Krispy Kreme Challenge

Excuses and Cheap Tricks

Kurt may have lost the battle to eat the donuts, but he definitely outdid the other teams on excuses. By the time he was done, no one could swallow his whole line of bull

  1. They're getting cold.
  2. They seem greasier than normal.
  3. There's more sugar on them than normal.
  4. I was out drinking last night.
  5. Whoever has the empty box gets credit for the kill.
  6. Other people were eating donuts out of Stimpy's box.
  7. Miller weighs way more than 235 (How feeble is that, an excuse to win the Ladies contest?).
  8. I put them away! (yeah, in a trash bag).
  9. I still have more time!
  10. I was distracted by the dice chick.
  11. I ate enough to win, that proves I'm smart.
  12. I took second place in the Ladies' Match, so I did "more than my share".

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