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For many long-time members, Winter Camp represents the best outlet for their creativity. They've responded by generating a wealth of stories, poems, and even a movie about or set in Winter Camp.

While many of the other pages have had links and related links, here we have Humanities and the Arts as the section for deliberately fictional works and History and Science for works which incorporate fiction only when the facts have been forgotten.

Humanity and the Arts

FictionShort stories, book excerpts, and novellas set in or around the Winter Camp Universe.
PoetryA selection of poetic offerings from Winter Campers, including several serious poems, the Epic Limerick Cycle, and more.
WC: The MovieThe viewmaster version of our fictional murder mystery filmed on location at D-A Scout Ranch.
WC: The PromoAnother viewmaster classic, this one shows a variety of screen captures from our promotional movie.
Why I'm (not) Big BroWinter Campers report the confessions or denials of their fellow campers

History and Science

As the name implies, this exhaustive work attempts to provide at least a paragraph on practically everything in the Winter Camp Universe.
EssaysA collection of scholarly treatises on topics of interest in the Winter Camp Universe.
OriginsOrigins was the first non-fiction book to enter the Winter Camp Universe. It is similar in focus to the Encyclopedia, but it provides much more detail on considerably fewer (about 30 vs. about 400) events.

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