Planning comes in two major forms in the electronic manifestation of the Winter Camp Universe. The first of those is aimed squarely at planning this year's event. The other set is a group of pages for suggesting activities, meals, and themes for future Winter Camps.

Besides these "official" pages, one can find a great deal of planning information on The Wall, although it may take a little careful reading to find exactly what you're looking for.


Planning XXVICheck this page out to see what's going on as we countdown to Winter Camp XXIII
Activity SuggestionsGot a suggestion for a new game we should try? This is the place.
Generic ScheduleAlthough it seems to have fallen into disfavor, the generic schedule still has some merits.
Meal SuggestionsLikewise, there are a lot of different themes for meals and we're trying to collect them all.
Theme SuggestionsDaily themes came and went, then weekly themes came and went and now we're back to a theme a day; make your suggestions early and often.

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The WallFor all but a week or so each year, this is the biggest conversation area in the Winter Camp Universe.

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