Actually, many parts of the Winter Camp Universe allow visitors to post new content; it's much easier than trying to generate it myself. There are basically four kinds of posting content:

  1. Walls - these pages are used for on-line discussions and to make announcements without intervention from the webmaster.
  2. Logs - these pages track our progress on various projects; some, like the Hobby Logs, are open to everyone, while others have limited access arrangements.
  3. Content - these pages let everyone contribute to the Winter Camp Universe with sections like the Hall of Fame and the add a quote features.
  4. Suggestions - these pages are aimed at helping to plan events or share suggestions for new activities.
Because these pages are not strictly under the control of the webmaster, their content can be a little surprising.


Activity SuggestionsGot a suggestion for a new game we should try? This is the place.
Autograph CollectionOur autograph collection, while not the largest I've seen, is still a lot of fun.
Generic ScheduleAlthough it seems to have fallen into disfavor, the generic schedule still has some merits.
Hall of FameThis is our version of the Book of World Records, Who's Who, Famous Places, and Famous Quotations all in one place.
Hobby Log XXIIIUse this page to let us know how you're doing on your new hobby or to check up on everyone else.
Meal SuggestionsLikewise, there are a lot of different themes for meals and we're trying to collect them all.
PlanningCheck this page out to see what's going on as we countdown to Winter Camp XXIV
Theme SuggestionsDaily themes came and went, then weekly themes came and went and now we're back to a theme a day; make your suggestions early and often.
The WallFor all but a week or so each year, this is the biggest conversation area in the Winter Camp Universe.

Similar Links

GuestbookYou can't have a web page without a guest book.
LinksAdd links to all your other favorite sites.
NewsThis page isn't really interactive, but it does let you send a note to the webmaster to have a news item added.
Smart QuotesEvery time you read the news, we show two different random quotes. This page lets you add a smart quote of your own to the list...
Dumb Quotes... and this one lets you add a dumb one.

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