Winter Camp XXXVII - 2013


Leader:TR EvangelistaGabe Church
Activities/Program:VacantKeith King
Kitchen:Tim KasprzakSteve Donohue
Newsletter:VacantMark Bollman
Participation Award:VacantEthan Rein


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On Saturday, 04-Jan-2014 20:07:38 EST, Steve said

On Saturday, 04-Jan-2014 08:37:35 EST, Steve said
If you've got pictures, I'd love to share them. Maybe you could email them to me at

On Thursday, 02-Jan-2014 16:59:58 EST, Steve said

On Thursday, 02-Jan-2014 15:19:41 EST, timmy kasprzak said
is the final newspaper of winter camp 37 gonna be put up on here?

On Wednesday, 01-Jan-2014 10:29:28 EST, Steve said
Everything went great Paul. How was your vacation?

On Friday, 27-Dec-2013 09:51:07 EST, Kupser said
Hope all is well, at cold time camp.

On Wednesday, 25-Dec-2013 07:32:43 EST, Jeff said
We have use of a commercial kitchen at Silver Trails. We should find most of our kitchen needs there. We will take inventory upon arrival and send a small extraction party to D-bar-A to get what we need for food service and program. Our biggest challenge may occur later in the weekette when we have to move people to D-A. Therefore we will want to minimize the amount of equipment moved back and forth.

On Wednesday, 25-Dec-2013 00:25:27 EST, Ethan said
Any thoughts about the gear that's stowed in the BC attic? I can bring some stuff from home, but I'm not what we have up there. I suppose the kitchen is the most important.

On Tuesday, 24-Dec-2013 17:26:37 EST, Jeff said
One must always learn to adapt. Winter Camp will go on.

On Tuesday, 24-Dec-2013 16:07:49 EST, John said
Is Jeff coping ok?

On Tuesday, 24-Dec-2013 15:29:30 EST, Steve said
Due to ice damage, D-bar-A is closed at the moment. It is possible it will reopen during Winter Camp, but it is not a certainty. Not only is power out to the entire camp but there are downed power lines. We don't have a choice.

The council has graciously offered us the use of a 60-person cabin and the kitchen at Silver Trails Scout Reservation in Jeddo, MI. Our plan is to camp there starting on Friday.

The camp is at: 7140 Jeddo Road, Jeddo MI 48032

Nothing else about Winter Camp has changed, just the location.

On Tuesday, 24-Dec-2013 15:08:05 EST, Steve said
We meet at 19009 Philomene in Allen Park at 7:45 am.

On Tuesday, 24-Dec-2013 13:19:36 EST, McKeever said
Where does everyone meet on Friday to go to camp

On Monday, 23-Dec-2013 18:53:38 EST, timothy said
ive been asking around so far nothing my grandfather has work so hhe cant take me up

On Monday, 23-Dec-2013 18:01:23 EST, Steve said
How are you getting to Camp Tim?

Shopping will convene at 10:00 am tomorrow (Tuesday) at Sam's Club on Northline in Southgate. We'll then proceed to Taylor Meijer and finally Meijer.

On Monday, 23-Dec-2013 17:32:16 EST, timothy said
do you need help for set up day?

On Monday, 23-Dec-2013 17:12:05 EST, K2 said
What time is shopping?

On Monday, 23-Dec-2013 09:10:46 EST, Ethan said
Puzzle place mats are printed. I won't be shopping. Hope all goes well.

On Sunday, 22-Dec-2013 23:14:38 EST, Steve said
Add Nicholas Weathers, Ben Green, and Tim Kasprzak to the list.

On Sunday, 22-Dec-2013 15:51:13 EST, Steve said
Add Corey "Big Pimpin'" Sanborn to those paid.

On Sunday, 22-Dec-2013 15:25:51 EST, Steve said
Here's my list of who has paid so far:

Youth: Andrew Assenmacher, Alex Downie, Chris Downie, Ian McKeever, Robert Miller, Nathan Muhick, David Sheridan, Alan Wilson

Adults: Mark Bollman, Gabe Church, Kristie Donohue, Steve Donohue, Will Gagnon, Roger Horn, Keith King, Dave Oakley, Jeff Rand, Ethan Rein, Doug Wilson

If you think you've paid and aren't on that list, let me know. The absolute deadline to pay is tomorrow 12/23 unless you talk to me personally, then it could be negotiated. YOU MUST CALL ME AT 313-919-0106 if you need to make other arrangements. Camperships are still available.

