Winter Camp XXXVII - 2013


Leader:Steve Donohue
Participation Award:Vacant

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On Friday, 03-Feb-2017 01:46:00 EST, A said

On Friday, 01-Jan-2016 09:04:32 EST, Steve said
We gave a record 3 coats in lost & found. Strangely, no gloves. Anyhow, you have until June to collect them then they go to the Salvation Army.

On Friday, 25-Dec-2015 09:14:41 EST, Steve said
Sorry Dave. A bunch of us were out shopping until almost 3. The lines at Sam's and Meijer were awful. Maybe beyond awful.

On Thursday, 24-Dec-2015 09:06:40 EST, Oak said
ok- Today is build the "T-Rex" in my garage. Yes - some assembly will be required yet it will be 70% done..
Anyone wants to assist- 943 Liberty, LP, MI. 48146-near Fort
st and Emmons-"Mickeys pizza" off Fort-down 1.5 blocks.
I am planning-noon to 3PM-call house 313-386-2141. See ya up there maybe SUN-for sure-Monday. "Oak". CHEERFUL service-oh yeah!!

On Wednesday, 23-Dec-2015 16:36:18 EST, K2 said
Sounds good. Michaela hasn't let me forget since the last time we went shopping and got a frosty. We'll be there!

On Wednesday, 23-Dec-2015 13:47:41 EST, Steve said
Shopping will take place tomorrow around 10:00 am. We'll meet at Sam's Club on Northline in Southgate for round 1, then onto Meijer and Wendy's.

On Wednesday, 23-Dec-2015 11:20:06 EST, Steve said
He said he couldn't make it cuz he had to save some orphans from a burning house that week.

On Wednesday, 23-Dec-2015 11:18:20 EST, K2 said
I didn't see Tuttle on the list...

On Tuesday, 22-Dec-2015 20:51:09 EST, Steve said
I missed Brian Magrhan, Ben Green and Tim Kasprzak who is registering with a unit tomorrow.

On Tuesday, 22-Dec-2015 19:47:05 EST, Steve said
This is the list of people who I've been told are coming to Winter Camp. Most are paid. If you think you should be on this list and you aren't, you should speak up and make arrangements very quickly as we are working on the food list:

Alex Downie
Chris Downie
Daniel Forsyth
Matthew Grimble
Reese Hendricksen
Chris Kirschke
Andrew Lardin
Steven Lardin
Ian McKeever
Robert Miller
Corey Sanborn
David Sheridan
Nick Weathers
Alan Wilson
Gabe Church
Kristie Donohue
Steve Donohue
Someone Else
Dwayne Forsyth
Andrew Fountain
Mark Gollman
Roger Horn
Keith King
Dave Milone
Dave Oakley
Jeff Rand
Ethan Rein
Doug Wilson

On Monday, 21-Dec-2015 11:52:37 EST, Steve said
Your registration expired 12/31/2014. Turns out we know a guy who can look. You'll need to sign up with a unit, then pay your dues.

On Monday, 21-Dec-2015 08:10:07 EST, Ethan said
Timmy - If you've got an account at, you can log in there, then look at your "Full Profile" through the link on the top right. Your registration will show up near the bottom of the profile.

On Sunday, 20-Dec-2015 22:51:11 EST, Steve said
We are extending the payment deadline for Winter Camp to December 22. Tell your friends!

On Sunday, 20-Dec-2015 19:02:56 EST, timothy kasprzal said
is there a way to see if im rostered witha troop cause i was rostered on on before i left but i dont know if its still active

On Thursday, 17-Dec-2015 08:06:10 EST, K2 said
Doh. I didn't see this until today. If they met this week, it would have been last night at 7 or 7:15pm.

On Wednesday, 16-Dec-2015 11:29:11 EST, Steve said
Where do they meet now? Still Wednesdays? If they're meeting tonight I could stop in if he'd like.

On Wednesday, 16-Dec-2015 09:56:17 EST, K2 said
I sent over an email with some details and the registration form to my scoutmaster in 842 so hopefully he can advertise it more. He said he was already advertising it which I thought was awesome.

On Monday, 14-Dec-2015 19:27:26 EST, Steve said
Got a registration from Brian Maghran today. Really hope we get a few more soon.

On Monday, 14-Dec-2015 18:01:36 EST, Steve said
I'm thinking something short would be good :)

We have Jurassic World.

