Winter Camp XXXVI - 2012


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Kitchen:Ben GreenSteve Donohue
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On Friday, 13-Nov-2015 12:10:18 EST, 3tvKH62ZRbFh said
before you cannot relay on them bacuese these are not valid.I have talked to PASSGUIDE, Acutaltests, pass4sure, testinside.they say they are going to update. as I have subscription to once they update I am going to post the PDF.or even the software if there are any crackers out long no news guys.p.s Test-King and Actualtests they are identical.. one has copied from another.

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On Monday, 07-Jan-2013 11:37:16 EST, said
The new page is up at

On Sunday, 06-Jan-2013 17:06:08 EST, Steve said
Easy bake snack.

On Sunday, 06-Jan-2013 17:05:33 EST, Steve said

On Friday, 04-Jan-2013 11:40:52 EST, K2 said
They had giant jenga on Big Bang theory last night. Copycats!

On Thursday, 03-Jan-2013 18:56:21 EST, Kristie said
That sounds yummy!

On Wednesday, 02-Jan-2013 12:49:58 EST, Steve said
A meal I don't want to forget that someone here prepared for New Year's.

Pork overdose: Pork tenderloin butterflied then stuffed with pork sausage and rolled back together. Wrapped in a bacon lattice and baked for about 1.5 at 350.

On Sunday, 30-Dec-2012 18:55:39 EST, Linda Bollman said
Happy Birthday, Mark-> Love,DOD & dym

On Wednesday, 26-Dec-2012 20:50:53 EST, Josh said
So winter camp is tomorrow... What is going on with rides?

On Wednesday, 26-Dec-2012 09:53:26 EST, Ethan said
Sounds like a good list of service projects!

On Tuesday, 25-Dec-2012 22:42:27 EST, Kristie said
I really miss my Sunfire.

On Tuesday, 25-Dec-2012 21:03:31 EST, Steve said
Heard from Dave:
"Plan on splitting fire wood (2 crews),hauling blocked wood to the splitters,fence repairs, stripping paint off a war canoe,varnishing new window trim at Wyckoff,power washing inside of a cabin and painting the ceiling in James West. We have all the stuff."

On Monday, 24-Dec-2012 16:35:01 EST, Steve said
I found three ducks. They are outside in my barbecue grill, so remind me on Wednesday.

On Sunday, 23-Dec-2012 16:38:36 EST, Steve said
Shopping will start at 10:00 am at the Sam's Club in Southgate on Northline Rd just east of I-75.

On Sunday, 23-Dec-2012 15:57:25 EST, timothy said
about 5.5 cups

On Saturday, 22-Dec-2012 22:37:06 EST, Ian said
I am hoping to find a ride to up and back

On Saturday, 22-Dec-2012 22:02:15 EST, Mark--> said
I do not think that we've announced one.

On Saturday, 22-Dec-2012 21:33:55 EST, Steve said
How much rice does the rice maker make?

Anyone got a preferred time for shopping on Monday or did we already announce one and I've forgotten it?

On Saturday, 22-Dec-2012 20:29:23 EST, timothy said
should i bring my wok and rice maker

On Friday, 21-Dec-2012 18:31:23 EST, Josh Cicotte said
If I could please hitch a ride there and back it would be much appreciated.

On Friday, 21-Dec-2012 15:16:31 EST, Mark--> said
Driving myself, probably with room for some gear but not so much for people.

On Friday, 21-Dec-2012 10:27:40 EST, Steve said
One thing that is missing from the vast majority of forms is the information on rides. We need this to try to organize car pooling on the 27th. If you're reading this, please update me with how you plan to get to camp even if that update is "I'm hoping someone has space for me". We'd like to figure out a way to have parents only have to drive once if possible, but we need some help.

On Friday, 21-Dec-2012 10:23:05 EST, Steve said
I have a few Chinese themed movies. We could do something dramatic like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or maybe something with a more gonzo feel like House of Flying Daggers or The Last Dragon or Forbidden Kingdom.

I received another payment in the mail last night plus there are 2 youth I'm pretty sure are going who aren't paid yet. I think that makes our count 24 and 8. With at least 2 part-time adults not in that count. We might be going to a third cabin.