On Sunday, 22-Dec-2013 08:10:01 EST, K2 said
Just paid! Sorry it took so long.

On Friday, 20-Dec-2013 07:44:59 EST, Ethan said
I just paid! Would a "don't forget to register" post on the Mahican Chapter Facebook page be a good idea?

On Thursday, 19-Dec-2013 13:29:45 EST, Steve said
At the moment I think we have Ian McKeever and Alan Wilson as paid youth

Paid adults are: Jeff Rand, Doug Wilson, Roger Horn, Mark Bollman, Will Gagnon, Gabe Church, Steve Donohue and Kristie Donohue.

That's from memory so I could be missing an adult. If you read this page, please try to promote Winter Camp. Ideally we'd like everyone to be paid on Sunday. Unlike lodge events, we can't afford to buy food and hope we guess right on the counts.

On Wednesday, 18-Dec-2013 22:56:41 EST, Gabe said
K2, I accept your bid to be activities adviser for this Wintercamp.

For my event I realized that I have a bunch of campaign sign holders in my shed. These should be just the right size to be used for the Wickets. How many people do we have registered so far, and how many of them need rides from the carpool?

On Tuesday, 17-Dec-2013 17:33:25 EST, Steve said
I think some cardboard boxes could be made to look like a miniature city. They could be smaller because either A, we're giants or 2, They're even further away than it first appears.

On Tuesday, 17-Dec-2013 11:55:22 EST, TR said
That sounds like a ton of fun! I say go for it, on that note, if anyone has a small ideas like that definitely post them here. Just small things that aren't too hard to throw together.

P.S. I can post here now!! XD

On Monday, 16-Dec-2013 12:58:28 EST, Ethan said
A few years ago, we had a puzzle meal where we had to solve a puzzle in order to get in line to eat. I meant to propose such a meal at the planning meeting, but didn't.

I could make up some place mats with puzzless for a meal for this year. Any thoughts?

On Monday, 16-Dec-2013 10:01:32 EST, Ethan said
I made a call to D-A about getting bows. Bill Licht said he thought we could borrow some, but he wanted to check with his range guys. Otherwise, archery related things (bow and arrow making, clout shooting) are on track. If anyone has any ideas for clout targets, let me know.

On Thursday, 12-Dec-2013 01:28:07 EST, TR said
Hey everyone, if you have an activity you are planning please send a status update to myself at or post it here, even if yoi havent done anything I would still like to hear feom everyone so we can get planning help spread out accordingly. Thanks! And Happy Holidays!

On Monday, 09-Dec-2013 12:21:13 EST, Steve said
Thus far, we only have payments from Alan Wilson and a handful of adults. Camperships are available for youth members. Please tell your friends.

On Sunday, 08-Dec-2013 20:57:20 EST, Steve said
I had this weird hobby draw thought today. What if we did it in kind of a mixed way. At the planning meeting we talked about one hobby for everyone but I'm not sure that will really work. We have 20+ people and finding a hobby they all want to try that none of them already has will probably be difficult.

What if instead we started with the presentations, then if you liked one that was assigned you could just elect to take that one too and skip your presentation?

So I'm sitting there and I have down woodworking, home repair, and bumper sticker collecting. As the things go along, someone else gets assigned learning to play the xylophone.

I can either sit pat or choose to join him/her in learning the xylophone. If I don't join, then I could choose to join one that came after or just wait until my turn and do my presentation.

I think it gains some of the all for one benefits without the complications of finding something newish to everyone. We would like wind up with some groups who could then work together to help each other. Based on previous years we might wind up with a few people juggling, woodworking, etc.

On Monday, 02-Dec-2013 18:13:18 EST, Steve said
I don't see a clear need for the projector, but it might be useful anyhow.