On Monday, 14-Dec-2015 12:56:12 EST, Ethan said
29th would work for me. I agree that we don't want to start too late. Speaking of the 29th, do we have a movie selected?

On Sunday, 13-Dec-2015 16:59:02 EST, Steve said
The meeting will likely be late (after Casino Night) and we'll all be pretty tired by then. Maybe the 29th?

On Saturday, 12-Dec-2015 14:38:21 EST, Ethan said
How's December 30 for the WCFS meeting?

On Thursday, 10-Dec-2015 08:16:24 EST, Ethan said
I got the fighting kite string in the mail yesterday. I'm hoping for a windy day this weekend to try it out.

On Monday, 07-Dec-2015 13:09:12 EST, Jeff said

On Monday, 07-Dec-2015 11:16:24 EST, Steve said
I think Jeff did too, but I'll be darned if I can find them.

On Monday, 07-Dec-2015 09:11:49 EST, Ethan said
I think I gave you a form at the meeting. If it got lost in the shuffle, I can bring another camp.

On Saturday, 05-Dec-2015 22:43:04 EST, Steve said
I think I'm missing someone who paid cash. This is my current roster:
Alan Wilson
Doug Wilson
Jeff Rand
Mark Bollman
Steve Donohue
Kristie Donohue

I have several paypallers too:
Ethan Rein
Keith King
Chris Kirschke
Gabe Church

I have forms from the Wilsons, Donohues, Keith, and Mark.

Anyone know who I'm missing?

On Friday, 04-Dec-2015 21:07:34 EST, Steve said
New binders arrived today. They aren't quite as fancy as the old ones, but i think they'll do.

On Friday, 04-Dec-2015 09:24:46 EST, Steve said
Pretty good turnout at the chapter meeting last night. 23 youth, probably the same number of adults. Many youth seem interested. I reminded them that we have camperships. We handed out registration forms, schedules and a flyer. We did have one person paypal us during the meeting.

On Thursday, 03-Dec-2015 10:38:02 EST, K2 said
I've got my mom saving newspaper, her friend, her neighbor and I'm also saving newspaper.

I should be able to provide a decent amount of newspaper to camp.

On Tuesday, 01-Dec-2015 17:02:55 EST, Steve said
Or, you know, the next night.

On Monday, 30-Nov-2015 09:18:14 EST, Steve said
I'll get the schedule and notes posted tonight.

On Sunday, 29-Nov-2015 18:31:03 EST, Ethan said
Turns out I've got 2 6 quart ice cream makers. They are hand crank powered. Depending on when the ice cream is served, we could make a few batches are freeze them. I'll get recipes to Steve in a few days.

On Wednesday, 25-Nov-2015 09:07:47 EST, Steve said
Thanks for your help Alannis.

On Wednesday, 25-Nov-2015 06:41:25 EST, K2 said
It would be bonus points if we could make the units of measurement for the recipe in base pi. i.e. 1 pc (pi cup) = 3.14159 cups, or 1/3 pc = 1.04719 cups.

That way you can always blame the UOM if the pie doesn't work out the way you expected it to.

Is it ironic the point of the scout law for the human test of this post was Helpful?

On Tuesday, 24-Nov-2015 17:20:29 EST, Steve said
Maybe with lemon cake of funfetti... I could see that working out.

On Tuesday, 24-Nov-2015 14:33:54 EST, K2 said
Only if the pie inside is a key lime pie made from scratch!

On Tuesday, 24-Nov-2015 13:09:39 EST, Steve said
This morning on facebook, I saw a link to piecaken. Basically a whole pie baked into the middle of cake. Seems like something we should have at camp.

On Monday, 23-Nov-2015 08:10:43 EST, Ethan said
I found the kites on Amazon. I've got to get some kite string. They didn't come with any. I think I'm going to get some specialized fighting kite string. Looks like the fighting kite scene is pretty huge in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

On Friday, 20-Nov-2015 17:27:59 EST, Steve said
Where do you find fighting kites? Are they a kit?

On Thursday, 19-Nov-2015 15:17:23 EST, Ethan said
I ordered some "Fighting Kites" that I anticipate trying out before camp. Not sure if I'll have them by the planning meeting. I've also enlisted Jeff's help to design a maze game.

On Monday, 16-Nov-2015 17:21:42 EST, Steve said
I think we might be able to manage that with paper machier and balloons

On Monday, 16-Nov-2015 16:01:38 EST, K2 said
Not sure how to pull it off but what if we were to make it look like there was a dinosaur sticking out of BC?

