Activity Details
Winter Camp XXXIV - 2010

Some of these activities are still being developed. As more is known, more will be revealed, so check back often!

Meet at Bollman's
Hot Potato Lunch
If you're holding the hot potato, you can't eat until someone else gets caught.
Behind the Enemy Lines
You are behind enemey lines and trying to get out.
WWI Flour Wars
Winter Camp takes a stab at antiquing
Paper Airplanes
Who can fly highest, furthest, longest, etc?
Free time
Do what you want!
The Mexican Dinner
Just what it says! Feel free to bring a sombrero.
Arrowman Bingo
The semi-official get acquainted game of Winter Camp.
Can you sneak some bootleg hooch to the Speakeasy?
Casino gambling with a gangster (1920's era) feel.
Prohibition Snack
No rules against snacking!
Lights out
Green eggs and Some Kind of Pork
Inspired by Dr. Suess and Steve Donohue's diet
Service Project
Working gladly, not begrudging
Polish Buffet
Polish food
Service Project
Seek to serve and thus be faithful
Free time
Do what you want!
Stylish Seafood
Elegant coastal cuisine
Will you reveal the reds? Will they reveal you?
4 Way Volleyball
The traditional match on 4 courts
Back to the Future
Bollmano's Pizza
The finest italian cuisine in the wilderness!
Lights out
Continental Breakfast
Grab it and go or just sleep in.
Cross Country Golf
We make Caddyshack look good.
Working Mom Lunch
I don't know why they call it Hamburger Helper…
Fire Skills
Learn to build a fire using everything but a match.
A balloon popping frenzy
Launch of Sputnik
It wouldn't be Winter Camp if we didn't launch something.
Singing / dancing choreographed
A tribute to Busby Berkely
Free time
Do what you want!
Mom and Apple Pie Dinner
Standard American fare
Space Invaders (Capture the Flag)
Our version of Capture the Flag
Blind Hike A
Typically this is the more challenging hike.
Blind Hike B
Typically this is the less challenging hike.
Bakery snack
Fresh baked goodness!
Lights out
Global Breakfast
Grab it and go or just sleep in.
Find the terrorist
Search for the hidden objective
False Dilemma Lunch
You can do A or B.
Wounded Spy
Track down the wounded insurgent.
Build nuclear survival shelters
A construction project.
Free time
Do what you want!
Back of the Box Dinner
Recipes from the back of the box!
Hobby Demo and Draw
Show off what you've done and get an assiggnment for next year.
Time Capsule
Open, examine and reload the Time Capsule
Blowtorch Snack
Now we're cooking with gas!
Lights out
Jackpot Grits
The traditionally chaotic breakfast of the last day.
Snow Soccer
Snow and Soccer.
Conglomerate Lunch
The traditionally chaotic lunch of the last day.
Pack your bags
Clean up and packing

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