Winter Camp XXXIV - 2010
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Kitchen:Tim KasprzakEthan Rein
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On Thursday, 02-Dec-2010 00:40:40 EST, Ethan said
We will meet up at 19009 Philomene, Allen Park (Phone: 313-386-1146) at 7.30 am on Monday, December 27

On Tuesday, 30-Nov-2010 09:18:24 EST, Terry Burgor said
I am writing for David Oswald, we would like to know when and from where are they leaving for camp. If needed can He ride with someone, as I and my husband will most likely be still at work when you are leaving.

On Wednesday, 24-Nov-2010 18:50:42 EST, K2 said
It's the last one in 50 square miles.

On Wednesday, 24-Nov-2010 13:42:13 EST, Ethan said
Is Paul's house still internet free?

On Tuesday, 23-Nov-2010 11:08:26 EST, K2 said
That's awesome!

On Tuesday, 23-Nov-2010 07:49:19 EST, Steve said
Went to my podiatrist yesterday. Not normally newsworthy except the receptionist's son is a scout. She told me he went to the chapter meeting and came back all fired up to go to some campout.

Winter Camp Promotions Team 1. Lame Christmas Vacation 0.

On Friday, 19-Nov-2010 06:57:05 EST, Steve said
We did a successful promotion last night with help from Gabe, Will, and Joe.

Also, this looks like a Winter Camp worthy idea:

On Thursday, 18-Nov-2010 08:31:49 EST, K2 said
Don't forget! Mark your calendars! Stop the presses! Extra! Extra!

The Winter Camp Planning Meeting is happening Friday, November 26th at Paul Kupser's house at 1:00pm Eastern time! That's just a week from tomorrow!

What? You don't have his address? Well here it is!

25966 Matilda, Flat Rock, MI 48134

On Wednesday, 17-Nov-2010 00:09:10 EST, Ethan said
I made a reflector oven. We could try to bake in it. It's tiny - too small to make a loaf, but I'm sure it could cook up a biscuit or something like that.

On Thursday, 11-Nov-2010 17:38:29 EST, Steve said
Cave loaf isn't really about anything other than dead or badly beaten yeast. If the yeast doesn't work, you get some pretty crappy bread.

On Thursday, 11-Nov-2010 13:24:23 EST, K2 said
I smell a potential hobby...

On Thursday, 11-Nov-2010 01:16:27 EST, Jeff said
I would be great to create an accurate map of BC.

On Wednesday, 10-Nov-2010 08:05:00 EST, Ethan said
I called downtown and found out that the council has two registered Surveying MB counselors. It's a good thing the councils merged. They're from the former Clinton Valley Council part of the GLC. Also, one of the Winter Camp adults could become a counselor.

On Tuesday, 09-Nov-2010 10:24:11 EST, K2 said
Sounds interesting.

Do you know a counselor for that badge so they could get a sign-off on a partial?

On Monday, 08-Nov-2010 23:00:56 EST, Ethan said
I know that D-A has some surveying equipment and I might be able to get a hold of some other equipment.

I think we could put together a pretty neat surveying activity that would happen to complete requirements 2-6 and maybe 1 and 8 for the surveying merit badge. We'd probably need to have or talk to someone who knows the ins and outs of the equipment.

I don't know how often Surveying is earned by current youth, but I imagine it's not very often. Also, I think the adults would have fun breaking out some new tools and learning how they work.

On Sunday, 07-Nov-2010 19:50:16 EST, K2 said
We just made candles a few weeks ago at Paul's house but the electric sounds fun to do again. Burning stuff never gets old ;)

On Friday, 05-Nov-2010 13:34:43 EDT, Ethan said
We made those electric candles that one year at Winter Camp (XXVII?). That was fun. We also made regular candles. If the chapter could use candles, I think we should make them at Winter Camp.

However, If that was a hassle for the ceremony crew, I think the activity could be skipped.

On Friday, 05-Nov-2010 10:18:49 EDT, Ethan said
I think we could go out to Cow Camp or to The Face for a Fire at the Face activity - we could try out Fire by Friction and use flint and steel. Then, we could try to send smoke signals back to BC or something like that.

On Monday, 01-Nov-2010 14:22:27 EDT, K2 said
Yeah I was thinking more along the lines of survival activities. Coming up with creative methods to cook food outside. I recall reading something about a "Cave loaf" that sounded intriguing.

Maybe something constructive we build the first day that could be used during the week. Like some kind of a shelter in the BC fenced in area. Or a bridge over the creek. Maybe a gateway at the BC steps like you would for summer camp. Like a tunnel you walk through going up the steps.