On Friday, 21-Dec-2012 08:26:40 EST, Ethan said
I don't know if we picked out a movie for the movie night. Keith volunteered to bring up the equipment. Does anyone own anything that would be good to watch. I'd vote for someting to match up with the chinese theme.

On Friday, 21-Dec-2012 08:26:40 EST, Ethan said
I shoveled snow this morning! Looking forward to seeing everyone at camp!

On Thursday, 20-Dec-2012 17:52:54 EST, Steve said
I haven't been home yet, but Drew's mom called and he's coming so that makes 21 youth and 8 adults.

On Wednesday, 19-Dec-2012 17:47:38 EST, Steve said
Added another youth.

On Wednesday, 19-Dec-2012 07:27:17 EST, Steve said
Attendance right now is at 27, 19 youth and 8 adults. I'm planning to send out a note extending the deadline to Sunday the 23rd. Hopefully it will remind a few people to pay and maybe the slightly longer deadline will give us one more pay day...

On Monday, 17-Dec-2012 18:48:58 EST, Ethan said
That "action course" type event for tomahawk throwing sounds good to me. Given the event's location in the schedule (3.30 on the 27th), it will probably have to whatever set up is necessary done on the set up day.

On Monday, 17-Dec-2012 00:20:54 EST, Steve said
I picked up a few vaguely asian looking tomahawks. I was thinking maybe we could set up an obstacle course where a good tomahawk throw makes things easier. Like the right toss cuts loose a rope to swing over an otherwise difficult obstacle. I think we'd simulate it -- hit the target, use the rope -- rather than really expect someone to cut a rope with these things (I don't think it's likely anyone could).

On Sunday, 16-Dec-2012 16:35:05 EST, Ethan said
An idea regarding the waiting aroud problem associated with the tomawak throw - each thrower picks the next one based on arrowman bingo type criteria. After each throw or set of throws, we could draw from set of scouting traits (first time at Winter Camp, Brotherhood member, etc). Then, the thrower picks someone that qualifies. It might facilitate some get to know each other talking during the waiting time.

On Sunday, 16-Dec-2012 16:31:37 EST, Ethan said
I've got some ideas for a prohibition game. I think we can split into smugglers and guards. The smugglers get to pick from a set of prohibited objects and try to move to them to a guarded location. The objects will range in size with bigger objects being worth more to smugglers and less to the guards. We can decide on the objects at camp as well as the starting and ending points.

On Sunday, 16-Dec-2012 15:46:31 EST, Ethan said
Plan on a WCFS meeting on the 30th following the chopstick snack.

On Friday, 14-Dec-2012 22:32:17 EST, Jeff said
Might be more time on Saturday, but Sunday will have more to discuss from weekette's events.

On Friday, 14-Dec-2012 16:15:55 EST, Steve` said
I don't have a preference.

On Wednesday, 12-Dec-2012 07:11:50 EST, Ethan said
Anyone have a preference for the WCFS meeting? Saturday, the 29th will probably be the best chance to get visitors. Sunday, the 30th would also be a good day.

On Wednesday, 12-Dec-2012 07:05:40 EST, Ethan said
I like Steve's stalking idea. We might be able to thematically tie their objectives to the previous evening's prohibition game.

On Tuesday, 11-Dec-2012 17:46:32 EST, Steve said
Commando Stalking - what if the group split into several teams. 3 people on the run, 4 or 5 to stalk them. The ones on the lam have to go to some locations and do some things. The other team has to report what they did and where they went. Maybe the stalkers have some idea where they're going in case they get totally lost. Maybe teams are made up of 8 people and they decide who will fill which role.

On Tuesday, 11-Dec-2012 17:46:32 EST, Steve said
I think the tomahawk throw has some potential to be a bunch of people standing around waiting for their turn, so that might need some help too.

On Monday, 10-Dec-2012 09:03:58 EST, said
I could be wrong about this, but I think we need some plans for the following activites: Bowmaking, Chinese Prohibition, Commando Stalking, Chinese Percussion

Let me know if you've thought about any of these or want to start thinking about them.

On Monday, 10-Dec-2012 08:57:24 EST, Ethan said
I've been experimenting with some lantern designs. Hope to having something ready to make at camp.