IE head sticking out the dining room windows towards clearwater, a leg sticking out the middle bunk room door and a tail sticking out the other bunk room door.

On Monday, 16-Nov-2015 11:49:12 EST, steve said
So far we have paypal payments from Ethan Rein and Gabe Church.

On Friday, 13-Nov-2015 22:13:57 EST, Steve said
Cool, it would be great to see you there. We already made plans to throw spears so we can see your "unique" technique in action.

On Wednesday, 11-Nov-2015 18:32:36 EST, timothy said
Okay im gonna see what i can do

On Wednesday, 11-Nov-2015 09:19:36 EST, Steve said
That's pretty much it. You might want to check and see if your old troop registered you; sometimes they do that and sometimes someone in your family might have asked them to do it.

On Tuesday, 10-Nov-2015 10:50:42 EST, K2 said
Besides sending us $10,000,000 in unmarked Canadian bills (No loonies!)... you'll need to register as an adult with a troop, take and pass youth protection training, and pay your dues with the OA (something I probably need to do...)

Hopefully someone else will chime in if I missed anything.

On Tuesday, 10-Nov-2015 09:33:47 EST, timothy said
since ive aged out of boyscouts what do i need to do to go to winter camp?

On Monday, 09-Nov-2015 21:02:12 EST, K2 said
Well... they have this show on netflix called DinoTrux. Maybe we could build mechanical dinosaurs? Or perhaps _a_ mechanical dinosaur?

On Sunday, 08-Nov-2015 19:46:22 EST, Steve said
Got a note from Dwayne Forsyth. He's planning to come to Winter Camp with his son and maybe another scout from their troop.

He's also offered to set up soldering stations so everyone could learn to solder and build a kit. Not sure how that will fit into our theme, but if we can make it work it will probably be a cool opportunity.

On Tuesday, 03-Nov-2015 12:21:52 EST, Ethan said
I've got a line on at least one daily paper. I'll ask around to see if anyone I know would be willing to save theirs for us.

On Wednesday, 28-Oct-2015 10:52:05 EDT, Steve said
Spearing man first, then probably yes.

On Wednesday, 28-Oct-2015 09:01:43 EDT, K2 said
Is this going to be like burning man??

On Tuesday, 27-Oct-2015 16:53:22 EDT, Steve said
my guess would be tons. If nothing else, more paper = more dinosaur.

On Tuesday, 27-Oct-2015 12:09:27 EDT, Ethan said
Any idea how much newspaper we need for the paper mache dinosaur we discussed?

On Monday, 26-Oct-2015 08:14:22 EDT, Ethan said
Following up from last week's meeting - I've got one 6 quart hand-crank ice cream maker I can bring to camp. I've got a line on two others of the same size. I'll know about those after a family get together on November 8.

On Thursday, 15-Oct-2015 13:25:57 EDT, Ethan said
The meeting's 4 pm start time gives me the flexibility to do both!

On Wednesday, 14-Oct-2015 20:50:42 EDT, Steve said
I thought you were doing a half-marathon?

On Wednesday, 14-Oct-2015 08:36:31 EDT, Ethan said
I think I'll be there! Not totally sure.

On Tuesday, 13-Oct-2015 13:49:05 EDT, Steve said
I'll post the registration form tonight.

There's a planning meeting on Sunday October 18 at 4:00 pm. It will be at my mom's house, 2042 Markese Lincoln Park, MI 48146. Call me with questions 313-919-0106

On Monday, 12-Oct-2015 23:39:42 EDT, Ethan said
Cost was 45.45 for youth last year. I think we decided to leave it the same for this year.

On Monday, 12-Oct-2015 21:34:35 EDT, Martin Church said
I have one youth from Belleville (T-793) interested in coming. Need to get a cost. He's a new ordeal member trying to find his way

On Friday, 09-Oct-2015 08:57:55 EDT, Ethan said
My father-in-law got a new golf bag. I convinced him to give his old one to me for Cross Country Golf. I'll bring it this year. It's got a padded strap!

On Sunday, 04-Oct-2015 14:34:41 EDT, Steve said
Just listening to a discussion that got into hair products.

I wonder if we could have some weird labels for things at camp, like replace canned goods and personal hygiene prodcts with Jurassic labels. So not Axe boy spray but Tusk or maybe some other things. It could be a contest

On Wednesday, 30-Sep-2015 14:23:46 EDT, Ethan said
While I'd be interested in attending the meeting, I don't mind missing it. My October weekends are pretty loaded. I hope we can get a good number of youth there.