We want to have breakfast sausage and then some kind of snack worthy sausage, probably eaten in a bun.

On Monday, 02-Dec-2013 18:08:58 EST, K2 said
If nobody else has volunteered, I can take on the role of activities / program advisor.

On Monday, 02-Dec-2013 08:38:08 EST, K2 said
Schedule looks great!

I'll plan to bring my sausage grinders. Do we know what kind of sausages we want to make yet?

For example, what type(s) of meat, flavors (bratwurst, italian, polish, etc), additional components (cheese, peppers, garlic, etc).

We can wing the additional components, but the meat and flavors would be best if we figured out before shopping.

One other question: Should I bring my projector?

On Saturday, 30-Nov-2013 09:39:12 EST, said
it was yesterday Ben. Schedule is up. I think TR is looking for some help, like maybe someone to be the activities chair. If you know Magic: the Gathering he could probably use some help with the MtG Live event.

On Saturday, 30-Nov-2013 09:36:01 EST, Benjamin Gree said
Where is the planning me today?

On Thursday, 28-Nov-2013 19:48:28 EST, Steve said
I was thinking today it might be cool if the paper had a cartoon (assuming we have someone artistic enough to draw one) or a daily picture caption contest.

On Wednesday, 27-Nov-2013 13:56:04 EST, Steve said
I think advisers should be able to veto something that is unsafe.

Maybe if we schedule an activity/meal with little thought we should back it with an alternative event that has a proven track record. Establish a checkpoint (probably the next Saturday the 7th this time) and if the youth leader isn't convinced it's going to happen we drop it and go with the alternate activity.

On Wednesday, 27-Nov-2013 12:04:04 EST, Mark--> said
I will advise(/write) the newspaper again.

On other matters: I have a couple of suggestions that might make the meeting less of a marathon voting on bad ideas that have no chance of happening:

1. The Winter Camp adviser may veto any suggestion.
2. The Winter Camp kitchen adviser may veto any proposed meal theme.
3. The Winter Camp activities adviser may veto any proposed activity.
4. Vetoes, once cast, are final. A veto may not be used to cancel out a previous veto.

Rationale: A lot of things get shouted out at planning meetings that are not at all thought out or that have no chance of happening, because someone thought of a word vaguely related to the theme. It's a waste of time and energy to discuss and vote on these. In particular, several past proposed meal themes have fallen into this category. If all we have is a name, let's forget it and move on to things that have a chance of happening.

On Wednesday, 27-Nov-2013 07:29:32 EST, Steve said
Jeff, any flight delays?

On Tuesday, 26-Nov-2013 10:14:31 EST, Mark--> said
I expect to be there on Friday.

Dave, your hobby was to build a pair of 2' cubic dice.

On Saturday, 23-Nov-2013 17:28:10 EST, Oak said
K2 count me in for sausage making.. I too have a nice sausage grinder.. see you guys at planning meeting next Friday -1PM at Linda's pad. I have some more cool ideas..
ok- I forgot what my hobby draw was- please clue me in..
Thanks.. I hope you guys are cranking on yours..
Enjoy your families over the holidays..."Oak" - Dave Oakley.

On Saturday, 23-Nov-2013 07:20:06 EST, Steve said
I've heard from Mr. Wilson, he's planning to attend. He's hopeful that Alan can come too.

On Friday, 22-Nov-2013 19:41:47 EST, Jeff said
I am planning to attend.

On Friday, 22-Nov-2013 13:20:15 EST, Ethan said
I'll be there!

On Thursday, 21-Nov-2013 22:03:53 EST, Steve said
So who is planning to attend next Friday (the 29th)? Kristie and I will be there.

On Thursday, 21-Nov-2013 20:07:54 EST, Gabe said
Tonight is lodge meeting. Chapter meeting by schedule of fourth Thursday of the month is next week, but I haven't heard what they are doing instead or if they are just canceling it.

On Thursday, 21-Nov-2013 13:59:15 EST, Ethan said
I love the idea of using dice or things that look like dice to do dice like things.

When's the next chapter meeting? Is it tonight? If so, will there be one in December?

