, such as... We're going on a hike and we're bringing an oversized dog along!

On Monday, 02-Nov-2009 09:32:12 EST, Ethan said
I don't know much about the program, but D-A has some opportunities in the summer to take out a burrow for the day or over night. Would anyone be interested in going on some kind of burrow-enhanced hike?

On Thursday, 29-Oct-2009 15:19:09 EST, Ethan said
I was also thinking that a trail type blind hike would be a fun activity. Depending on group size, I think it would be fun to have two blind hikes at the time where the groups start in different places and hike toward the same location.

On Thursday, 29-Oct-2009 14:38:50 EST, K2 said
Maybe we can be "bigger than big" with the hike in other ways. For example, our blind hikes are relatively low risk. However, if our hikers had to say... travel around Lockwood Lake (the entire lake), that would make the risk bigger than big.

On Thursday, 29-Oct-2009 09:31:32 EST, Ethan said
A perimeter hike at night doesn't as cool to me as one in the daylight.

Considering the theme, I suppose we'll have to have an extra long Blind Hike as well.

On Tuesday, 27-Oct-2009 15:15:01 EST, K2 said
A helmet cam would go nicely on that hike. Especially if its at night w/ night vision. The Rand Witch Project has a nice ring to it...

On Tuesday, 27-Oct-2009 06:40:26 EST, Steve said
I'm sure if you ask Jeff will go during free time or the middle of the night...

On Friday, 23-Oct-2009 14:13:41 EDT, Ethan said
It will be so hard to wait all those years.

On Friday, 23-Oct-2009 06:50:51 EDT, said
8 more years.

On Thursday, 22-Oct-2009 17:47:06 EDT, Ethan said
Hikes that go 'round the edge of camp are large. Is that about that time?

On Tuesday, 20-Oct-2009 13:07:54 EDT, K2 said
Why can't we just make a dutch oven "cup cake"? :)

On Tuesday, 20-Oct-2009 10:34:54 EDT, Ethan said
There are a bunch of giant cup cake pans on line. I see one on Amazon which claims to hold 10 cups of batter. How big was the one you saw on the commercial?

On Saturday, 17-Oct-2009 17:23:42 EDT, Steve said
I haven't seen it again. darn it. I was thinking it might be fun to have a cupcake desert where we made little mini-torts or something then decorated them like cupcakes - so each one would be 4-5" across. Bigger than big!

On Wednesday, 14-Oct-2009 06:12:48 EDT, Steve said
Has anyone else seen the commercial for the giant cupcake maker?

On Monday, 12-Oct-2009 21:15:35 EDT, Ethan said
Any chance someone could get one of those giant parachute from an elementary school gymnasium? They are pretty large.

On Tuesday, 29-Sep-2009 18:50:06 EDT, K2 said
Could we have registration forms ready to rock for the fall fellowship?

If you can just forward me the document and I'll make the necessary changes. I'd like to be able to distribute those at the fall fellowship along with more flyers. That way we can start getting registrations soon.

I think that's the only mistake we made at the fall conclave is that we didn't hand out any registration forms.

On Tuesday, 29-Sep-2009 10:13:58 EDT, K2 said
Have we ever thought of playing snow soccer at night with a glow in the dark soccer ball?

That might be a fun twist on the game.

On Tuesday, 29-Sep-2009 07:30:29 EDT, K2 said
Yeah I saw that, and then there's also a lodge leadership meeting on sunday so I guess this weekend is out?

I'd love to go to camp but my wife works saturday, so I've got to watch the little one. So I can be home anytime on Saturday. I'll probably do some running around unless someone tells me they're coming out for sure.

As of now I am also available the 10th and the 11th. After that, I'm busy the 16-18 (haunted weekend) and 23-25 (fellowship)

Oct 31 / Nov 1 are also open right now.

On Tuesday, 29-Sep-2009 06:42:58 EDT, Steve said
There's a big push for people to come out to camp on the 3rd. We started out with a Pedro Trail fix up project and now there's a lot of road repair too.

On Monday, 28-Sep-2009 08:07:49 EDT, K2 said
Its short notice but as of now I'm open anytime on October 3rd or 4th. The 4th would be better for me, but I will be home both days.