On Wednesday, 30-Sep-2015 10:46:54 EDT, Steve said
I know it can't be the 17th as I'll be at D-A for Trail of Terror. I'll ask about a possible date change.

On Monday, 28-Sep-2015 20:56:15 EDT, K2 said
Ditto, the 18th doesn't work well for me either. Generally speaking, Saturdays are better than Sundays for me.

On Monday, 28-Sep-2015 15:59:02 EDT, Ethan said
I would not be available for a meeting on 10/18. I am planning to be at the final planning meeting.

On Monday, 28-Sep-2015 11:29:40 EDT, K2 said
Perhaps we could weed the gardens around the main lodge?? I hear December is the best time of the year for that :)

On Friday, 25-Sep-2015 12:34:08 EDT, Steve said
I talked to Jack about service projects at Winter Camp. He said he had a number of things he needed done at the Main Lodge so we'd be working indoors most of the day.

He did promise to come up with an outdoor project for Jeff.

On Friday, 25-Sep-2015 08:59:30 EDT, Steve said
There was some good buzz for WInter Camp at the chapter meeting last night. Heard from one ASM that four kids in her troop had been very eager to join the Order after hearing stories from last year's Winter Camp.

I'll upload the flyer and the registration slip this weekend.

There are tentative plans for a pre-planning meeting on October 18, location TBD and probably around 4 pm

On Saturday, 05-Sep-2015 20:58:52 EDT, Steve said

On Saturday, 05-Sep-2015 20:13:14 EDT, K2 said
Is it at least a decoder ring?

On Saturday, 05-Sep-2015 12:43:27 EDT, Steve said
Nope, only one.

Had to go for the mini-wrasslin' ring.

On Saturday, 05-Sep-2015 08:24:05 EDT, K2 said

On Friday, 04-Sep-2015 22:44:56 EDT, Steve said
So there I was in the game store. I could buy Evolution or I could be Luchador: Mexican Wrestling Dice.

Evolution looked like a tight and suspenseful game with plenty of strategy. Luchador had a 3-D wrestling ring and cardboard standees.

I think we all know which one I bought.

On Tuesday, 25-Aug-2015 11:54:54 EDT, Steve said
That does sound like a good fit.

This morning I saw a recipe for Cheetos mozarella sticks which could be considered in our found dinner.

On Tuesday, 25-Aug-2015 00:21:09 EDT, timothy kasprzak said
you couldget the board game evolution you evolve a species and take on others and hold a tournament with it. it goes pretty quick. and its a lot of fun

On Friday, 14-Aug-2015 15:40:48 EDT, Steve said
Heard from Steven today, he had the even cooler idea of Jurassic Park. I think it has a lot of good potential. Obviously we can watch one of the movies. The Candy Dinner could be made of things we can find. We could also have an ice cream meal where you have to eat it before it melts. There could be a scavenger hunt for supplies to fend off different dinos. We could have a predator-prey game where the predators are Velociraptors.

Time Capsule could include some DNA samples or just be called the Fossil Creation event (no fair pointing out that Rand is already a fossil.

We could have dino dice as you evolve your species by participating in activities and earning new dice and traits for your dino. There are a couple of very good board games with evolution/dinosaurs as their theme which we could either play straight or mine for ideas.

I think this could be a pretty interesting theme. We could also think about some other dinosaur movies and stories as inspiration.

On Wednesday, 12-Aug-2015 17:48:40 EDT, Steve said
I think most of us might, but you might have to be the counter-example since you already fit the mold. If Corey Curtiss attends, he'd get similar treatment.

On Tuesday, 11-Aug-2015 20:39:31 EDT, K2 said
Sounds good to me. Should we all assume super hero civilian names Stan Lee style? Bruce Banner? Peter Parker? I'm prepared!

On Tuesday, 11-Aug-2015 10:41:22 EDT, steve said
What about a superhero themed camp? Each day we have to overcome a world-threatening crisis.

On Friday, 07-Aug-2015 10:04:05 EDT, Steve said
Linking to that video is what got me the picture of the hose. I guess we'll have to hope to learn more once he's back from NOAC.

On Thursday, 06-Aug-2015 15:54:58 EDT, Ethan said
This idea is likely related to the comedic rap song "Boats 'n' Hoes," which figures into the plot of the movie Step Brothers. I didn't remember the song, but it was easy to find its online presence. I do remember enjoying that movie.