On Wednesday, 20-Nov-2013 17:25:36 EST, Steve said
Maybe we could use achievements instead of levels, then those achievements might give you a benefit later.

On Wednesday, 20-Nov-2013 10:13:37 EST, Gabriel said
I met up with TR yesterday and discussed a few ideas for Winter Camp to present at the planning meeting and TR came up with a great theme idea.
Role Playing Games/Skyrim
Idea for cheezy name: WinterRim: The most unconventional role playing game you will ever play

For example, everyone that came to camp would get a character sheet with skills relating to camp. As people participated in events or did various winter camp tasks they would level up. For 4-way volleyball we could get a ball that looks like dice. For cross country golf what club is used depends on what number you roll.

Also one of the major things that TR wants to get back to is having events using fire again. Like having the flaming arrow event again, although maybe this time targeting a dragon in some way possibly. Maybe have a dragon raze the village.

On Wednesday, 20-Nov-2013 07:37:37 EST, Steve said
TR suggested we should consider trying "Everyone is John" at Winter Camp. Basically John is an insane guy and everyone playing is one of the voices in his head.

On Saturday, 16-Nov-2013 11:00:23 EST, Steve said
Never mind, Kristie told me the answer. She's pretty happy about it too.

On Saturday, 16-Nov-2013 10:57:24 EST, Steve said
I give up, what's an HDA?

On Friday, 15-Nov-2013 08:10:34 EST, Ethan said
I like the cookie buffet. That get votes big time at the planning meeting.

Looking at the requirements, I think we can come very close to completing the Scouting Heritage Merit Badge during the weekette.

On Thursday, 14-Nov-2013 13:05:23 EST, K2 said
The cookies could also play into a HDA.

However it ties into the theme, have clues to find the locations of them.

Or maybe hide the ingredients instead of actual cookies?

On Wednesday, 13-Nov-2013 22:11:43 EST, Steve said
I think if we held it on day two we could make a lot of cookies during the baking, then leftovers could be used as desserts at other meals.

On Wednesday, 13-Nov-2013 22:11:05 EST, Steve said
Had a snack thought today. The Cookie Buffet - many different cookies in an all you can eat format.

On Wednesday, 13-Nov-2013 14:35:08 EST, Ethan said
Maybe Dave would be interesting joining the sausage making event.

On Tuesday, 12-Nov-2013 19:03:03 EST, Steve said
Soylent green is people!

Actually that sounds pretty cool. Just can't let Dave know.

On Tuesday, 12-Nov-2013 10:49:26 EST, K2 said
It's looking like I won't be able to make the planning meeting. I'll post / show up if anything changes but I wouldn't count on me being there at this point.

I can provide everything for sausage making if that makes the cut. I just need to know how many pounds we want to make and what kind we're making.

I can supply the following consumables once I know how many pounds:
1. Seasoning (IE bratwurst, Italian, etc)
2. Casing
3. Pork fat / beef fat, if needed

I can supply the following tools:
1. Sausage grinder & stuffer
2. Kitchen-aid sausage grinder & stuffer attachment

Ideas for additional items to be put into the sausage:
Cheese, peppers, onion, garlic, apples...

Another idea, whatever the theme ends up being, if the theme can be tied to any particular country we could try to make a sausage native to that country. Seems like many countries have their own particular types... some sound better than others.

On Tuesday, 12-Nov-2013 00:03:55 EST, Steve said
i think we need to fill in some of the blanks above.

On Wednesday, 06-Nov-2013 01:06:57 EST, Steve said
We've been going to a place called Mr. Bratz the last couple of years. They have about 30 kinds of bratwurst ranging from chorizo to jalapeno hawaiian and many stops in between.

On Tuesday, 05-Nov-2013 22:17:20 EST, Jeff said
Mr. Johnny Verbeck Meal.

On Tuesday, 05-Nov-2013 20:22:03 EST, K2 said
I can help facilitate sausage making. I've got the kitchen aid attachments and meat grinders / stuffers.

We could make our own varieties of sausage adding whatever additional ingredients we want. Perhaps we'll have the first ever skittles-wurst?