On Monday, 01-Nov-2010 07:31:14 EDT, Steve said
We've had the patrol method once and we've had some survival activities, but never survivor. I think we'd have to modify it so we didn't vote people off the island since that's not a very inclusive activity.

On Saturday, 30-Oct-2010 17:16:25 EDT, K2 said
Have we ever done a survivor-ish theme before?

On Saturday, 30-Oct-2010 11:02:09 EDT, K2 said
Tim Leong has claimed the youth leader position for winter camp!

On Friday, 29-Oct-2010 21:06:53 EDT, Ethan said
They're in old Camporee field. We might to hike to get over to them.

On Friday, 29-Oct-2010 18:53:23 EDT, Jeff said
Where are the shelters?

On Wednesday, 27-Oct-2010 08:54:31 EDT, Ethan said
I think we should make use of the new Adirondack Shelters this year.

On Monday, 18-Oct-2010 15:57:31 EDT, K2 said
Just a reminder that the winter camp planning meeting is scheduled to take place on November 26th @ 1pm at Paul Kupser's house. Bring your ideas for activities, games, themes, meals, etc!

Youth are strongly encouraged to attend!

On , said

On Monday, 27-Sep-2010 15:27:58 EDT, K2 said
Very interesting ideas.... I'm digging it.

Meal themes would be pretty cool too.

27th would have something with blueberries, ramen noodles and bread (preferably at least one loaf that was done mechanical). Have a moment of silence for Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Sell "comet pills" from the vending machine to protect from comet dust.

Something radioactive on the 28th. Radioactive limeaid pie anyone? Rice, fish, noodles, soup, soy sauce, etc. Sushi might not be a good idea.

On the 29th, tang, ice cream (freeze dried may be pushing it cost wise), moon cake, moon pizza. Maybe we can get Ethan to wear his tin-foil hat again. The Beatles may be heard playing this day. Institute a "draft" for KP.

The 30th should feature a pizza loaded with pepperoni. Apples with at least one meal. Perhaps apple pie too. We should take lots of pictures this day ;) Any draft dodgers will be pardoned. Smokey and the bandit game / event. A viewing of Star Wars for the "first time".

On Sunday, 26-Sep-2010 13:33:30 EDT, Jeff said
Theme suggestion: “Back to the Future” to commemorate the BSA 100th anniversary.

December 27: First activity is a sound hike from BC Building to Last Ceremony site. A strange artifact is found at the destination, which requires communication back to BC to get the “key.” Radio and cell phone communication is being monitored forcing direct voice contact. The “key” opens the artifact to discover a book. At this point a strange phenomenon occurs and the Winter Campers are transported to Chicago, February 1910 for the rest of the day’s activities. Using clues and puzzles in the book, the Winter Campers are able to affect another time shift during the night of the 27th.

December 28: Winter Campers wake up in Hiroshima, August 1945 for the day’s activities and again have a puzzle to solve. Gordon W. Draper seems to have a greater awareness of the situation.

December 29: Winter Campers wake up in Houston, July 1969 for the day’s activities and puzzle. Doug Wilson, Jeff Rand, Mr. Roger Horn, Steve Donohue, Mark Bollman, Ron Donohue, Dave Oakley, etc. seem to have a greater awareness of the situation.

December 30: Winter Campers wake up in Metamora, December 1977 for the day’s activities and puzzle. Paul Kupser seems to have a greater awareness of the situation. Upon going to the Camp Brady Memorial Site for the traditional ceremony, the final puzzle is solved and the book is returned.

December 31: Winter Campers are back in 2010 for a day.

On Friday, 24-Sep-2010 22:15:41 EDT, timmy kasprzak said
Hi what is the theme this year

On Thursday, 23-Sep-2010 11:24:19 EDT, K2 said
We can't plan a meeting until we find some youth to accept some positions :)

I had a couple of "maybes" up at the conclave but couldn't get anyone to commit.

On Wednesday, 22-Sep-2010 13:47:56 EDT, Ethan said
I see K2's post on The Wall. 1 pm at Paul's works for me.

On Wednesday, 22-Sep-2010 13:42:54 EDT, Ethan said
Steve guessed wrong. I was wondering about the Day-Following-Thanksgiving meeting. I know it's been at Paul's for a few years runnning, which is a great location as far as I am concerned. If there's a standard start time, I can't think of it.

