Krispy Kreme Challenge

Welcome Sports Fans

In accordance with the standard rules (Smith pretty much does whatever the hell he wants), the Krispy Kreme Challenge has been undertaken. Details are below:

The Rules
Just like any worthwhile endeavour, we have rules too.
The Teams
Just who are the fierce competitors who will "weigh in" for this challenge?
Current Standings
Check out the current scores in the race for glory!
Excuses and Cheap Tricks
Wherein it is revealed how far some losers will got to hide their loserdom.
Trash Talk
What's the point if you can't trash talk your opponents?
Fair Warning
Team 1 ups the trash talk ante
Official Site
The official site of Krispy Kreme Donuts
Side Bets
Your chance to make (or lose) a few bucks on side wagers
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