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The key to any challenge of this magnitude is trashtalking your opponents. Feel free to issue challenges, lob insults, and otherwise smackdown fellow competitors.

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KK Challenge - Thursday, 03-Apr-03 16:41:50 EST
What is the most Krispy Kreme's that can be eaten in 45 minutes - and puking is ok???????

Steve the Krispy Kreme King - Saturday, 30-Nov-02 14:24:05 EST
Bragging rights are back baby!! After a 6 month trash talk from my brother in law, I had to show him who is daddy. I finished with 12 doughnuts (original), and beat his record of 10. He thought I couldnt eat anymore after 10 and was happy that I tied him, but when I ate 2 more he just got up and left the store trying to keep all them doughnuts It was well worth bragging rights.

hjklbjgdkl - Thursday, 03-Oct-02 22:43:58 EDT

kurt smith - Tuesday, 12-Dec-00 11:40:27 EST
Hey A-Dumb Miller, you'd better watch your mouth or I'll turn you in for surfing porn again.

ADAM MILLER - Saturday, 04-Nov-00 17:33:18 EST
KURT SMITH sux... and he can't eat any more than ten doughnuts! I think that's why his wife said he gets mad if he doesn't get his "hiney luvin" once a week!

Steve - Friday, 06-Oct-00 16:23:26 EDT
I'm going to have to challenge you to a Friday Night Keggers style match. We buy two dozen donuts (essentially, a slab o' krispy ones). We both start eating. Whoever has eaten fewer when the game ends gets stuck paying for those two dozen and two dozen more for the people who will be cheering my victory.

Dean of Disaster - Friday, 06-Oct-00 11:52:57 EDT
Hey DonJuanohue - anytime you want to have another competition, take the phone away from your mom, and we'll have at it!! Drop the gloves!

Steve - Friday, 29-Sep-00 11:04:29 EDT
Gee, if we were hitting 'em from the ladies tees, that might actually mean something. But we aren't, so pound for pound, you're in second place, you're team's in second place, and you're pretty much second class (at best) all the way around.

Dean of Disaster - Friday, 29-Sep-00 10:48:59 EDT
Pound for pound - I'm the champ!

Colorado CheeseHead - Thursday, 28-Sep-00 16:23:07 EDT
I hate when stories get twisted around. It was a stinky tufferware bowl, not dirty and two shoelaces (one for each of them) not one. You all have a good thing going here. How come stick boy isn't on anyone's team? I'll be curious to check on the updated banter.

Pimppy - Thursday, 28-Sep-00 13:48:42 EDT
Is it true Tom Gustafson fathered the EDI-Twins, using a golf-shoelace, in a dirty tufferware bowl ?

The real "Some Coward" - Thursday, 28-Sep-00 08:59:26 EDT
Sorry Kay, but these donut eating lard asses around here are very insensitive. Will you forgive them as they don't know what to do in the presence of such beauty !

PS. Can we have a shot with you with no shorts (thong only) on next time ? please.... I'll be your slave forever !

Some Coward - Tuesday, 26-Sep-00 11:04:10 EDT
I'm just glad were not up against that fat chick from the front page of She look like she culd pack away a few donuts

Kay - Friday, 22-Sep-00 18:35:37 EDT
You all are a bunch of wimps, I could double your volume with easy. Pimp daddy may be hot but you eat like a wussy and dress like a pussy !

PS. Stop your insane voice mails now !

Nelly - Friday, 22-Sep-00 13:43:12 EDT
You're going down down baby

Steve - Thursday, 21-Sep-00 12:43:22 EDT
Attention IT Staff
Please confine the use of your questionable HTML talents to the intranet page where I feel no compulsion to repair your errors.
Thank you,
the management.

Jack the destroyer

- Thursday, 21-Sep-00 09:38:33 EDT
We really need you as a sub for Steve, Andrew. How about it?
Jack the Destroyer

Mrs. Smackdown - Thursday, 21-Sep-00 09:16:53 EDT

Pimp Daddy your a wanta be punk !