Hopefully, we can find a time for a pre-planning meeting which will work for some youth.

On Tuesday, 21-Sep-2010 16:23:37 EDT, K2 said

If that's the case, I have three weekends in October that are open, possibly 4. Oct 2/3, 9/10, 23/24

Otherwise it'll have to be an evening during the week, which is fine by me as long as we figure it out in advance.

On Tuesday, 21-Sep-2010 07:29:50 EDT, Steve said
I bet Ethan really meant the "pre-planning" meeting, the meeting before the planning meeting.

On Monday, 20-Sep-2010 10:35:14 EDT, K2 said
Also just FYI, I did some advertising for Wintercamp at chapter meeting this past weekend. I didn't have the opportunity to show a slide show but we chatted for a few minutes about what we do and how much fun we have. I also told them about the website. Hopefully we'll get some new ordeal members showing up! I'll plan to do more advertising for wintercamp at the fall fellowship.

On Monday, 20-Sep-2010 10:33:18 EDT, K2 said
We haven't had a final agreement on the time yet but Paul said we can use his house on November 26. I'm thinking 1pm but I'll post a confirmation when I get it.

On Friday, 17-Sep-2010 13:36:08 EDT, Ethan said
Do we have a location and time for the planning meeting? I know I haven't been to a chapter meeting or anything for a while, so I hope it's not a silly question. I'm going to post this same item on The Wall.

On Monday, 06-Sep-2010 09:34:47 EDT, Steve said
The ones I did last time were set up with puzzles so they didn't last.

Plus if we laminate them we'll have to clean and store them...

On Monday, 06-Sep-2010 08:45:35 EDT, K2 said
Placemats?! What are we running here, a fancy restaurant?

That would actually rock. If we had them done ahead of time we could even laminate them so they might last longer than 1 meal.

On Saturday, 04-Sep-2010 20:22:42 EDT, Steve said
I had this thought tonight about having a placemat contest for winter camp. I kind of figure it could go several ways:
My first thought, as I was buying crayons for a quarter at Meijer, was that we could have a placemat art contest for one meal at camp.
Then I thought maybe it could be a longer deal with the contest on the last night and people able to work on their placemats all week.
Then I thought maybe we could have people enter the contest beforehand and have each of them choose a different meal to make a placemat for. With any luck, we could have placemats at some significant number of meals, which might be fun...

On Friday, 03-Sep-2010 14:05:33 EDT, Martin Church said
How about news stories for your dinner using phone calls from past campers who are still out camping during winter camp. Paul can call in from his cruise, Gabriel can call in from Sea Base.

On Thursday, 02-Sep-2010 09:55:07 EDT, K2 said
Maybe a wintercamp commercial? Music video?

We should do something like the "Whose line is it anyway" skit where they're advertising the different music compilations. Something like a late night infomercial...

Or maybe a news channel where we have anchors, a sports guy, weather man, "Weekette at Winter Camp" clips (IE Weekend @ bernies from channel 4), etc.

On Tuesday, 31-Aug-2010 07:10:39 EDT, Steve said
I definitely think we should. Maybe we should consider some kind of display for Saturday night at the Ordeal. Jenga was a hit. Maybe we could put a computer on a loop with a slideshow with some other fun pictures from camp.

On Sunday, 29-Aug-2010 13:21:49 EDT, K2 said
Are we planning on passing out flyers like we did last year? The fall conclave, fall fellowship and upcoming chapter meetings would be excellent opportunities.

These meetings / events would also be good to recruit youth to take leadership positions.

On Friday, 20-Aug-2010 12:34:04 EDT, K2 said
I think we need to create a mentos-powered salad shooter.

On Friday, 13-Aug-2010 13:49:00 EDT, said
The Salad Shooter looks pretty cool.

On Wednesday, 11-Aug-2010 07:38:40 EDT, Steve said
I think we might have one or two. Tim Leong suggested we should get a salad shooter.

On Tuesday, 10-Aug-2010 14:10:07 EDT, Ethan said
What are our shredding / grating capabilities? Do we have a few graters?

On Monday, 02-Aug-2010 11:11:38 EDT, K2 said
Or buy frozen shredded potatoes :)

On Monday, 02-Aug-2010 07:37:23 EDT, Steve said
Couldn't we shred in advance, you know, day or night before?

On Friday, 30-Jul-2010 10:44:41 EDT, Ethan said
I've cooked a few more potato pancakes since this post and found them to cook slowly. I know time is an important consideration with the Winter Camp Kitchen. Shredding potatoes is a pretty slow process.