On Monday, 28-Sep-2009 07:50:26 EDT, K2 said
Mowing the grass is kind of fun now. I like using the tractor instead of a push mower. :: cue "I'm a Country Boy" by Alan Jackson ::

If we can get 2-3 people to commit to a day that should be fine. It's not like we need 20 guys to do this. Maybe one person with a laptop to take inventory of what we have so then we can make a list of what we want to bring, and 2-3 guys to pull stuff out and tell it to the guy on the laptop. Heck if one guy would come out that would work, it'd just take longer. I guess I could do it by myself but if we have 18 spatulas and no pots or pans, I don't want to hear about it ;)

Also, I may have figured out a way to get Winter Camp Live (picture every minute posted online) to work. I'm going to test it at fall fellowship to make sure everything works the way I expect it to. I don't think, using the method I'm going to try, that we can stream video across it, even at a low resolution, but maybe in the future we can figure out how to stream audio and video.

On Sunday, 27-Sep-2009 22:03:26 EDT, Steve said
Well, you had more fun than I did. Not sure if we should reschedule or just have a few people show up some time without worrying about a formal meeting.

On Sunday, 27-Sep-2009 16:44:28 EDT, K2 said
It was great. I mowed the grass.

On Sunday, 27-Sep-2009 15:55:15 EDT, Steve said
How did it turn out?

On Sunday, 27-Sep-2009 14:03:20 EDT, Jeff said
Sorry. I'll be in another state.

On Sunday, 27-Sep-2009 11:06:21 EDT, K2 said
Is anyone planning on attending? I haven't heard from anyone... (except Steve)

On Sunday, 27-Sep-2009 10:38:38 EDT, Steve said
Despite having suggested the meeting and the time, I won't be there today.

My in-laws have decided to pay us a visit today...

On Friday, 25-Sep-2009 14:00:10 EDT, K2 said
Just a reminder that we're having the meeting at my house to sort through the winter camp kitchen this coming sunday at 2:00 pm.

If you need the address:
1603 E. Maple Road, Milford, MI 48381

When you turn left (west) on to maple (dirt road) we're the second mailbox on the right (north side). The house is way back off the road. You'll see a group of mailboxes, one of them (mine) looks a little busted up.

Call me if you get lost or need help finding the place: 313-600-7983

On Monday, 21-Sep-2009 11:37:29 EDT, K2 said
As you can see below from Ryan's post, we promoted Winter Camp at the Fall Conclave to our new members as well as the current members who were at the Chapter Meeting. Gabe distributed the flyers to everyone and gave some information about Winter Camp. Gabe took the left over flyers and I asked him if he would distribute them at other Chapter events.

I've also distributed these to my troop, and The Oak said he distributed them to his troop as well.

Maybe we could get some kind of a Winter Camp Awareness rubber bracelet to wear to our chapter events. Something to passively advertise Winter Camp.

Incase anyone needs the link to the flyers, they're available at:

On Monday, 21-Sep-2009 11:29:02 EDT, K2 said
Another idea...

If I can get enough of those paper boxes I'm saving up, we could have two or three teams build a fort or a wall or something out of the boxes, then you have to attack your enemy's fort from your fort using snowballs.

No clue how to determine a "winner" but i think it'd be fun.

On Monday, 21-Sep-2009 11:22:41 EDT, K2 said
You know what might be a fun game...

To showcase those new steps, maybe we could make a game out of trying to roll a giant yetiball to hit some pins at the bottom. It's pretty challenging because they turn.

Maybe we could have multiple sets of pins. Have a set after like 3 steps, another set after another 3 steps, etc. The farther down the pins are the more they're worth.

On Sunday, 20-Sep-2009 14:14:43 EDT, David Oakley - "Oak" said
I agree with Ethan, It would be really cool to play Frisbee Golf and Human Foosball at D-A this wintercamp to
break in the new games.
If you get a chance - check out the steps from Trout Lake to the Friendship center. - 30 brand new railroad ties were put in this weekend. They look great!
Keep on Scouting!! "Oak".

On Sunday, 20-Sep-2009 12:20:01 EDT, Ryan Block said
Man! I just completed my ordeal and this was probably one of the FIRST things they told me about at my Chapter Meeting, so I figured I document this whole thing on my video camera (I plan to own one by WINTERCAMP) so...this is it on the whole "get somebody to document the event" thingy.

On Friday, 18-Sep-2009 10:32:08 EDT, Ethan said
I played a round at the new D-A disc golf course yesterday. I don't think it was a bigger than big, but it was a really fun thing to do. the baskets are cemented in the ground, so I think they'll be there this winter. I'm not sure how it could figure into the program, but I think it would be fun to spend some time there.

On Thursday, 17-Sep-2009 16:46:33 EDT, K2 said
Maybe we could tether it to the ground so we don't lose it! Twine is pretty cheap . I think 200-300 ft would be more than enough to get a good view of the arrow.

The only question is, who's gonna provide the camera for this dangerous mission?