On Thursday, 06-Aug-2015 14:04:10 EDT, K2 said
I wonder if the boats are powered by an electric noodle?

On Wednesday, 05-Aug-2015 21:23:56 EDT, Steve said
Got a note from Steven. He says the youth want the theme to be Boats and Hose.

I thought maybe it was an autocorrect error but he assures me it's hose. Even sent ma a picture of a hose. Not sure how boats and hoses go together for a fun Winter Camp.

On Tuesday, 04-Aug-2015 11:48:34 EDT, K2 said
Sounds amazing!

On Tuesday, 04-Aug-2015 08:25:23 EDT, Ethan said
I love it!

On Monday, 03-Aug-2015 23:36:39 EDT, Steve said
So today my mom's cookie fell into Kristie's mashed potatoes. Kristie moved quickly to prevent the foods from touching. My mom told her that "chocolate potatoes" are very good.

it seems like a Winter Camp food item or maybe a meal - the Candy Dinner where everything is given some flavor assistance. I'm kind of thinking about Peanut Butter meatloaf, chocolate potatoes and maybe cinnamon peas.

On Tuesday, 21-Jul-2015 19:01:19 EDT, K2 said
Yes I closed it. It worked well with one egg, but two was one too many.

It is non-Belgian.

On Monday, 20-Jul-2015 19:57:17 EDT, Ethan said
Did you close the waffle iron to cook the egg? Was it a Belgian or non-Belgian maker?

On Saturday, 18-Jul-2015 10:59:25 EDT, K2 said
I made waffles with the kids this morning. It inspired us to make eggs with the waffle iron. Pro tip: use one egg at a time.

On Friday, 03-Jul-2015 14:29:50 EDT, Ethan said

On Thursday, 02-Jul-2015 11:22:32 EDT, Steve said
I could've sworn I answered this. I have no idea, but we could probably always use more.

On Thursday, 11-Jun-2015 10:09:36 EDT, Ethan said
Does anyone remember how we're going for golf balls? I could pick some up if we need them. My local Dunham's sells used balls pretty cheap. I can also keep an eye out at garage sales.

On Thursday, 21-May-2015 13:48:19 EDT, Ethan said
I think a recurring, nightly event would be neat.

On Wednesday, 20-May-2015 22:36:18 EDT, Steve said
Just watching Lucha Underground and had a thought. What if we made collectible dice for camp?

In my Lucha theme the dice might have stickers for like "aerial", "slam" and "block". Maybe some would have "dodge" or "magic" or other faces. You'd get them for doing things. You could create your own persona and maybe each night we'd have a match where you'd be able to take on other wrestlers by rolling your dice against him until you've got him knocked out or pinned or something.

On Wednesday, 13-May-2015 21:50:53 EDT, Ethan said
I really like that idea, Keith. This could be something like we had discussed for last year's casino 'cheats.' Different activities could have state cards (or something like that) associated with them. Those cards could have statistics (population, size, order of statehood, state tree, etc.) that play into a later game. All those cards could be used as reference material for an indoor state trivia game or maybe some other add-up-your-states activity.

Another approach might be a big all-around-the-camp event where we've got to find all the states.

I'm sure we could find a good use for the term "Manifest Destiny" in all this.

On Wednesday, 13-May-2015 11:17:02 EDT, K2 said
Could have 50 items hidden throughout camp, one representing each state. Could be a weekette long game to find them and have some activity based on it?

On Saturday, 09-May-2015 17:23:00 EDT, Ethan said
Steve's word on caution on shooting too high with the number of events sounds good to me.

I like the idea of "collecting" states and things about them.

On Friday, 08-May-2015 11:44:29 EDT, Steve said
I think we should focus on having fewer better events rather than trying to get in 50. I think we have 17 meals, which would leave us with 33 events to get in. Once you consider some givens (blind hike, service day, Bollmano's), we'd wind up with a number of events so short that running late would kill them.

If we go with the states theme, maybe we could do some sort of collect the states thing. Cards with the state map on front and maybe a few Wintr Camp Notes on the back. Who has lived there, who has been there, etc.

On Friday, 08-May-2015 11:12:36 EDT, Ethan said
It would be a stretch, but I think we could get 50 events on the schedule. If we wanted to use 1910 definitions, we'd only need 46 (New Mexico and Arizona added 1912, Alaska and Hawaii added 1959). 1910 is, of course, the year the BSA was founded.

