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There are some parts of the Winter Camp Universe that are related only to the web page. This section serves as their home.

We don't have much of a strategy about joining webrings and ribbon campaigns, we just pick the ones that look like fun. Similarly, most of the awards we've pursued have been based on them having a cool graphic.

Our own awards program, despite some initial interest has never really gotten off the ground.


Awards OfferedIs your page worthy of one of our awards?
Awards ReceivedA listing of the accolades which have been "heaped" on us thus far.
Net LifeCheck out which ribbon campaigns and web rings we've joined.
LinksTake a look at Winter Camper's other favorite sites.
RevisionsShows what's been changed recently.
Site MapLists some of the most popular pages and the dates they were last updated.
SurveysTake our latest poll by e-mail.
SearchWhen all else fails, the search function can come in handy.

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Guest BookNo web page is ever complete without a guest book!
MaintenanceThe maintenance pages allow Dr. Beast and Mark Bollman--> to maintain the Ask Dr. Beast and Trivia sections respectively.
Wish ListLike every webmaster, ours doesn't have enough time to do everything he'd like; this page is a list of things somebody else could do to help out.

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