On Wednesday, 16-Sep-2009 14:50:47 EDT, Steve D. said
This seems bigger than big...

It might be cool to set up the arrow and try it... we could have a more controlled flight obviously.

On Tuesday, 15-Sep-2009 12:06:05 EDT, Ethan said
That bucket challenge sounds like a pretty awesome idea.

On Saturday, 12-Sep-2009 10:09:05 EDT, K2 said
What if we went "Wild and crazy kids" style. We setup two or three teams, each armed with an equal amount of diet coke and mentos. Their goal is to shoot as much of the reaction into a bucket placed a certain distance from them.

We could give each person on the team a smaller water bottle they can fill up with diet coke. Then we say "go" and each team member goes up to the "range" and expends their bottle. Then the next, and so on, until each team has finished. The team with the most liquid in the bucket wins.

On Friday, 11-Sep-2009 21:16:35 EDT, K2 said
What if we made battleships and we used the plastic bottles i'm saving for cannons?

I can see it now...

"Give'em a broad side!" :: mentos explosion goodness ::

On Friday, 11-Sep-2009 21:08:55 EDT, K2 said
Well... maybe for what they lack in size, we could make up in quantity?

What if we created the WCA (Winter Camp Armada)?

On Friday, 11-Sep-2009 20:06:22 EDT, Steve said
Whatever it is won't be small unless you figure out some way to separate the fuel from the vehicle.

I think if we did some kind of boats we might be able to do that - the boats could ride the surf. Also, back in the old days they had tracks for cars that ran with a hidden spring in the track and a pin. We could possibly make a conveyor belt with a 'mentos wheel" at one end to harness the energy.

On Friday, 11-Sep-2009 07:55:39 EDT, K2 said
Buddy of mine has another idea for the mentos & diet coke reaction...

He suggested what I called a Mentos Derby. We have 3 teams competing against each other to build a device to propel itself down a track using only the chemical reaction of mentos / diet coke. I want to build some prototypes first to see if this is even feesible (IE does the reaction produce enough thrust to move even something small?)

On Thursday, 10-Sep-2009 12:08:39 EDT, K2 said
Left a message for Gabe to give me a call to confirm he is aware of the meeting at my house on September 27th @ 2pm.

On Thursday, 10-Sep-2009 06:21:22 EDT, Steve said
Which troop has the highest average attendance per camper?

On Thursday, 10-Sep-2009 06:19:42 EDT, Steve said
Date and time seem good to me. Gabe, are you out there?

On Wednesday, 09-Sep-2009 22:15:25 EDT, Jeff said
K2, your research looks good. I would add the greatest repeat attendance: from II to III it is 100%. You might note that Troop 842 has the greatest number of individuals attending at least one Winter Camp: 34.

On Wednesday, 09-Sep-2009 22:01:31 EDT, K2 said
Just got back from handing out flyers to my troop for Winter Camp. There's only a few guys from my troop that are in the OA but I'm hoping they'll come.

On Wednesday, 09-Sep-2009 15:48:26 EDT, K2 said
Activity idea for this year...

I remember being sadly disappointed by the mentos experiment last year when they didn't go anywhere near as high as we had hoped.

I perceive this year's theme to be a challenge. How high could we possibly make it go? How big of a geyser could we make?

I'm not thinking 3 liter pop bottles big... I'm thinking some kind of a PVC tube specifically designed to handle this.

It just so happens I have some 4" PVC tubing left over from a septic tank repair job we could use if this was to be put on the schedule...

On Wednesday, 09-Sep-2009 15:26:43 EDT, K2 said
After doing some research, it would appear the following are the current records. Let me know if I am mistaken:

Most new campers at a winter camp: 16 (XX)

Most cabins used at a winter camp: 3 cabins (XXIV)

Most winter campers in attendance at a winter camp: 43 (XXVI)

On Tuesday, 08-Sep-2009 16:23:54 EDT, K2 said
How does 2:00pm on September 27th sound?

Incase anyone needs my address it's:

1603 E. Maple Road
Milford, MI

After you turn left on to maple (right when the road turns to dirt), we're the second mailbox on the right. The house is way back off the road. You'll see a red Dodge Journey and probably a grey Commander way up by the house. If you pass more streets (Jazz, Bordt), you went too far.

If you get lost call me: 313-600-7983

On Monday, 07-Sep-2009 10:38:08 EDT, K2 said
I happen to have an abundance of plastic water bottles (we drink alot of water). I'm going to start collecting them for now and if we can think of any use for them let me know.

Also, I am not available on September 13th anymore, but the other days are still good as of now.