On Tuesday, 05-Nov-2013 14:01:12 EST, Steve said
So is my mom :)

On Tuesday, 05-Nov-2013 11:32:11 EST, Ethan said
I'd like to try our hands at making some new food items like sausage, yogurt, or jelly at camp this year.

Looking forward to the planning meeting!

On Tuesday, 29-Oct-2013 17:32:00 EDT, Steve said
I think that could be cool. We could also try something with some secret codes. And of course our balloon video could easily be a steampunk contraption with the right trappings.

There are plenty of good adventure ideas in a steampunk world. I'm thinking maybe we could have a genius night (build a steampunk gadget), a couple of different trek type events, maybe some sort of native games, and maybe some kind of escape event. The theme could be sort of a "Steampunk Adventure in the Center of the Earth" or something akin. We crash into the center of the earth, spend a few days there, realize it will have some catastrophe soon and make our escape.

On Tuesday, 29-Oct-2013 08:03:27 EDT, K2 said
Those sound pretty neat.

Maybe build a steam powered device?

On Friday, 25-Oct-2013 10:42:27 EDT, Steve said
What about a steam punk or Jules Verne inspired theme?

On Wednesday, 23-Oct-2013 20:59:38 EDT, Steve said
This year's Winter Camp Planning meeting will be held on Friday, November 29 at 1:00pm at the ancestral home of the Donohue's. The address is 2042 Markese Ave in Lincoln Park. Don't park in the driveway or on the north side of the street.
Do come to the side door.

On Monday, 21-Oct-2013 00:16:29 EDT, Steve said
The chapter meeting is this Thursday, the 24th. I'm going to be on my way to Chicago. Can anyone else be there?

I did talk to Bill Licht. Camp is closed, but we're expected.

On Wednesday, 09-Oct-2013 09:30:23 EDT, Ethan said
Could we do some planning before or after the next chapter meeting?

If a meeting is scheduled, I could send some thoughts. However, I can't do much in the Detroit area until after November 1.

On Tuesday, 08-Oct-2013 12:27:47 EDT, K2 said
Zombies / walking dead are popular. Might be able to work that in with a drone if we find one.

We couldn't get in the attic because a pack was in the cabin.

I'm for a pre-planning meeting.

On Monday, 07-Oct-2013 11:04:31 EDT, Steve said
Anyone given much thought to a theme?

Did you guys manage to do a survey at the Ordeal to see if our stuff was in good shape? Any surprises?

Will there be a pre-planning meeting?

On Thursday, 03-Oct-2013 15:00:13 EDT, Steve said
I've got it on good authority that Gabe is in town. I think TR is going to be youth leader.

On Wednesday, 02-Oct-2013 21:03:48 EDT, Steve said
Still not sure about Gabe. I would say Ryan has left the building and we should probably find a new youth leader. Anyone remember who the youth was that tried to talk Ryan out of being youth leader so he could take the job?

On Wednesday, 02-Oct-2013 10:07:54 EDT, K2 said
Do we need to stage a Coup_d'état?

On Tuesday, 01-Oct-2013 17:11:07 EDT, Steve said
Sent a note to Ryan, he doesn't think he'll be at Winter Camp or around to help with planning. Guess we need a new youth leader.

Also sent a note to Gabe who I think it in Colorado at least part-time. Haven't heard from him yet.

On Monday, 30-Sep-2013 07:42:20 EDT, K2 said

On Sunday, 29-Sep-2013 19:16:57 EDT, Steve said
making sure it works from Firefox.

On Sunday, 29-Sep-2013 19:15:59 EDT, Steve said
Figured it out. It won't stop people from coming here and posting crap, but it will stop bots most of the time.

On Sunday, 29-Sep-2013 19:13:15 EDT, Steve said
So I was thinking today it would be cool if we invented a breakfast pizza. I'm thinking some kind of biscuity crust, a white sauce of sausage gravy, some cheese and then toppings leg eggs, ham, bacon, back bacon, etc.

On Sunday, 29-Sep-2013 19:12:29 EDT, Steve said
Not sure why it's decided to double space the options, but I think it's working.