On Wednesday, 14-Jul-2010 12:37:07 EDT, K2 said
I like the sound of that. Breakfast for dinner is always a winner.

On Wednesday, 14-Jul-2010 06:58:12 EDT, Steve said
Maybe some kind of Pancake Plethora thing where we have a variety of different pancakes? We've never done Breakfsst for Dinner at Winter Camp. We probably came close on Backwards day but officially it would have been Breakfast for Snack.

On Tuesday, 13-Jul-2010 14:31:15 EDT, K2 said
I made sour cream pancakes once. They were awesome.

Only problem is they take forever to cook.

On Tuesday, 13-Jul-2010 08:08:25 EDT, Steve said
Can they be cooked quickly like real pancakes? I don't think I've ever made potato pancakes.

On Wednesday, 30-Jun-2010 09:25:59 EDT, Ethan said
I think that potato pancakes (for dinner or breakfast) would be tasty. I've been experimenting with some recipies.

On Thursday, 13-May-2010 07:18:38 EDT, Steve said
Nope, that would be new.

On Monday, 10-May-2010 09:50:10 EDT, K2 said
In addition to possibly having a chandelier in the latrine, I think having music playing would be a nice touch. Perhaps the Cantina theme? Have we ever done music in the latrine before?

On Friday, 16-Apr-2010 08:35:03 EDT, Ethan said
Way to go Steve!

On Tuesday, 13-Apr-2010 22:13:36 EDT, Steve said
And, for what it's worth, today I put on pants that used to be too small.

On Tuesday, 13-Apr-2010 22:11:53 EDT, Steve said
If you put a stamped self-addressed post card in an envelope addressed to postmaster and ask them to cancel and mail it back, it nearly always works. In my note I mentioned it was for a collection for our scout camp. Once in a while I got back some other scouting related stuff as it turned out the postmaster had a link to scouting.

On Monday, 12-Apr-2010 13:21:07 EDT, K2 said
I've started compiling a list of cities in Michigan I could potentially get postcards from. Problem is they're pretty far away. I've got a few ideas of how to work around it...

On Monday, 12-Apr-2010 10:13:17 EDT, Ethan said
I haven't made any cider, but I am getting pretty good at unicycling, which was my hobby from Winter Camp XXXII.

On Sunday, 11-Apr-2010 10:01:08 EDT, Steve said
Hey, how is anyone doing on their hobbies? might be a fun think for the Eagle Pipe to talk about hobbies and how people are doing as a promotion for next year.

On Tuesday, 30-Mar-2010 13:19:53 EST, Steve said
We can probably handle that.

On Monday, 29-Mar-2010 09:43:19 EST, K2 said
I'm in, but only if we can spell out "Don't Try This At Home" on the porch of BC.

On Monday, 29-Mar-2010 08:21:13 EST, said
I had this thought last night as I was fiddling with a recipe near the stove. Everyone has probably heard of Fahrenheit 451, named for the temperature at which paper spontaneously combusts. Well, I thought we ought to try that at Winter Camp. Then I thought, "What if we did a mythbusters theme?" Our own experiments (albeit on a smaller scale than theirs) maybe some other activities inspired by the show?

(And I looked it up, paper combusts at roughly 451 celsius. Bradbury thought Fahrenheit 451 was a better title than Celsius 451)

On Saturday, 06-Mar-2010 21:29:31 EST, K2 said
Maybe we could rig up a motion activator to your chandelier. Then whenever someone needs to go then they're all set.

On Friday, 05-Mar-2010 08:49:54 EST, Ethan said
I was thinking about the latrine. Other places would be cool as well. Maybe we could try out sqaw point at an ordeal. It's electric. We could rig up some battery power for it out there, I suppose.

On Thursday, 04-Mar-2010 12:43:24 EST, K2 said
I for one always thought Squaw Point could use some class. Maybe a chandelier would spurce the place up a bit. I mean, it already has a table.

On Wednesday, 03-Mar-2010 22:34:58 EST, Steve said
I think it would be cool if we could put it somewhere, hook it up solar and leave it for awhile. Somewhere strange and wonderful. Like suspended 20 or 30' above the road or hanging from a quadrupod over the floating dock.

of course, maybe you're planning to put your chandelier to use after Winter Camp.

On Tuesday, 02-Mar-2010 10:52:48 EST, Ethan said
I now have an extra chandelier. Perhaps it can spend a weekette outside at Winter Camp XXXIV.