On Monday, 07-Sep-2009 10:12:23 EDT, Steve said
I kind of like the 27th. We might be able to give the new members an immediate task - they can come out the following week and help us get ready for Winter Camp.

Apart from going through and inventorying food and kitchen gear we could also have some further planning discussions to help get them fired up for camp.

Maybe Gabe would be able to spot his assistants while we were there too.

On Friday, 04-Sep-2009 12:20:12 EDT, K2 said
Confirmed with Gabe that 1pm on November 27th is good to go.

Consider those flyers final. If you print any of them make sure they're double sided since that's how they're designed.

On Friday, 04-Sep-2009 08:57:25 EDT, K2 said
Here's my schedule this month as far as when I am available to sort through the kitchen...

September 12 / 13 / 20 (after camp) / 27

On Thursday, 03-Sep-2009 19:19:11 EDT, K2 said
Turns out, we have a bowling ball in the garage too! It's like the previous owner was a winter camper at heart...

Now if only I can figure out how to get the pool table he left here to winter camp....

On Wednesday, 02-Sep-2009 14:34:54 EDT, K2 said
Actually... I just realized that most of my troop isn't even in the OA. I think we have 2 or 3 of them in. So maybe i'll try pushing the OA via Winter Camp. "Join the OA so you can come to winter camp..."

On Wednesday, 02-Sep-2009 14:25:21 EDT, K2 said
Sounds like a plan. I'd prefer it if people wind up with two. Maybe by sheer repetition they'll be like "hey maybe i should go...". That's how all those TV commercials work on me. You can only see those Chicken Burritos so many times before you wake up at Taco Bell and you just polished off two or three.... not that has ever happened before...

I just talked with The Oak and he said he might distribute the flyer to his troop. I'm going to do the same for 842.

What's the record for the highest number of new Winter Campers at a winter camp? Most winter campers at winter camp? Most returning winter campers?

Have we ever needed more than 3 cabins before?

On Wednesday, 02-Sep-2009 12:28:05 EDT, Steve said
I think we'd want to bring them to the chapter meetings and events between now and Winter Camp. Even if people wind up with two it should be fine. Maybe if we work out the idea for the big game in time we can distribute some cards with them.
Kind of like "Wondering why you have a blunderbuss in your hand? Come to Winter Camp and find out." or "Wondering what this +2 card means? Come to Winter Camp and find out."
We could use it to sort of stock out some cards and create another mystery of Winter Camp.

On Wednesday, 02-Sep-2009 11:56:23 EDT, K2 said
When / where are we planning on distributing the flyer? Fall Conclave and/or Fall Fellowship? Did we want to take any of these to a chapter meeting before then?

On Wednesday, 02-Sep-2009 10:48:30 EDT, Ethan said
Looks very sharp!

On Wednesday, 02-Sep-2009 08:27:53 EDT, K2 said
Final draft:

Let me know if you see anything that needs to be changed. I just need to confirm with Gabe that 1:00pm is ok for the planning meeting.

On Tuesday, 01-Sep-2009 20:35:48 EDT, Jeff said
Exciting. The meeting time usually 1PM

On Tuesday, 01-Sep-2009 13:36:31 EDT, K2 said
Revised flyer:

On Tuesday, 01-Sep-2009 13:35:43 EDT, K2 said
Do you guys think the "How to sign up?" should be moved to the front page? I'm thinking it should because that's kind of the whole point of the flyer...

On Tuesday, 01-Sep-2009 08:01:41 EDT, K2 said
Made those two changes (patch & advisEr)

Let me know if you find anything else that needs to be changed or if you think something should be added I have a little bit of space to work with.

The only thing I can think of that is still missing is the time that we're meeting at Kupser's house for the planning meeting. I'll give Kupser a call and see what time he was thinking. I don't think we traditionally have a time do we?

On Tuesday, 01-Sep-2009 05:47:32 EDT, Steve said
The free patch is the blue bordered one, not the gold. The OA always uses adviser with an E not an O.

On Monday, 31-Aug-2009 23:12:13 EDT, K2 said
Here's a rough draft of the flyer. Let me know if I totally missed something or if you have any suggestions for changes.

On Monday, 31-Aug-2009 22:48:34 EDT, K2 said
Yeppers, it's on the current version. I'll upload it later tonight.

On Monday, 31-Aug-2009 22:09:30 EDT, Gabriel said
K2, don't forget to put in the price of Winter Camp this year on the flier. For those that don't know the price is $47.47 for adults and $41.41 for youth if I remember correctly.