On Wednesday, 11-Sep-2013 18:51:52 EDT, K2 said
I think this is it:

On Tuesday, 10-Sep-2013 19:47:49 EDT, Steve said
I think we're in for sure.

There are several pages of results when searching for turtle cam and none of them really leapt out at me as likely to be Alan's. Anyone have a better URL?

On Tuesday, 10-Sep-2013 13:28:18 EDT, Doug said
Have obtained some leftover inventory from our Troop's pop sale at the Saline community fair. This can be a start of the trading post supply - 32 Coke, 12 Orange Crush, 28 A&W Root beer, and 24 Pepsi. All for the fire sale price of $16 (including deposit).

Also like the idea of having a drone. Alan has attached a keychain camera on a painted turtle w/ducttape for some underwater footage. Believe it is on u-tube - search for turtle cam.

On Tuesday, 03-Sep-2013 20:05:36 EDT, Ethan said
If we need a meeting place for planning or pre-planning, Jeff Lang might be able to get us into FUMC Dearborn. I can give him a ring if anyone wants me to.

On Sunday, 01-Sep-2013 09:43:23 EDT, Ethan said
I was at a family get together and had homemade mayonnaise. I think it would be fun to make our own condiments. I'd be willing to coordinate the effort. I found some mustard recipes online that I'm planning to try out this fall.

On Wednesday, 28-Aug-2013 11:29:39 EDT, K2 said
I am planning on attending the fall ordeal but I'm not sure if I'll be staying Saturday night.

On Monday, 26-Aug-2013 18:57:11 EDT, Ethan said
Looks like the Ordeal is September 13-15 at D-A. Anyone going? This is usually a good chance to promote the event or do some planning.

On Thursday, 25-Jul-2013 15:32:29 EDT, Ethan said
It seems like we haven't played snow soccer for a few years. I'm for playing it at camp this year.

On Monday, 15-Jul-2013 19:39:40 EDT, timmy kasprzak said
im for the skill test and log in

On Sunday, 14-Jul-2013 17:54:52 EDT, said
We definitely talked about it, but I don't think we've ever tried it.

On Sunday, 14-Jul-2013 17:19:17 EDT, Ethan said
Have we ever had a hobby draw where we picked a single hobby and it applied to everyone? I think it would be interesting. It would be like those promotions where libraries encourage everyone to read the same book in a certain month.

On Sunday, 14-Jul-2013 17:18:29 EDT, Ethan said
I'm for a skill test.

On Friday, 28-Jun-2013 12:00:03 EDT, K2 said
Could do both. If you log in, no question. If not, prompts for a question.

On Tuesday, 25-Jun-2013 22:31:36 EDT, Steve said
I cleaned up the junk. There are two simple ways to combat this. One is accounts and the other is a skill-testing question.

Accounts would mean you'd have to create an account and password to post.

Skill-testing question would knock out most spammers by forcing them to answer a question correctly to get there post to post.

On Sunday, 21-Apr-2013 21:02:21 EDT, Gabe said
Spring conclave went pretty well this weekend. I made up some fliers and passed them out to the new members.

I agree having a drone would be cool. If we attached the balloon to a remote control car, we could control the balloon in the air by simply controlling the car on the ground.

Ethan, I accept your application for participation award promoter.

On Wednesday, 10-Apr-2013 15:16:54 EDT, K2 said
I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it this time.

On Friday, 05-Apr-2013 14:11:01 EDT, said
I see there's an Ordeal coming up in two weeks. Anyone going to it?

On Friday, 29-Mar-2013 18:53:02 EDT, Ethan said
We could include some "Game Design" time on the schedule for creating and then playing new games. I'll sign up as a counselor!

On Friday, 29-Mar-2013 09:48:47 EDT, Steve said
Requirement 4 is pretty much the definition of many Winter Camp activities:

Do the following:

a. Pick a game where the players can change the rules or objectives (examples: basketball, hearts, chess, kickball). Briefly summarize the standard rules and objectives and play through the game normally.
b. Propose changes to several rules or objectives. Predict how each change will affect gameplay.
c. Play the game with one rule or objective change, observing how the players’ actions and emotional experiences are affected by the rule change. Repeat this process with two other changes.
d. Explain to your counselor how the changes affected the actions and experience of the players. Discuss the accuracy of your predictions.