On Thursday, 25-Feb-2010 08:15:57 EST, Ethan said
Youth day sounds interesting. I'm for it!

On Wednesday, 24-Feb-2010 17:10:26 EST, Ethan said
Turns out I misinterpreted an octahedron as a rhombahedron. Whoops! Anyway, the design worked and it was pretty easy. I could bring it and some other designs to Winter Camp. I hear Steve makes a mean crane.

On Wednesday, 24-Feb-2010 12:29:10 EST, Steve said
Hikes can sometimes be disguised as activities. Origami sounds like fun.

I was thinking it might be fun to have a "youth day". A day where everything is done by the youth. No adults to help cook; none to ramrod activities, nothing. Kind of like retro-Winter Camp.

I think about things like Winter Camp III where basically three adults led 22 kids to cook 100 dishes. I'm concerned that we don't have chances like that anymore.

On Tuesday, 23-Feb-2010 19:26:35 EST, Ethan said
I might have come up with a good oragami activity. I found a way to make a rhombohedron from six square sheets. I hope to work on it tomorrow. Will report back with results.

On Tuesday, 23-Feb-2010 09:12:03 EST, Ethan said
A game where one must cross a river with a dog and a sheep and some food sounds like a good chance for a hike.

On Friday, 19-Feb-2010 22:26:40 EST, K2 said
Freudian slip
Bakers Dozen
Smart as a whip
Mandate of heaven
Paper Tiger
Pleading the fifth
Coup d'etat
Achilles heel
Acid test
Read between the lines
Big cheese
Bob's your uncle

This site has a ton :)

On Friday, 19-Feb-2010 19:45:06 EST, K2 said
Oh oh! What about Stockholm Syndrome? Er... maybe we should keep that on the down-low...


On Thursday, 18-Feb-2010 14:45:36 EST, Steve said
Could that be a theme for winter camp? Borrowed phrases? Maybe some cool words/phrases that people don't know. pyrrhic victory, parthian shot, prisoner's dilemma, etc.

Maybe another thought would be real-life logic games. Like crossing the river with a dog, sheep, and grain or the "one guy lies, one tells the truth" game. We did some of that a few years ago at a troop event and it worked pretty well.

On Tuesday, 16-Feb-2010 14:25:48 EST, Ethan said
Sounds like the phrase 'a la mode' will be hitting the Winter Camp recipe book!

On Tuesday, 16-Feb-2010 12:45:28 EST, Steve said
A gallon seems like a pretty good quantity of ice cream. Typical Winter Camp attendance would put that at just over half a cup each. Probably not enough if you're just serving ice cream but if it's with cake or something it would be good.

On Tuesday, 16-Feb-2010 10:15:06 EST, Ethan said
It makes a gallon at a time. I made a batch yesterday. Haven't tried two batches in a day. I guess that's the next thing.

On Sunday, 14-Feb-2010 21:42:08 EST, K2 said
How big is this ice cream maker? If it's anything like the one I have it's basically one batch / day. Basically you freeze the inside portion, make your ice cream and then freeze it again. My wife tells me you can't do it more than once a day (or so) because she tried doing it twice and the second batch didn't work so good.

I'm just thinking if we need more volume then I could bring my machine too (as long as I can pry it away from my wife...)

On Wednesday, 10-Feb-2010 06:52:33 EST, Steve said
Looks like we did it once before you were a member of the OA (maybe even before you were in the BSA). I'd say we're due for another try. I think our last effort was with a pretty dilapidated machine and was not very successful, but I'm not sure.

On Tuesday, 09-Feb-2010 13:14:55 EST, Ethan said
I purchased an ice cream maker today. Have we ever made ice cream at Winter Camp? I hope to do some expirementing in the near future and have some ideas come the fall.

On Wednesday, 20-Jan-2010 09:30:26 EST, K2 said
That was a close one ;)

Wow, $2100 is still a bargain considering what you're getting.

On Wednesday, 20-Jan-2010 06:36:48 EST, Steve said
Your garage is safe. Someone drove the bid up to $2100+

On Tuesday, 19-Jan-2010 10:04:01 EST, Steve said
That's why we donate it to Camp, then they can store it and use it for cub camp (themed cub camps are huge).

The price is nothing if a few of us go in on it.

On Tuesday, 19-Jan-2010 09:58:53 EST, K2 said
Also it says the current price is $611.

On Tuesday, 19-Jan-2010 09:51:40 EST, K2 said
No no no no no no.


