Winter Camp XXXIV - 2010

Monday, December 27: 1910-1935

7:30 AM Meet at Bollman's
NoonHot Potato Lunch
1:00 PM Behind the Enemy Lines
3:00 PM WWI Flour Wars
4:00 PM Paper Airplanes
5:00 PM Free time
6:00 PM The Mexican Dinner
7:00 PM Arrowman Bingo
8:00 PM Prohibition
9:00 PM Speakeasy
11:00 PM Prohibition Snack
Midnight Lights out

Tuesday, December 28: 1936-1960

9:00 AM Green eggs and Some Kind of Pork
10:00 AM Service Project
1:00 PM Polish Buffet
2:00 PM Service Project
5:00 PM Free time
6:00 PM Stylish Seafood
7:00 PM McCarthyism
8:00 PM 4 Way Volleyball
9:00 PM Movie (back to the future)
11:00 PM Bollmano's Pizza
Midnight Lights out

Wednesday, December 29: 1961-1985

9:00 AM Continental Breakfast
10:00 AM Cross Country Golf
NoonWorking Mom Lunch
1:00 PM Fire Skills
2:00 PM Showdown
3:00 PM Launch of Sputnik
4:00 PM Singing / dancing choreographed
5:00 PM Free time
6:00 PM Mom and Apple Pie Dinner
7:00 PM Space Invaders (Capture the Flag)
9:00 PM Blind Hike A
10:00 PM Blind Hike B
11:00 PM Bakery snack
Midnight Lights out

Thursday, December 30: 1986-2010

9:00 AM Global Breakfast
10:00 AM Find the terrorist
NoonFalse Dilemma Lunch
1:00 PM Wounded Spy
3:00 PM Build nuclear survival shelters
5:00 PM Free time
6:00 PM Back of the Box Dinner
7:00 PM Hobby Demo and Draw
9:00 PM Time Capsule
11:00 PM Blowtorch Snack
Midnight Lights out

Friday, December 31: The Future

9:00 AM Jackpot Grits
10:00 AM Snow Soccer
NoonConglomerate Lunch
1:00 PM Pack your bags

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