On Monday, 31-Aug-2009 21:58:06 EDT, K2 said
So I was sitting here eating this cake with delicious fondant on it, and I'm not sure if we mentioned this before but it'd be neat to light up the arrow cake with candles as if we were putting on an Ordeal ceremony at the face. The only thing is the candles need to melt slower than your normal birthday candle so we have time for pictures and we're not eating a bunch of wax.

Also, food for thought, they have a pretty good sized pirate ship made out of rice krispies on this cake show tonight... we could totally do that.

On Monday, 31-Aug-2009 20:52:12 EDT, K2 said
We have fondant!!! I think it'll be great for winter camp. The recipe starts with 2 pounds of powdered sugar...

On Monday, 31-Aug-2009 16:44:38 EDT, K2 said
Here's the start of the flyer... I threw it together in the last 30 minutes here. I'll work on it more later.

On Monday, 31-Aug-2009 15:56:52 EDT, K2 said
Camp kitchen? We said bigger than big.

We're turning Clearwater into a giant oven.

On Monday, 31-Aug-2009 09:59:53 EDT, Ron Donohue said
Time to get access to the camp kitchen and bake long bread to make really big sandwiches.

On Monday, 31-Aug-2009 05:38:14 EDT, Steve said
For those who didn't make it, this years theme is "Bigger than big and then some"

The idea is to have giant activities and meals. I'll post more of what we came up with tonight.

On Wednesday, 19-Aug-2009 22:43:52 EDT, Gabriel said
Winter Campers
There will be a meeting at 2:00 pm on Sunday August 30. It will be at Paul Kupser's house. At this meeting some of the general things will be planned like the theme. We will still have the regular meeting in November like normal. So bring your ideas and I will see you there.

On Tuesday, 11-Aug-2009 02:30:52 EDT, said

On Tuesday, 11-Aug-2009 02:29:30 EDT, ally said
I'm Ally, from China.

I have a boy named Wu Wenbin. He is born in 1999. I want to know if there is any winter camp for him and his father to join in? Also another boy called Lu Yukun, born in 1994.He wants to join in a winter camp by himself.

Pls give me some suggestions. Besides, I want to know about these things if there is proper camp for them: 1. How much is the application fee? How much do you charge for the winter camp? 2. Is deposit needed for us to be received? 3. What information materials should we submit to apply for the camp?

On Monday, 10-Aug-2009 12:58:34 EDT, K2 said
Is it legal to eat cats and dogs...? ;)

On Sunday, 09-Aug-2009 20:05:00 EDT, Steve said
I was thinking today it might be fun to do some blogging meals at Winter Camp. Find blogs from people in other countries about what they're eating for meals, then prepare it for camp. Kind of like the "round the world" thing only based more on things real people in that country actually eat.

On Thursday, 16-Jul-2009 21:16:16 EDT, K2 said
I would hope he would post something here if he was planning on having a meeting concerning wintercamp :)

On Wednesday, 15-Jul-2009 14:15:09 EDT, Ethan said
I imagine Gabe wants to get some big ideas ironed out, like a theme and maybe some big activities that will take longer to plan. I don't think it would replace the November meeting.

On Tuesday, 14-Jul-2009 19:12:45 EDT, K2 said
August? It's usually in November isnt it? Or did we decide to bump it up earlier as a compromise between having a month to get stuff together vs a year ahead of time.

On Tuesday, 14-Jul-2009 14:56:54 EDT, Ethan said
I about planning meeting in August. Has this been confirmed?

On , said

On Saturday, 13-Jun-2009 15:37:09 EDT, Jeff said
One determinant of price is last year's performance. It looks like it was a financial success. Of course cabin fees are a big cost. I don't know what they were last year, but the DAC website indicates a current price of about $400 for BC and Clearwater.

In pursing discussion on Keith's idea of an opening ceremony, I think it would be great to start the event with a welcoming lunch that gets the spirit going as well as sharing information. There could be a PowerPoint show of some past excitment.

On Wednesday, 10-Jun-2009 11:03:29 EDT, K2 said
I do believe we will discuss themes at the planning meeting. It was more or less decided / suggested that we wait until then because we didn't get as much creativity and/or suggestions at the last planning meeting since we already knew what the theme was going to be.

As far as price goes, I'm not entirely sure how that is calculated but I'd be happy to learn.

On Tuesday, 09-Jun-2009 15:21:13 EDT, Ethan said
I heard it from a relaible source that those objects which "appear to be igloo water coolers with their bottoms cut off" are indeed ingloo water coolers with their bottoms cut off.

Has there been any talk about a meeting to plan a theme and price or some of the very basic elements to allow for advanced research and planning?