On Wednesday, 05-Dec-2012 13:14:46 EST, Steve said
I plan to be at the chapter meeting too. If there's anything you'd like me to bring, let me know.

On Tuesday, 04-Dec-2012 22:06:17 EST, Steve said
I posted the schedule, look above. I also fixed the registration form to not mention Migisi

On Tuesday, 04-Dec-2012 20:36:38 EST, Ethan said
The Final Chapter meeting of the year is Thursday, December 6th, At 7:00pm. The meeting is at First United Methodist Church Dearborn. I'll be there with some registration forms. See you there!

On Tuesday, 04-Dec-2012 20:36:38 EST, Ethan said
The Final Chapter meeting of the year is Thursday, December 6th, At 7:00pm. The meeting is at First United Methodist Church Dearborn. I'll be there with some registration forms. See you there!

On Friday, 30-Nov-2012 20:21:16 EST, Ethan said
If you're an adult planning to attend Winter Camp, please make sure you've taken the Youth Protection training within the last two years. The online course takes about 30 minutes and can be found at:

On Sunday, 25-Nov-2012 17:14:07 EST, Steve said
Jeff sent one. Thanks.

On Sunday, 25-Nov-2012 16:31:14 EST, Steve said
I could use a copy of the schedule from yesterday so I can combine it with the meals.

On Friday, 23-Nov-2012 08:29:40 EST, mike gambel said
We could have target practice with bottle rockets

On Monday, 19-Nov-2012 13:55:08 EST, Ethan said
Great Idea. I'll take a look in my area.

On Saturday, 17-Nov-2012 20:48:43 EST, Steve said
Okay, so last year we realized our great lapse in never having put a twinkie in a time capsule.

With the closing of Hostess, twinkies may be in short supply. I was just looking at hostess racks in the area and all of them were cleaned out.

If you've ever dreamed about a twinkie in the time capsule, now is the time to act. Find one and let us know. They are already selling for stupid money on ebay (I saw a box going for over $30 and there were actual bidders, not just some guys pie in the sky buy it now).

On Saturday, 03-Nov-2012 12:47:27 EDT, Steve said
So here's the list of activities we had come up with at the first meeting.

Dragon Boats
Chinese Lanterns (floating or otherwise)
Chinese Race
Sumo Chess
Table Tennis
Cross-Country Table Tennis
Chinese Chess
Chinese Checkers

On Friday, 02-Nov-2012 18:28:02 EDT, Steve said
I think that would be cool.

On Saturday, 27-Oct-2012 14:15:19 EDT, Ethan said
How about a torch making event followed by a torch lit hike? I think chapter has a torch recipe that incliudes sticks, denim, wire, and fuel. I've never made a torch, so I'd be excited about it.

On Thursday, 25-Oct-2012 08:35:15 EDT, said
Thanks to Keith for arranging a meeting place for the planning meeting. We'll be at Trinity Methodist Church, 9077 Allen Road, Allen Park, MI on November 23 at 1.00 pm. This the same church where we met last year.

On Monday, 22-Oct-2012 14:28:07 EDT, Jeff said
It should be an exciting theme and improve our cultural awareness. Glad to site is back, at least partially.

On Tuesday, 16-Oct-2012 23:18:14 EDT, Steve said
I might even have the dates back too.

On , Steve said
I have a copy and I do think the balloons are in there. I'll see if I can find it.

On , Ethan said
I think it would be neat to have some kind of Genius Night event where we make flying paper lanterns out of tissue paper, candles, and some structural peices (straws, tape?). Steve mentioned that we'd done something like this in the past.

I'm trying to find how to resources for hot air tissue balloons. I think there is one in the Dan Beard Handy Book for Boys which was reprinted a while back. I don't have a copy.

Anyway, as a newlywed, I've got lots of tissue paper. I also got a good deal on 80 birthday candles.

On , Steve said
I'm not sure it's really working, but I'm not sure why it's broken either. I'll keep looking.

We did put out a promo flyer at the Ordeal. I'll try to post it. I think my notes are at work. I do have some paper lanterns I got for cheap on tanga.

On , timmy kasprzak said
its back

On , Ethan said
Looks like it's working to me.

Reminder: We picked a theme of "Acient China" over the summer. We talked about making hot air balloons out of tissue paper, eating chinese foods, and much more.

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