On Thursday, 28-Mar-2013 13:06:14 EDT, Ethan said
Looks like the requirements for the new Game Design merit badge are out. I think it's right up our alley -

On Thursday, 28-Mar-2013 13:02:14 EDT, Ethan said
This might not work, but I was thinking about a blind kim's game. We'd have to identify objects by feel. The amount of time required and the spacial requirements might make it unrealistic.

On Tuesday, 26-Feb-2013 13:31:15 EST, Steve said
Could use the stationary camera to play Kim's game. Show the camera output then turn it off and write things down. Same thing with the drone, except maybe with a drone you could let people fly around to explore the area and see/find things.

On Monday, 25-Feb-2013 12:39:08 EST, K2 said
Plus we need a UAV. Drones are all the rage.

On Monday, 25-Feb-2013 12:32:39 EST, K2 said
Not sure about the game mechanics, but it'd be neat if we had a camera suspended in the air (IE big helium balloons with tethers holding it down) looking down on a field. Could be used for multiple activities (Remote Battle Chess?), human calligraphy where we form different letters, take a screen shot from the camera, then use it like a font.

I think it'd just be fun to have camera floating in the air.

On Wednesday, 20-Feb-2013 07:30:16 EST, Steve said
What if we did some kind of giant version of kim's game where we had bigger items and covered them with a tarp outside? Maybe bring along a few things that people might not recognize immediately and see what effect that had on the game.

On Friday, 08-Feb-2013 15:01:25 EST, Ethan said
I'd like to play some kind of Kim's Game activity at Winter Camp. We could do it before or after some other indoor activity. I'll bring up a bunch of stuff and a blanket.

On Friday, 25-Jan-2013 13:03:18 EST, Steve said
I think we'd do flags after breakfast. We mostly start the day with something outdoors, so we could meet at the flagpole for the first even rather than clustering in BC or on the porch.

On Friday, 25-Jan-2013 10:14:20 EST, K2 said
And you thought getting Clearwater up for breakfast was hard? ;)

I'm for it. I think it'll class up the place a bit. We can add it to the duty roster.

I'd like to include the duty roster in the kitchen app thingy so we make sure everyone has the opportunity to get dish-pan-hands.

On Tuesday, 22-Jan-2013 13:43:26 EST, Steve said
I was reading something today and it dawned to me that we've never really had flags at Winter Camp. I think maybe we should consider it. I don't think it would have to be the big formal deal it is at summer camp and maybe we could do something that fit Winter Camp and was respectful at the same time.

On Saturday, 12-Jan-2013 16:19:10 EST, Kristie said
I'm volunteering to serve as shower shuttle. I'll make sure youth know the day/time of departure for showers, and make sure that there is an awareness of the availability prior to WC so that they can plan accordingly.

On Tuesday, 08-Jan-2013 11:22:20 EST, Steve said
Excellent. I'm on the fence about taking an advisership at the moment.

On Tuesday, 08-Jan-2013 09:12:51 EST, Ethan said
I'm volunteering to serve as the participation award promoter. Assuming Gabe accepts my application, I'll help the youth track their progress, encourage participation and leadership.

On Monday, 07-Jan-2013 11:37:06 EST, Steve said
Luchador (Masked Mexican Wrestlers as a theme).

Opening activity, everyone creates their luchador id based on some real facts about themselves and then creates their mask.
We then enter the squared circle for some 4-way volleyball.

Later we do battle chess with trivia about Mexico and the tag-team rule: in a physical challenge you can tag in any other player you can reach from your square to fight for you. Maybe some rules for best team spirit too - like the team that cheers the loudest gets one free rulebreak in a match (corrupt referees trying to satisfy the crowd's thirst for blood.

On Sunday, 06-Jan-2013 19:23:53 EST, Steve said
The Easy Bake snack where we cook using easy bake ovens or facsimilies.

Pork Overload - pork tenderloin butterflyed, then sausage stuffed in and wrapped back up in a bacon lattice.

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