My wife WILL kill me if we try to park that in our garage! NO! ;)

On Tuesday, 19-Jan-2010 09:38:04 EST, Steve said
My boss is suggesting we should acquire this item for Winter Camp XXXIV. The price is low and it does seem like it could be fun. Logistics might be a little challenging.,ut/auction/view?auc=398645

On Tuesday, 19-Jan-2010 09:38:04 EST, Steve said
My boss is suggesting we should acquire this item for Winter Camp XXXIV. The price is low and it does seem like it could be fun. Logistics might be a little challenging.,ut/auction/view?auc=398645

On Friday, 15-Jan-2010 20:49:25 EST, Jeff said
Ethan, sounds like you are pursuing an advance degree in Winter Camping.

On Thursday, 14-Jan-2010 08:38:58 EST, Ethan said
I used snow blocks. There is tunnel type door which involves a turn, decreasing incoming wind. Is part called a wind tunnel?

On Wednesday, 13-Jan-2010 22:27:57 EST, Jeff said
Did you build it with actual blocks and the requisite wind tunnel?

On Wednesday, 13-Jan-2010 09:09:09 EST, Ethan said
I built a back yard igloo over the last few days and slept out in it. I think that I could aggange the supplies necessary (lots of boxes) to have igloo building at Winter Camp. It might make a good free time activity. It would of course be weather dependent. I'll put some photos up on the Facebook in the next day or two, in case you're interested.

On Monday, 11-Jan-2010 09:32:03 EST, Steve said
I'm planning to upload the whole packet once I'm ready.

On Monday, 11-Jan-2010 08:05:04 EST, K2 said
Sounds like a great idea Steve. Maybe we could crowd source the winter campers by posting the existing equipment list and asking for any feedback, modifications, additions, etc?

On Sunday, 10-Jan-2010 14:27:00 EST, Steve said
I think for next year I'd like to make the registration form a two pager. One would be the current form (plus the missing ride information) and the other would be the typical equipment list plus any recommended equipment for Winter Camp XXXIV. Probably the second page would really be a two pager (front & back) with the theme "What to Expect at Winter Camp and How to 'Be Prepared' for it"

I also plan to have books ready by the end of the month.

On Friday, 08-Jan-2010 08:38:48 EST, K2 said
Excellent news Ethan, Kitchen Adviser! I expect filet mignon, lobster tails (no, not jello lobster tails, real ones!), and sparking grape juice!

But, in the likely event that doesn't fit our budget, then I guess we'll go with Plan B. I trust your judgment since you're quoted as saying... "The winter camp kitchen is a bizarre combination of thrift and extravagance". I do believe a jello lobster fits into this category.

On Thursday, 07-Jan-2010 15:24:44 EST, Steve said
The Adviser is retired! Long live the Adviser!

On Thursday, 07-Jan-2010 15:23:14 EST, Ethan said
With confidence bolstered by Doug and Steve, I declare myself adviser to the Kitchen at Winter Camp XXXIV.

On Thursday, 07-Jan-2010 12:42:47 EST, Doug said
Ethan, I'm sure you can handle it. Steve and/or Jeff have developed a Access program that turns the menu and attendance count into a food list. The main thing is to decide on the menu, portions and enter recipes for new dishes. Most of the new recipes, like Spattzle(sp?) have come from the internet lately.

On Tuesday, 05-Jan-2010 10:47:26 EST, Ethan said
I'm interested in the Kitchen job, but I'd like to talk to the past Kitchen Adviser to make sure I understand the position.

On Monday, 04-Jan-2010 13:58:58 EST, K2 said
Most of the Winter Camp Live Pictures are here:

On Monday, 04-Jan-2010 13:36:30 EST, K2 said
Pictures of WCXXXIII from my phone...

On Monday, 04-Jan-2010 11:32:26 EST, Steve said
I could do it, but I think someone else might have the job in mind.

On Monday, 04-Jan-2010 10:46:01 EST, K2 said
Any volunteers to take charge of the kitchen?

On Sunday, 03-Jan-2010 16:14:59 EST, Ethan said
I'd like to put together a Murder Game for Winter Camp XXXIV.

On Saturday, 02-Jan-2010 12:36:23 EST, Steve said
I guess we'll have to look at your employee assessments.

On Saturday, 02-Jan-2010 12:12:51 EST, K2 said
I will take the adult adviser position.

On Saturday, 02-Jan-2010 10:42:06 EST, Jeff said
I can do activities again.

On Saturday, 02-Jan-2010 09:13:55 EST, Steve said
Any volunteers?

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