On Monday, 08-Jun-2009 08:28:15 EDT, K2 said
I'm assuming the objective of shutting it down is for cost savings? It sounds like the laterine at Fair Oaks or Dan Beard. Split right down the middle.

I think we'll just be making alot of trips up to the shop for tools or ... whatever.

"Hey Dave, do you have a socket wrench we can borrow? While you're looking for that let me use your bathroom, had a wicked breakfast..."

We'll have the shower house back on before the end of the day.

On Monday, 08-Jun-2009 05:41:58 EDT, said
I'll ask Dave next time I see him. I think they may leave water on in cabins because it tends to help rent them but I'll check to be sure. Sadly, the BC building may not fare as well as some of the others because it only has water and no toilets of showers.
the outhouse is of a new design. I'll try to post a picture later. Basically it's two rooms with a tall wall between them. Each room has a urinal and a seat. The seats sit atop what appear to be igloo water coolers with their bottoms cut off. Overall, it a more functional design than the old ones but it takes up more space than the old ones.

On Sunday, 07-Jun-2009 23:17:28 EDT, said

On Sunday, 07-Jun-2009 23:12:12 EDT, Jeff said
We'll have to bring the crystal chandelier out of storage. What about the water to the BC Building?

On Sunday, 07-Jun-2009 20:12:01 EDT, Steve D said
Forgot to mention this until now, but they are planning to turn the shower building at BC off this winter. They even built a new latrine for BC cabin - it's pretty much replaced the parking lot of Clearwater cabin.
There is 0 chance of using our long buried pipe now. I'm pretty sure it was dug up as part of building the latrine.

On Tuesday, 26-May-2009 10:40:56 EDT, K2 said
Talked with Kupser and he said we should have enough candles to do that idea if we decide to pursue it.

On , said

On Friday, 22-May-2009 09:07:53 EDT, K2 said
Just more ideas to throw out there...

If we do the opening ceremony, we could have 162 candles leading up to the ceremony site and somehow integrate that into the cermeony... "One hundred and sixty two candles have led you to us..."

I figure since we're not doing the arrow anymore we should have some surplus wax (or at least surplus $ to buy said wax)

On Sunday, 10-May-2009 01:12:26 EDT, Jeff said
Not sure aboout a closing, but like the idea of an opening. Might be a great way to welcome newcomers and introduce everyone. Time capsule may serve the purpose of closing.

On Thursday, 07-May-2009 08:05:10 EDT, K2 said
Whoops... yeah i meant the 27th. I just have the 26th embedded in my head so i know i have those days off of work ;)

On Thursday, 07-May-2009 04:42:06 EDT, Steve said
Opening should be on the 27th unless we're going to invite everyone up on the 26th, which I think might be a bad plan.

On Wednesday, 06-May-2009 15:46:47 EDT, K2 said
Maybe we could get a youth to play Allowat, give them a script, then while we're getting everyone together in the intro meeting we can take them up to Squaw Point for the opening ceremony of wintercamp where allowat is waiting. I'm thinking opening ceremony should be at 12:00 pm on the 26th, but I don't know when to do the closing ceremony. Most of our time on the last day is spent cleaning/packing and I'd hate to prolong that process. Not to mention we always have a few suddenly disappear that morning anyways...

On Wednesday, 06-May-2009 09:54:17 EDT, Steve said
Never had an opening or closing, but I can definitely see some advantages to both. The intro meeting is as close to an opening as we've ever come. If the opening started and then declared us ready for business, it would be cool.
Likewise, we could use the closing to deliver awards.

On Tuesday, 05-May-2009 10:11:46 EDT, K2 said
Have we ever done an opening / closing ceremony for Wintercamp before? Could be fun. We could do it at noon on the 26th.

Just need to write a script unless we've done something like this before?

On Thursday, 30-Apr-2009 08:26:49 EDT, K2 said
Just another thought...

If I can track down my equipment, I might be able to pull this off. I'm not sure where this would fit in theme wise, but it'd just be cool (which I think is good enough).

Remote control car(s) + wireless camera(s) + tv(s)

We could create some sort of a course inside/outside of a cabin that you need to navigate your RC car around by only using the cameras mounted to the RC car. Basically you can't see the car you're navigating. Your only eyes/ears are the camera(s). I might be able to work with my dad to get some other kind of attachments on the car to work via a remote. It'd be neat if we could make it so you drive your car, pick something up and bring it back. Could be timed.

As of now I only have one RC car. I know I have multiple batteries for it so we could probably keep it running for at least 30 minutes (continuous usage). I might be able to work with my dad to see if he can make one of his super awesome RC airplane batteries to work for it... then it'd probably run for hours...