Mrs. Smackdown - Thursday, 21-Sep-00 09:09:59 EDT
Dennis, you are such a chicken. Backing out at the last minute!

The Dean of disaster! - Thursday, 21-Sep-00 09:08:01 EDT
Wanta Be Pig Dog !

Rock Wantabe

Pimp Daddy aka Slim Shady - Thursday, 21-Sep-00 09:03:58 EDT

The Dean of disaster! - Thursday, 21-Sep-00 09:03:30 EDT
I must throw myself upon the mercy of the president of the KKF (Krispy Kream Federation) and request the I switch rounds with my teammate Eric Novak. Eric will be the round one challenger while I'll hopefully take his position in round 2. The reason for my request is possible appendicitis. I look forward to your response.

The Big Hoyt - Tuesday, 19-Sep-00 13:16:53 EDT

The "mick" truck o' donuts - Tuesday, 19-Sep-00 13:17:23 EDT
We weep for the AIAG...

The Dean of disaster! - Tuesday, 19-Sep-00 13:16:53 EDT
I weep for the Boy Scouts.

The "mick" truck o' donuts - Tuesday, 19-Sep-00 13:15:56 EDT
Almost right. You don't have the kind of mind we do...
There once was a fellow named Dean,
whose humor most found very lean
his comebacks all s*cked
and his jokes were just f*cked
for in them no wit could one glean.

The Dean of disaster! - Tuesday, 19-Sep-00 13:15:31 EDT
Sorry, I don't have the kind of time you guys do.

The Big Hoyt - Tuesday, 19-Sep-00 13:13:45 EDT
Very funny Lucky Charms!

The "mick" truck o' donuts - Tuesday, 19-Sep-00 13:09:16 EDT
I don't think we have to take that from the EDI Twins:
Dennis & Eric (together): EDI Twin Powers activate!
Dennis: Form of a pinkeye-spreading, kids-amoxicilyn sucking reprobate!
Eric: Shape of a putter-bending, oval bowling-ball headed scooby-snack eating sot!

The Dean of disaster! - Tuesday, 19-Sep-00 12:08:20 EDT
Two things come to mind:
1) Rejected villains from the old Batman series
2) Current WWF Champions
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The Big Hoyt - Monday, 18-Sep-00 15:13:18 EDT
I'm not going to trash talk. I'll let the grumble in my tummy do all the talkin'.

The Rock - Monday, 18-Sep-00 14:42:29 EDT
Don't Mess with my babe, "Mrs. Smackdown" or else!
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Jennifer Charboneau - Monday, 18-Sep-00 14:30:13 EDT
I can not believe that you guys went through all of this for a donut eating contest. You have way too much time on your hands.
  Check out: Mrs. Smackdown

MVP - Monday, 18-Sep-00 14:21:24 EDT
It's a good thing the contest is for donut eating and not literacy. Some of you boys could use some help with your mother tongue...

Dr. Wimp ! - Monday, 18-Sep-00 14:05:30 EDT
I only going to eat one dozen

Mr. Meat Eater - Monday, 18-Sep-00 13:46:44 EDT
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Trash san ! - Monday, 18-Sep-00 13:40:08 EDT
Muhammad Ali had his time, but it’s time for him to pass the torch and sit back and watch Olympic at the stand. Keep up the spirit, “Outwit Outeat Outspeed”, go get them, Bongs!
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Mr. Trash - Monday, 18-Sep-00 13:39:34 EDT
Sounds like there's some cracks in the armor. In response to Muhammad ALi perhaps it's best if he sits on the sidelines. The world is full of waterboys.

Mr. Trash - Monday, 18-Sep-00 13:37:00 EDT
Float like a donut hole,
eat like a truck
we hear your mouth running,
but we don't give a ...darn.

Some Coward - Monday, 18-Sep-00 13:13:01 EDT
You are all going down, through the center hole baby

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