Winter Camp XXXVII - 2013

This is the Hobby Log for Winter Camp XXXVII. The logs for previous years are still available. Check the Hobby Center for details.

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On 12/9/14, Kristie began searching for a lost item.
I have successfully unearthed dice I didn\'t know I owned, dice I didn\'t know were missing (not the aforementioned dice), found the only deck box I own, and a clipboard we were both looking for last week. Missing item status: still not located.

On 11/24/14, Kristie explored a closet.
In an effort to reclaim some space, I started purging the contents of the office closet. I unearthed a long lost treasure that had been given to me as a gift during my Welcome to Detroit party over 13.5 years ago. I believe that it was hidden from me the very night I threw a hammer down the stairs at the LAGgies. (I ran out of bouncy balls.) What was this find? MY MACE!

On 10/19/14, Kristie donated a tank and two stands.
In an effort to rid ourselves of things we do not use, we donated a 60 gallon tank and stand, as well as a stand for a 100 gallon tank to Suburban Turtle and Tortoise Rescue in Southgate. We couldn\'t be happier that they will be put to good use. (Side note, this is the place that took the injured Painted Turtle Jamie Howey found over the summer.)

During June, Steve continued to wear the boot.
I began weaning myself off it at the very end of June. I\'m even allowed to do some wandering around without my scooter.

During May, Steve continued to wear the boot
I may get it off on the 19th of this month.

During April, Steve still had the boot
and we went on a 10 state tour of the US. Needless to say, not suburban archaeology took place.

During March, Steve wore a boot
I pulled my achilles tendon back in February helping to push the neighbor\'s care out of too much snow. As a result I haven\'t been able to do much excavating since I\'m under doctor\'s orders to take it easy. I\'ve even got a knee scooter to use now to reduce my step count.

On 2/2/14, Kristie continued chipping away at the dig site.
I did a bit more purging of old school stuff. I also started the process of separating school books from personal books. I also found a bounty item. I\'m not sure it counts thought since I only specified it as \"jewelry\" without saying it\'s my paw print bracelet that I wore in Ely. Feeling pretty good about the progress for now.

On January 30, Steve realized he was falling behind.
I think this might be a hazard of joint (or shared) hobbies. Not getting snow days means Kristie really gets the jump on me.

On 1/30/14, Kristie pursued surburban archaeology on a miniature scale.
Yes, I emptied the spare change out of my purse. Not much but then again today was not a snow day either, and I had way too much work to do tonight, so this will have to do. $2.63 in spendable spare change, $.15 in collectible, and 3 foreign coins from the came country. Meh.

On 1/29/14, Kristie logged another sentimental find.
The red Migisi knit hat with white letters.

On 1/29/14, Kristie claimed a different find of the week.
I\'m sure no one could blame me for claiming find of the week after yesterday\'s haul, but today topped it. I found a missing pair of opal and diamond earrings that had been given to me for Christmas in 1994. Sentimentality trumps all in this case. In other news I put away the WC chest of drawers (x2) today. Keeping with the money count, today\'s yield was $2 in bills, $3.14 in spendable change, $5.13 in collectible change, and 7 coins from two different countries. One of those countries is different than the two mentioned yesterday.

On 1/28/14, Kristie continued dominating the dig site!
I hereby claim find of the week with the discovery of two gift cards, a $25 iTunes card and a $50 Angelina\'s card, in one envelope. Other monetary finds today include, two $3 gift certificates to American Science and Surplus, $8.65 in spare change, $5.01 in change for collections, 12 coins from two different countries, and a token from Crystal Bay casino in Lake Tahoe. Snow days rock!

On 1/27/14, Kristie explored the dig site
Last night I unearthed an MP3 player, a flip, a pedometer, a couple of usb charger cables, the dvd I made for Granddad\'s funeral, a few dog shirts, and $1.46 in loose change. Oh, and socks lots of socks.

On January 12, Steve cleared the dig site
This mostly consisted of picking up a bunch of boxes which had contained Christmas gifts and removing them from the site. The boxes were recycled curbside.

On January 7, Steve declared a reward!
After some discussion, we\'ve decided to offer rewards for finding certain items we know are missing. The first reward is for a book called Never Unprepared which disappeared about 6 months ago.

On January 4, 2014, Kristie received the find of the week award in Suburban Archaelogy
She came up with an HDMI cable I didn\'t know we had and saved me from a trip to Best Buy. It also inspired me to break out the new Blu-Ray player, freeing it from its cardboard prison.

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