Another cool one would be to see if we can launch a rocket with a camera looking down. Probably couldn't be wireless because of range issues, but it'd still be neat to put into the archives. I'm sure the video would be pretty rough on the way up. I'm kind of hoping the ride down would be smoother barring any encounters with trees.

Also, I'll squash it now. No, we are not attaching rockets to my RC car.

On Wednesday, 29-Apr-2009 21:33:16 EDT, Jeff said
How about rocket packs?

On Wednesday, 29-Apr-2009 10:38:49 EDT, K2 said
Just some thoughts I was having for activity ideas...

I saw model rockets on the activity list, but I didn't see rocket cars, rocket boats, etc.

The only real logistic question is safety (making sure it doesnt pull a U turn...)

On , said

On Friday, 10-Apr-2009 09:00:56 EDT, Ethan said
I had some cheesy grits today. They were excellent. I'm all for cheese making it's way on the jackpot grits list

On Wednesday, 18-Feb-2009 04:51:41 EST, Steve D said
We used to do only the one-year then transitioned to the five year. The problem was kind of like it is now only worse - people tended to put a lot of junk in there. There wasn't even a surprise element when we dug stuff up.

On Tuesday, 17-Feb-2009 14:46:05 EST, K2 said
Have we ever considered doing a time capsule every year, regardless of if we dig up a longer duration time capsule or not?

My thought process with this was "hey I better make sure I'm at wintercamp 42 because i want my hat back" which means i'll be that much more motivated to show up since I had something in there. Maybe if we always had a 1 year time capsule, we would be more likely to retain people from year to year?

On , said

On Thursday, 05-Feb-2009 00:11:58 EST, Jeff said
The curators at the Winter Camp Museum will be presenting a special exhibit at Winter Camp XXXIII. A collection of historical Winter Camp recordings will be available for your listening pleasure.

On Thursday, 22-Jan-2009 12:57:20 EST, Kevin Fox said
Wait a Minute!!! Why do i have to the one that is lost? And besides, i am not a child, although i act it some times.

Maybe some of the clues could be with the rangers, and you have to talk with them to get more clues. maybe you have to bribe them?

On Wednesday, 21-Jan-2009 13:06:01 EST, K2 said
I think it'd still be fun to see'em work. If we agree on this theme I'll find out if it's even an option to have someone come out and put on a demo for us.

On Tuesday, 20-Jan-2009 21:20:51 EST, Jeff said
Tracking dogs are not always successful. Steve may recall a dog that tracked a missing kid for several miles. He had a never left camp.

On Tuesday, 20-Jan-2009 14:24:04 EST, K2 said
So training our dog is a no-go. Apparently you need to train them 3-5 days a week to have them be a worthwhile human tracker. Needless to say, my wife wasn't ready to commit to training out dog for an entire year just for a few hour event that might not even occur. No dedication ;)

And she wonders why she can't go to winter camp...

On Monday, 19-Jan-2009 13:31:03 EST, Steve D. said
If you make the cell phone thing a stationary rather than moving target, you could just shoot compass points from a couple of known spots and triangulate his location. Still a fun exercise to actually triangulate something - you always hear/see it on tv and never actually get to try it.

On Monday, 19-Jan-2009 13:23:15 EST, Steve D. said
You could do multiple fugitives. You could also allow the fugitive to deliver clues about himself that would then perhaps score points for the fugitive and for the detectives.
So if the fugitive sent a clue like "I saw Star Wars in the theatre when it was first released", that would mean he had to be at least 31. He'd score points based on some portion of the campers in attendance that were over 31 (maybe the percentage of people he eliminated).
Other campers could be questioned to get some information. maybe there'd be some kind of fugitive board or mail system to share clues...

On Monday, 19-Jan-2009 11:21:43 EST, K2 said
If we went with this theme we could make a poster with everyone's name on it and when each paper comes out we could, as a group, start narrowing down who it could be. This way we get everyone involved. We just need to be careful that we don't narrow it down too quickly too early.

This will clearly be fun for the fugitive, but what can we have everyone else do that will make them feel part of the theme (aside from trying to figure out who is the fugitive)? Maybe we could have more than one fugitive? Have maybe 5 fugitives, capture one each day? Or maybe see who can survive the longest? Like, once a fugitive is captured the rest are immune for that day?

Activity idea, it'd be neat if we could have some kind of a GPS "hide and seek" sorta thing. Where the fugitive has his "cell phone on" and we're trying to capture him before he reaches "safety". Not sure what kind of equipment this would take or how expensive it would be... maybe we can substitute with something less expensive/technological? (IE the child locater commercial? Kevin? KEVIN!??!)