On Friday, 17-Apr-2015 20:49:28 EDT, timothy said
oh i wanna be in the region that has tennesse in it lol i live in tennesse now i think ill be real good at tghe whole southern hospitality thing

On Sunday, 12-Apr-2015 20:46:40 EDT, Steve said
My laptop died a long slow death today. I think I can pull things off it for my one.

My new one is a Toshiba touch screen convertible, meaning I have at least a passable technical solution to my info board. It's probably not a big enough screen, but it's big enough for a trial run and maybe we'll find a deal on something bigger before the year is over.

On Sunday, 05-Apr-2015 17:02:20 EDT, Jeff said
The "Around the US" theme could afford itself to the patrol method. Have four patrols representing a different region. Each could be responsible for a dinner and a thematic event appropriate to the region. Of course, we do have an usually detailed knowledge of US geography. Arrowman Bingo could be state-related - i.e. "Has never been to Indiana."

On Saturday, 04-Apr-2015 21:28:44 EDT, K2 said
Sounds awesome to me.

On Saturday, 04-Apr-2015 07:03:41 EDT, Steve said
I had this thought today. What if we used a touch screen monitor to have a "Winter Camp Info Kiosk".

I'm kind of seeing a bottom scrollbar with the schedule on continuous loop and maybe some choices to look up people and events. Maybe places where you could get a map if you didn't know. The schedule, duty roster, and general menu could be main choices...

On Friday, 13-Mar-2015 08:31:43 EDT, Ethan said
How about an an "Around the US" theme? We could have events and meals corresponding to to a route around the country. This would also be a chance to serve the Salute to the States banquet, which has always intrigued me.

We could use this map, or one like it:

On Thursday, 12-Mar-2015 11:46:39 EDT, Steve said
Anyone have any theme ideas?

On Tuesday, 03-Feb-2015 20:53:55 EST, K2 said
Now this is something we need...

On Monday, 19-Jan-2015 13:53:01 EST, Ethan said
I think that evaluation should have said Luchador theme.

On Sunday, 18-Jan-2015 21:16:16 EST, Steve said
I think a cool activity might be a logic puzzle challenge where we make life-sized versions of the puzzles, maybe as part of an obstacle course or some other multi-station event. Maybe if you solve the puzzle you get one cache and if you get the wrong one you get a different cache, perhaps less useful.

On Sunday, 18-Jan-2015 21:14:21 EST, Steve said
Okay, so one of the suggestions on the evaluations is a suggestion for a "Locator Theme". the only reference I found that made sense was one for a tv show about finding lost friends and relatives and I'm not really sure how that would make sense at camp. Anyone got more information?

On Saturday, 17-Jan-2015 13:43:28 EST, Steve said
The Encyclopedia has been updated with new entries from the printed edition and the people with their new camp stats.

On Saturday, 17-Jan-2015 12:25:57 EST, Ethan said
It's been a while since we've had weekette long teams or patrols. I wonder if we might try it again. We could tie it into the idea of having a more robust duty roster (meals/activities/clean up). I'm thinking it might be fun to have the same teams for several (but not all) activities and keep some kind of running score. Such a structure might build excitement throughout the weekette.

On Monday, 12-Jan-2015 17:13:32 EST, Steve said
Even more pictures are up now -- I got a CD from Jeff.

On Sunday, 11-Jan-2015 22:14:15 EST, Steve said
man am I sick.

Pictures I've received are up as is everything else for Winter Camp 38.

On Thursday, 08-Jan-2015 10:32:56 EST, Steve said
I hope to get some pictures and the evaluation summary posted tonight.

On Friday, 02-Jan-2015 13:06:40 EST, Steve said
I think if it's not at my mom's place, she'll hunt you down and kill you Ethan.

Note that the list of advisers is mostly cut and paste and I'm looking for advisers for all the above positions plus I think a registration coordinator to collect money and forms.

On Friday, 02-Jan-2015 08:56:08 EST, K2 said
Just to throw it out there... back to the future could be a theme since this is the year they had multiple predictions for.

On Thursday, 01-Jan-2015 17:35:53 EST, Ethan said
If it helps, I can look into a meeting room for the after-Thanksgiving planning meeting.

On Saturday, 06-Dec-2014 10:21:21 EST, Steve said
That's right, I'm the adviser for Winter Camp XXXXIX.

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