Winter Camp XXXIV - 2010

Tim KasprzakPaint minis
Zach StockwellLearn Acoustic Guitar
Will GagnonLose 50 pounds
David OswaldLearn Drums
Joe WarrenLive on the Edge
Tim LeongRelease His Inner Rhombus
TR EvangelistaJazz and Blues Improv
Drew AssenmacherEarn Brotherhood
Mike WilliamsWrite Short Story
Josh CicotteReturn to WC XXXV as a leader
Ronnie SpadaLearn Sailing Knots
Ethan ReinBaby Blanket Bonanza (He assured us that this was not a hidden message.)
Doug WilsonBroom Making AND Crank Car Buying
Jeff RandConstruct Museum Display Rack
Keith KingCinematography
Steve DonohueDouble Down (lose 90 more pounds and lose his weight in games)
Mike Osvath Learn Leatherwork
Mark Bollman Darts
Dave OakleyFingerpainting Winter Camp scenes

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