Actually, what would be totally awesome would be if we could get some real blood hounds (or some kind of dog trained to track a person) and track someone(s), just like on myth busters. Ideally we would get like 3 dogs so we can send out 3 people at a time, split up into 3 groups. Anyone know someone with a trained dog like this? I *might* be able to get my wife to train our dog (German Shorthaired Pointer) but i'm not sure what that takes or how realistic that is.

On Monday, 19-Jan-2009 11:19:42 EST, K2 said
ah never mind i just got the example you gave.... go me.

On Monday, 19-Jan-2009 11:13:53 EST, K2 said
Definitely sounds like a viable theme. Any additional details? The "series of surveys based on activities" doesn't make alot of sense to me... maybe an example?

On Monday, 19-Jan-2009 08:12:56 EST, Steve said
results would be in the daily paper...

On Monday, 19-Jan-2009 08:10:47 EST, Steve said
Could there be a weekette-long "The Fugitive" theme to Winter Camp? Perhaps everyone gets an envelope with instructions, the fugitive is required to complete a series of surveys based on activities which would help us to gradually identify him.
His envelope might include cards for various events and he'd check off if he was on the winning team or not, for example...

On Wednesday, 14-Jan-2009 02:58:46 EST, Western Observer said
In a successful attempt to evade prosecution Rand was observed Monday slipping through airport security to escape to an undisclosed location.

On Tuesday, 13-Jan-2009 09:32:10 EST, K2 said
I just heard this on the news:

In a surprising turn of events, long time Wintercamper Jeff Rand is being investigated for allegedly bribing the Winter Camp XXXIII Advisor in exchange for being appointed to the coveted Activites/Program Advisor position. According to an anonymous source, Winter Camp Bureau of Investigation (WCBI) officials have intercepted a letter from Rand to Keith King (K2) clearly stating the enclosed Winter Camp money was to secure his position as Activies/Program Advisor. K2 was quoted, 'We are unable to comment on the situation due to the pending investigation, but we will fully cooperate with the WCBI.' Rand was unavailable for comment at his Arizona home. We will continue to bring you updates on this developing story.

On Thursday, 08-Jan-2009 16:11:52 EST, Steve said
Music might be fun for Winter Camp 33 (and a third).

On Thursday, 08-Jan-2009 07:53:24 EST, Steve said
I already have the bones of an activity database on the site. I have less of the bones on themes and meals.

On Wednesday, 07-Jan-2009 22:38:37 EST, Jeff said
I am thinking of creating a database for activities and schedule along the lines of the menu database. Based upon discussion at the WCFS meeting I want to add information to the menu database to show estimated prep hours and a list that shows meals needing advance baking.

On Wednesday, 07-Jan-2009 08:59:18 EST, K2 said
Also, I've spoken with Kupser. He safely made it back from his cruise.

Since Kupser is hurting for space at his house (those of you who have been there know what I mean), and since the kitchen doesn't get touched for an entire year, we're going to store it in my garage (no, not my parent's garage, my garage). So it is relatively safe from my dad moving it without my knowledge since he doesn't have a key or a remote to my garage.

On Wednesday, 07-Jan-2009 08:29:18 EST, K2 said
So you think we should have Clint Eastwood playing 24x7? You know what would be cool, is if we could get the horses involved somehow with a western theme. Maybe have a day trip with them going across camp?

A few theme ideas I was jotting down, maybe it'll spur some ideas...

Reality Show (Jerry! Jerry!)
Office Space / corporate
Harry potter
Nickelodeon (Who wants to see The Oak as Spongebob?)
Government (did someone say bailout?)
Era (50/60/70/80/90)

On Wednesday, 07-Jan-2009 06:49:11 EST, Steve said
I think we should do a Wild West theme for next year. Not the western pioneer theme we did last time, but more of a gun-totin' cowboys kind of thing.

On Tuesday, 06-Jan-2009 10:04:48 EST, Steve said
That's it! You two have ruined Winter Camp.

On Monday, 05-Jan-2009 12:44:32 EST, Ron Donohue said
But, if it had been an actual emergency, you would have been instructed where to tune in your area for news and official information.

On Monday, 05-Jan-2009 10:32:24 EST, Mark--> said
Good to know up front that it's not an actual emergency.

On Monday, 05-Jan-2009 00:00:03 EST, Steve said
This is a test.

On Monday, 05-Jan-2009 00:00:03 EST, Steve said
This is a test.

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